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True Crime: Susan Powell…Her Husband Went Camping Sunday Night With Two Little Boys in Freezing Weather. He Came Home; His Wife Was Gone

In this True Crime post, we’ve got a couple of airplane updates. First, that AirTran flight during which a fine Muslim fellow acted like an asshole and nothing less…we’ve got yet another passenger verifying this story. And I continue to pound on that Northwest Flight 188 which over flew its destination by over 150 miles. Folks, it’s a comedy of errors that will first make you laugh but will leave you crying. And scared out of your gourd to fly.

Will Josh Powell join the likes of Scott or Drew Peterson, ie husbands whose wives go missing while they’ve got phony-baloney alibis? He took the kids camping at midnight on a Sunday night in freezing weather?

A school drug counselor is arrested on charges of selling drugs. Why the surprise when we’ve got a Safe School Czar who teaches lewd sex practices and recommends obscene books for our children?

The child fiddled with a braid in school so the teacher cut it off! Yes she did. Teachers think they can do just anything any more.

The Obama administration continues to cover for Kevin Johnson, his perversion with young girls and the payoff with tax dollars. An update on this from Byron York.

Those five fine American fellows had everything this land of the free had to offer: they could worship as they pleased, they were seeking a higher education, they had nice homes, peaceful lives. So why did they, American citizens all, fly off to Pakistan to engage in God knows what acts of terror?

If you’re going to pee on someone, shouldn’t you avoid it being a cop?

Much more, All with pics and video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day

More on Those Muslims on Flight 297

First covered on this Blog
HERE, in short, a bunch of Muslims acted like children on AirTran Flight 297 on November 17 that the crew refused to fly the plane, the pilot stopped the plane during runway takeoff and the flight was eventually cancelled, albeit replaced by another flight later in the same plane.

The way AirTran covered this incident is reprehensible. One passenger told the story of what happened on that airplane and while it might not have been a “dry run” as the passenger asserted, a fine member of the religion of Peace acted like an asshole in general by refusing to sit down, turn off his camera and act like, well a polite human just for starters.

AirTran mocked the original passenger’s story, calling it, snarkily, “The Anatomy of a Legend”. Below, ANOTHER passenger on that flight tells the story, all on video, live before out lying eyes and ears.


This fellow verifies what the poor original passenger said happened and he seems quite sober and rational to me.

As I stated in that original Blog post about this story, it might not have been anything so dramatic as a dry run to a planned terrorist attack, it certainly was an example of how those fine, fine Muslim fellows can act like jerks and get away with it due to companies like AirTran and that CAIR group that thinks Muslims can do no wrong and somehow convinces normally intelligent Americans to agree.

Northwest Flight 188-A Horror of a Foul-Up

So on Fox News, on the morning of 12/16/09, I hear a “breaking news bulletin”, for which Fox is famous and issues some twenty/thirty times a day. “There’s more information released on that Northwest Flight 188 that overshot its destination by over 100 miles.”

My ears were perked.

The story of this Flight was covered on this Blog HERE and HERE.

A fairly comprehensive synopsis of the foul-ups involved in this flight is covered on the Fox site, HERE.

Let’s review what happened that day. Flight 188 was due to land in Minneapolis at around 7 pm CDT in the evening on 10/21/09. At around 8:15 pm a Flight Attendant buzzed the pilot cabin to ask when the flight would be landing.

Supposedly the pilot and co-pilot had been working on a laptop computer, trying to learn the new scheduling system used by Delta, which had acquired Northwest. Those two got so involved with their learning curve, allegedly, they overshot their destination by what has been reported to be as much as 150 miles to 300 miles. When the Flight Attendant buzzed in the pilot, Timothy Cheney saw the plane was near Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Stop here a moment and know that I do not believe those two guys were learning a new scheduling system. I think they were asleep, pure and simple. But they don’t want to admit such a thing and there’s a reason they can get away with their silly lie, read on.

That’s not all that went awry that night.

According to the NTSB report, the pilot and co-pilot were not on good terms. They were flying together for the first time and the pilot indicated that he did not think much of his co-pilot’s skills.

Yet we are to believe that these two fellows got so engrossed in learning this new software, such was their companionability, that they lost all track of time and forgot they were flying an airplane?

