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The Upcoming Chandra Levy Trial, Will a Pathetic One Go to Jail for Condit’s Crime?

In True Crime, a rather pathetic immigrant is being charged for the murder committed by Gary Condit. Condit was the only American to benefit from the attacks of 9-11-01 as that event took him and his involvement in the then disappearance and eventual murder of his lover, Chandra Levy. The fact that this innocent is being charged with Condit’s crime speaks volumes for the idiot prosecutors involved in this judicial disaster. But maybe it’s the plan?

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Trial for Murder of Chandra Levy Now Underway

Trial for Murder of Chandra Levy Now Underway

As I am to understand, the trial of Ingmar Guandique for the murder of Chandra Levy is now underway and a jury is being selected. News of this blockbuster case is kind of scarce. In a search online HERE is only one of a few mentions of the manner.

First, I got a bridge to sell, cheap, to anyone who thinks this pathetic loser murdered the girl that Congress Critter Gary Condit actually DID murder.

Below is a summary of my own research of Gary Condit.

Condit always had Chandra meet him with no ID on her. They went to great lengths to meet secretly in his apartment. Condit told Chandra to tell anyone in his building who should ask that she was there to meet a sick relative. Chandra never got off the elevator on Condit’s floor.

Police discovered all of Chandra’s ID, her wallet, her cell phone, still in her apartment after she went missing. How likely is a young woman to leave all this behind unless this was part of a pre-plan? Chandra’s computer was also found to have been used for a search of Rock Creek Park. Chandra’s body was found in Rock Creek Park.

Chandra left a message on her Aunt’s phone on the day she went missing, something to the effect that she had really exciting news and an urge for her Aunt to call her back quickly.

Chandra’s parents, in their desperation to find their missing daughter, contacted Gary Condit after learning about her relationship with the congressman from Chandra’s Aunt. Condit said he had no idea where Chandra went, that he and Chandra were just friends. Condit said he would contact the DC police to help find Chandra but he did no such thing. Note Condit denied having sort of affair with Chandra until he could no more. Lies, lies and more lies. He lied until he got caught.

Condit was a congress critter. Congress types have meetings with constituents, scheduled votes, appointments with the media. Their movements are tracked closely. On the day Chandra disappeared, no one has any proof whatsoever where Condit was all day.

In an effort to create an alibi, Condit declared that he met with a reporter on the day Chandra disappeared but he got caught. The reporter had proof that the date of the meeting with Condit was not the day Condit said it was. Condit has NO alibi for the afternoon Chandra went missing, goodness you think there’d be SOME proof of his whereabouts for almost eight hours or some part thereof, wouldn’t you?

Under public pressure, Condit did finally take a lie detector test but get this, it was a PRIVATE test, rejected completely by the DC police as invalid.

I was not a Blogger when Chandra Levy was murdered but have kept up on the case on my Blog HERE and HERE.

First, the Condit/Levy story was blown right off of the front page on 9-11-01 when four planes were hijacked and rammed into our buildings by a bunch of radical Muslims. Since I don’t work for NPR I can’t get fired for saying this.

The evidence against Condit for the murder of Chandra Levy is largely circumstantial but whew, the circumstances are fairly overwhelming. For the entire day that Chandra went missing NO ONE knew where Condit was. This guy was a congress critter! These fellows have their entire days scheduled down to the minute. Further, in an effort to invent an alibi for himself, Condit declared he had an interview with a reporter. The reporter called him on the lie. Now why did Condit lie about this?

Sadder, the evidence against Guandique is as meager as the evidence against Condit is prolific. Guandique passed a lie detector test when he denied having nothing to do with Levy’s murder. There is no DNA or physical evidence tying Guandique to the crime, none of his DNA on Chandra’s body, nothing. Guandique is currently serving a ten year sentence for attacking two female joggers in 2002. BOTH of these joggers escaped Guandique but we are to believe the athletic, young and strong Levy was the only one of Guandique’s victims to avoid escape?

In fact, the only evidence against Guandique are some jailhouse confessions he made to other convicts. Well here’s a kind of nobody all in jail for robbing some female joggers and with a lie or two he can achieve some notoriety, some attention, on his pathetic life. Guandique claimed that he DID kill Chandra but he was paid by Condit to do so.

Come on. I still got that bridge, cheap. If Guandique did the crime, why does the lie detector affirm that he did not? Why does nobody really know how the lie detector Condit took turned out, for that matter?

Supposedly the jury selection started for this trial on 10/17/10. Even more intriguing, Gary Condit is scheduled to be called in as a witness. I got a bridge to sell if Condit takes that stand.

Hey, maybe the law folks are setting this obvious miscarriage of justice specifically TO catch Condit in some kind of lie.

By me, the charges against Guandique for the murder of Chandra Levy were made when Guandique was in jail anyway. By having SOMEONE charged with the crime, it makes the DC cops not look like the boobs they are. Heh. Remember the Sniper case?

Since Guandique is in jail for ten years, it was easy enough to charge him with the Levy murder and let bygones be bygones. Now that Guandique’s sentence will soon expire or he will be up for parole, somebody’s got to make a move on this thing.

I’ll be watching this circus closely.

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