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TRUE CRIME-A Pediatrician Mistreats His Patients and Videotapes It All, Sarah Foxwell, A Crime That Shouldn't Be a Crime

This is a True Crime Update but this big recent news should NOT be a True Crime.

Crimes locally here in the swamps of Delaware take over the sad news, including the loss of little Sarah Foxwell. What are the amongst the most dangerous words said to a young child noawadays by their female caregivers? “Honey, meet my new boyfriend”. Except Dr. Eric Bradley, a Delaware Pediatrician, was introduced to his innocent and helpless patients as the nice doctor who would help make them better. This horrible man did terrible things to these innocents and videotaped it all!

Plus a lawsuit that will enrage you, odd crimes of the week, and, of course, stupid criminals.

All with pics and video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day

This SHOULD NOT Be A Crime

I usually have a feature on this True Crime Blog, read by two to three people every week, called “IT SHOULD BE A CRIME”.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, however, decided he was going to blow up an airplane, killing everyone on board including his own fine self. He hid the bomb liquid in his underwear. He tried to do the deed but some folk who didn’t want to blow up thwarted the attempt.

This, ladies and gems, should NOT be a crime. This guy is an enemy combatant and he should be in Gitmo meeting a waterboard with his name on it.

From Christmas day until now, the debates raged. The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Incompetano, went on TV and into our lying ears told us that “the system worked.”

And as we reeled from this pronouncement, our President was playing golf and too busy to address the nation about his cabinet of nincompoops, including David Axelrod who also, again peeing upon our feet while telling us it’s raining, stated the system worked. Anybody who doesn’t think Obama approved this as a talking point raise your hand. Cause I got a bridge to sell cheap.

Obama changed his tune real quick as the nation stood in shock that anybody would dare try to sell us a bill of goods that would have a fellow whose own father turned him to the American embassy in Nigeria, who got on an airplane by paying cash for a one-way ticket, who cavorted with known terrorists in the fine holiday resort known as Yemen-got onto an airplane with no questions asked…is an example of a system working…well us silly Americans, we just didn’t buy it.

If a baby tumbles out of an open window and lands on a soft awning instead of the busy street 18 stories below, and lives…DOES THIS MEAN THE SYSTEM WORKED?

I’ve listened to the arguments as to why this fellow should be tried in our justice system and some stupid folks who assert that what’s a few American deaths due to terrorism when more people die from peanuts every year.

Also, while the fine underwear bomber didn’t make it on the “no fly” list, we’ve got senior citizens who are on this list and can’t get off. And how about those prisoners who recently escaped from an Illinois federal prison? This is the same state going to keep those Gitmo prisoners under wraps.


Be Prepared to Be Enraged

Lawyers. Gotta love them.

By me they are the force behind trying terrorists in America instead of military tribunals because hey, there’s way more lawyers in this country than there are lawsuits.

They are also responsible for the high cost of health care as lawsuits against medical practitioners and hospitals are all the rage. Like one wag told me at a hospital where I once worked: “They’ll sue you if the baby’s ugly.”

But the lawyer that took on this case shouldn’t be able to sleep at night. For his client helped a multiple murderer try to evade capture and she got hurt in the scuffle. You’re not going to believe this one.



A True Crime that rocks the states with huge political consequences involving a Biden. It’s a betrayal of the worst kind for the pervert was a doctor charged with the care of young children.

A little girl’s body found on Christmas Eve. Sarah Foxwell denied a holiday by her caregiver’s ex-boyfriend.

Baltimore’s mayor steals from poor children and gets a huge pension, a pat on the head, and is sent on her way.


Of all people, a major in the
Salvation Army is shot and killed in front of his children

I did a search on Major Phillip Wise of Arkansas and found lots of information about this wonderful man and his very sad and tragic death at the hand of a couple of thugs. Not to mention the horror of his children who witnessed their father’s death, children probably looking forward to a visit from Santa that very night; children of only 4, 6 and 8 years of age.

There were no hits to stories with any information about the capture of the cretins who kill Major Wise so we put this as a crime investigation in process.



A woman shoots her husband. She rushes him to the hospital and gets arrested for DUI.

A weirdo likes to cut off women’s hair when they least suspect it.


He lights a cigarette while siphoning and stealing gas.

They get into a knife fight over nachos.

We’re not making this up.


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