But there were more screwups.

A controller was evidently trying to reach the airplane. He called Northwest to ask the dispatchers to please try reaching the plane. Only the controller could not get through to Northwest as…the phone NUMBER WAS OUT OF SERVICE!!

The Northwest dispatchers had been sending messages to the airline but they went unanswered. Unanswered, I argue, because the two guys flying the plane were fast asleep. Unanswered, so those same two guys would tell you, because they were all involved with learning new software.

The reason the Controllers could not get through to the Northwest dispatchers was because the phone number had changed once Delta acquired Northwest and NOBODY TOLD THE CONTROLLERS!

But it gets better.

There is something called Domestic Events Network, or DEN. It is a conference call of sorts between air traffic controllers, military commanders and other folks of authority. DEN was established because of the events of 9-11-01.

The Controller at the Minneapolis facility, well she was a bit of a dolt. First she could not be contacted by DEN because her duties required her to be away from her desk and she was, in fact, AWAY FROM HER DESK. So whoever in the gubmint designed this DEN system had no backup for this most ordinary event, the notion that the Controller Manager might be, um, doing his or her job? We got a team of terrorists all busy tying up passengers over Wyoming and tossing them out of the plane and the Air Force guy keeps trying to call the Controller to arrange an interception and the Controller is all busy counseling an employee for long lunch periods?

When contact was finally established with this Manager by DEN she wasn’t sure if the connection was secure so she asked someone to please contact her by phone. Don’t they teach this sort of thing? Of course it was secure, THAT WAS WHY DEN WAS CREATED! Or did no one from the gubmint make this clear to the Controllers whose job it was to, um, know such things?

We go on….

Once someone convinced the idiot Controller Manager at Minneapolis that the DEN network was secure and taught her the job she should have known before being given the position, the equipment had major glitches. There were screeches and clicks and static such that the original intent of the system…ie to conference Controllers, the Military, maybe even the President, simply did not work. So no one from the gubmint either a)tested the clarity of the equipment at inception or b)forgot to put a requirement in the manual that the equipment be checked periodically, much like cable companies have to do that awful buzz thing every month in the event of an emergency?

In the end the folks who should have been involved with intercepting that plane, had it been taken over by terrorists and at the time nobody knew because the pilots were asleep…er, learning new computer software…didn’t get any information on the errant airplane for over 69 minutes. An airplane that goes out of contact for ten minutes requires notification of authorities because hey, in 69 minutes dear Lord the terrorists could have poisoned everybody on the plane and been ten minutes from flying into the White House!

Finally, because this plane is older, the infamous “black box”, ie the device which records all cockpit conversations, “recycles”. Which means that after two hours of recording the machine “loops” back and tapes over the conversations.

From the Huffington Post we get a daring explanation for the delay in the pilots reporting in. Could it be that they deliberately flew that airplane enough so that the sounds of their snores, er their conversations about the scheduling software, would be overwritten and no one would ever know the truth?

I consider this incident so serious with so many failures that my mind reels. It’s been how long since 9-11-01?

And I’ve just got to say it. Do we really want the gubmint taking over our health care?

Susan Powell-Missing Woman But Husband Knows Nothing

So Susan Powell, a 28 year old Utah woman with two young sons, goes missing on December 7 and no one knows where she went. She left behind her pocketbook, cell phone, car keys, and most importantly, HER CHILDREN.

Her husband, another Drew Peterson in the making, says he wasn’t home the night she went missing as he took his sons camping on December 6 and when he got home Susan was gone.

Heh. He took his sons, ages 2 and 4, camping on a Sunday night, around midnight, when he had to go to work the next day. They made ‘smores and slept in the van. He “forgot” he had to go to work; he got his days mixed up.

From the Deseretnews:
He told police he left his house about midnight on Dec. 6 to go camping with their two sons, ages 2 and 4. He said they went to the Simpson Springs recreation area in Tooele County. Temperatures that night were well below 32 degrees.

I got a bridge to sell cheap anybody believes this story.

