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Sarah Foxwell, Mayor Dixon, Dr. Eric Bradley


A True Crime that rocks the states with huge political consequences involving a Biden. It’s a betrayal of the worst kind for the pervert was a doctor charged with the care of young children.

A little girl’s body found on Christmas Eve. Sarah Foxwell denied a holiday by her caregiver’s ex-boyfriend.

Baltimore’s mayor steals from poor children and gets a huge pension, a pat on the head, and is sent on her way.

Dr. Bradley, The Worst Betrayal of All

Almost any time I head towards the shore I see the big sign for BAY BEES Pediatric Center. It’s a cute sign, advertising a medical practice, obviously. A busy little bumble bee flits about the sign, an icon of the children inside, all busy and happy as the doctor trusted to protect them examines them for their ills and recommends the cures. It’s a True Crime story now rocking the state of Delaware.

For Dr. Earl Bradley would often take his young charges off somewhere and as it would turn out he would often sexually assault them all the while videotaping his heinous crimes.

This is a busy practice located in Lewes, Delaware. The prosecutor in charge of this case is none other than Beau Biden. You got it…son of VP Joe Biden.

A popular Delaware pediatrician may have sexually assaulted more than 100 of his young patients and videotaped the acts in what officials are calling one of the largest sexual abuse cases in the state's history.

Dr. Earl Bradley is accused of molesting patients as young as 3 months old. Dr. Earl Bradley, 56, is being held in the Vaughn Correctional Center on a $2.9 million cash bond after he was charged with 33 felony counts, including rape and sexual exploitation of a child, stemming from incidents at his Lewes, Del., practice, BayBees Pediatrics.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden told that "this is a very very troubling case, and we here in the state of Delaware are pursuing it aggressively to the fullest extent of the law."

Dr. Bradley is being held for 2.9 million dollars bail. For Dr. Bradley was a Pediatrician, a physician trusted by parents to care and help cure children. Instead Dr. Bradley would take his young charges off somewhere and sexually molest them. The most brazen action of all, this monster actually taped his perverted actions.

Yes the man’s innocent victims complained to parents about what happened in Dr. Bradley’s basement of horror. It’s how he eventually got caught. A three year old convinced her father that her horrific words were really true. Many of the victims, however, were often very young, could not articulate what happened to them very well, might well have thought what Dr. Bradley was doing to them was part of it all or couldn’t speak well enough to describe their ordeal.

The state of Delaware has set up a special web site for parents of Dr. Bradley’s patients. God knows how many innocent lives this man has harmed.

Another intriguing aspect of this case, covered with all appropriate horror on Nancy Grace, is the fact that the Prosecutor in charge will be none other than son of Joe Biden, Beau Biden, who is currently Delaware’s state Attorney General.

It’s a no-brainer that Dr. Bradley will have the book thrown at him. Prosecuting a child molester, especially under these circumstances, will likely be a simple win in terms of prosecutorial skill. It’s possible that the trial and prosecution of Dr. Bradley will have national implications. Beau Biden is supposed to run for state senator to replace his placeholder currently in the seat, Kaufman. Beau will face serious competition for the seat in the form of Mike Castle, currently Delaware’s only Representative in America’s House, former Governor of Delaware, beloved by Delawarians in this light purple state.

A lot rides on when this case will come to trial and how the public perceives Beau Biden’s prosecutorial skills.

Sarah Foxwell

Sarah Foxwell is a little girl who didn’t get to celebrate Christmas Day this year. She was brutally murdered by a former boyfriend of her Aunt, who for some reason was raising Sarah.

We’re learning more about the events surrounding the disappearance of 11-year old Sarah Foxwell whose body was found on Christmas Day. The grandfather was home at the time she was abducted. Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis also tells WGMD that the aunt was not home at that time. He adds that the entire family including the mother, the aunt and the grandfather were all extremely cooperative, and that there is no indication that they knew the abduction was about to happen.

Wicomico county is located in Maryland. Sarah’s body was found in Delaware. There is a spit of land known as Delmarva which includes the extreme east coasts of small portions of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. So the jaunt to dispose of little Sarah’s body in Delaware from her home in Maryland is not as far as it might seem.

Reports about this crime are sketchy but it would seem that Sarah’s murderer walked into her home and simply snatched the child. I remember young Jessica in Florida was removed from her home in the same manner.

This is another crime that has shaked this area of Delaware, heretofore a place of low crime, now rocking from the horrible death of Sarah Foxwell and the perverted crimes of Dr. Earl Bradley.

Baltimore’s Fine, Fine Mayor Resigns-local crimes

…will receive $80,000+ a year pension!

It’s not Delmarva but Baltimore is very local to this area. Hey, husband and I got out of Merryland over five years ago cause it don’t get much worse than that town.

From Baltimore.Biz:
Dixon’s resignation will be tendered Wednesday and will become effective Feb. 4, when she is sentenced. Dixon, a Democrat, was convicted in December on one count of embezzlement stemming from her use of gift cards given to the city by Patrick Turner, a developer. Turner claimed the gift cards were intended for the needy.

It just don’t get much seedier than stealing gift cards meant for needy children. Yet this DEMOCRAT from the corrupt city of Baltimore did steal these gift cards to purchase for herself fine furniture and clothes.

So she’s going to resign…hip, hip hooray. How about the fact that this lower-than-low piece of humanity will get an $83,000 a year pension from Baltimore’s taxpayers?

There is no limit to how low these politicos can go.
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