Obviously ole Josh Powell is under scrutiny by the authorities. The guy did finally get an attorney, as he should have. Those kids were questioned and hey, the oldest is 4 years old. He said that his Daddy did take them for a ride but who knows, that “camping trip” could just as easily have been a little trip to dispose of Mommy’s body.

I’ve seen Susan’s father gin up and act all brave during interviews this past week. I know the cops tell families of the missing to pretend like they’re on the side of the one most suspicious, which in this case would be Susan’s husband, Josh. I felt for the man. He said he believed his son-in-law and he didn’t know of any problems the couple had, that they seemed happy.

Only it turns out that Josh filed for bankruptcy for over $200,000 in debts and Josh acts about as guilty as anybody on the planet. That impromptu camping trip is about as phoney an alibi as any I’ll ever hear. Yet Susan’s father puts on a stiff lip and sticks to his story of love and harmony between Josh and Susan.

Sad Christmas for Susan Powell’s parents and those two youngsters of hers. Daughter and mother gone, likely tossed on some snow drift in the mountains of Utah.

Oh, and rumor has it that there were two wet spots on the carpet of the Powell household, with a floor fan blowing upon it when investigators came into the house with a search warrant.

Will the 90 Year Old Get the Death Penalty for Murdering the 100 Year Old?

Elizabeth Barrow celebrated her 100th birthday on 8/21/09. On 9/24/09 her body was found in the bed in her nursing home. Her head was encased in a plastic bag.

I covered this story in a True Crime post in October of 2009. The story as reported then already had Barrow as being declared the victim of a homicide. There was also a quick but very obvious reference to Barrow’s roommate in the article.

I nailed the murderer straightaway.
From the first post on this Blog about this very sad murder:
This murder had to be done by either that room-mate or an employee of the nursing home.

Now the roommate has been officially charged with Barrow’s murder.

Barrow’s son says that his mother’s roommate was often querulous and complained about her many visitors. The roommate often made threatening remarks, as the son reports, and she accused Barrow of taking her things.

Both of the women, according to the nursing home, had been offered the chance to change roommates and both refused.

Well I hope the nursing home got this in writing because this assertion is mighty convenient. For it sounds like this roommate, at age 98, is probably a bit senile and won’t likely get the death penalty or anything. FTA, the alleged murderer is currently being assessed for mental capacity.

I’d say Barrow’s children have a damn good case for a lawsuit.

School Drug and Alcohol Counselor Indicted on Drug Charges

From the
A Seattle Public Schools drug and alcohol counselor has been indicted on drug charges following allegations that he and another man conspired to distribute prescription pain killers.

Rainier Beach High School drug and alcohol intervention specialist Robert Henry Smith, 59, was arrested Thursday night along with 37-year-old Adrian Demetrius Johnson, a U.S. Attorney's Office spokeswoman said Friday in a statement.

Well why should we be surprised?

Isn’t clear from the article if this fine fellow was selling to school children, but on one of these drug buys, Smith actually left the school to obtain the illegal drugs.

Why be shocked at a school drug counselor’s arrest for, duh, selling drugs, when we’ve got an alleged “safe school czar” advocating obscene books for our adolescents?

More lewdness from Obama’s fine appointee of a safe school czar reported on this Blog HERE.

So if the President appoints a safe school czar that describes and promotes obscene sex practices, encourages the reading of lewd literature and openly professes admiration of a supporter of the “Man Boy Love Association”, why should we surprised that a school drug counselor sells drugs on the side?

Teacher Cuts Off Child’s Braid For Fooling With During Class

On the subject of teachers, while it’s not as bad as being a drug counselor while selling drugs, I think cutting off this child’s braid to be a most ridiculous and hardly mature solution to the problem. For sure the punishment did not meet the “crime”.

From The Indy
A Milwaukee teacher was charged with disorderly conduct after cutting off a 7-year-old's braid in front of her classmates, WISN-TV in Milwaukee reported.

Now I can just imagine this child playing with one of those braids endlessly during a boring moment at school. I had pig tails when I was in the first grade and I remember playing with them quite a bit.

But to take a pair of scissors and cut out off a braid from someone’s head is a bit outrageous.

What the hell do the colleges teach future teachers of our children? What right did this woman have to grab a child and cut her hair?

I’m not saying the hair-twiddling wasn’t a distraction and some action wasn’t in order. But, going out on a limb here, the child could have been removed from the classroom, perhaps her parents called.

I’m happy that the teacher got a criminal charge for such ill-conceived behavior.

Americorps, Gerald Walpin and Michelle Obama

A big shout out to Byron York, who is the only journalist evidently following that horror of an abuse of power that involves the top people in this administration, a belligerant middle finger to the senate, and a child rapist. This story’s going to explode on the scene soon enough and I’m going to keep on top of it.

First covered Gerald Walpin on this Blog HERE.

Gerald Walpin is an Inspector General. Inspector Generals are folks assigned to oversee programs receiving federal dollars. The idea is that having independent investigators making sure that our tax dollars are not mis-spent is better than having the congress critter getting the pork also overseeing the pork project.

Inspector Generals cannot be fired without the approval of BOTH the administration and the senate.

That is until the Obama administration. All rules went out the window when this thugocracy took office.

Not only did the Obama administration summarily fire an Inspector General without prior senate approval, now it would seem that members of the administration lied outright to congressional investigators.

From Washington Examiner:
Congressional investigators looking into the abrupt firing of AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin have discovered that the head of AmeriCorps met with a top aide to First Lady Michelle Obama the day before Walpin was removed.

Kevin Johnson is a former basketball player. He is also now Mayor of Sacramento, California. He also, ahem, likes young teenage girls and here’s the direction of the investigation.

Because Gerald Walpin was honing in on the use of taxpayer dollars by Johnson to pay off his young adolescent lovers and folks, it don’t get much worse than this.

The administration is covering for pervert Kevin Johnson and yeah I know he’s a basketball hero. He also has sex with young teen girls and uses tax dollars to pay them, or their parents off.

The wall the Obama administration is building around this case is deep and dense.

I don’t think they’ll be able to keep it under wraps much longer.

From Wikipedia

During the summer of 1995, a 16 year old girl alleged that Johnson had fondled her. Johnson apologized to the girl when confronted by her with that accusation during a phone conversation recorded by Phoenix police though he also stated that "what you're saying happened, I'm not entirely agreeing happened."[23] The Sacramento Bee stated that they had received a copy of a proposed settlement agreement, under which Johnson would have paid the girl's family $230,000.[24] After conducting an investigation, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office declined to prosecute, on the grounds that there was not a reasonable likelihood of conviction.[25]

At the link there’s way more about the fine, fine Johnson. The cops got this conversation on tape.

Those Five Fine Pakistani Home-Grown Terrorists

Their parents knew nothing.

From the NYTIMES:
Five young Muslim American men from the Washington suburbs who disappeared late last month were detained in Pakistan on Wednesday in a police raid on a house linked to a militant group, American and Pakistani officials said.

One of the men had left behind an 11-minute video calling for the defense of Muslims in conflicts with the West and suggesting that “young Muslims have to do something,” said one person who had seen the video, describing it as a farewell of sorts.

Although the men were arrested at the home of one of the fellows’ father, Khalid Farooq.

And we’ve got the apologist group CAIR-Council on American-Islamic Relations, that admits that there is a “small number” of Muslims attracted to extreme behavior.

All five of these young men are American citizens. A few were born abroad but they were all citizens of this country, living a fine life, allowed to worship as they pleased, all obtaining a higher education in this land of the free and home of the brave. All five of them attended a mosque in Alexandria, Va, the same mosque attended by the Fort Hood shooter. All of them are described by various relatives and friends as quiet, studious, hardly terrorists.

And yet they all got on an airplane one day, flew over to Pakistan, met in a house owned by one of their fathers, and God knows what they planned.

FIFTH Drunken Driving Arrest, Perp Pees on Cop


A Waldo man accused of urinating on a police officer during his fifth drunken-driving arrest has been sentenced to a year in jail. Court records released

The complaint said Shilts failed field-sobriety tests. It said as he was taken to the police station he urinated in the back of the squad car, spraying the back of the officer's head.

This time he loses his driver’s license for three years.

Christmas Overload

Merry Christmas to all yon two to three readers of this Blog.

Below, a pic of what happens when you get too carried away with the holiday spirit.

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