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True Crime-Amanda Knox Update; Delaware 1st Grader a Terrorist? More…

It’s a True Crime post and we’ve got an update on Amanda Knox, charged with murder in Italy as her trial is now ongoing.

Plus the school rule that allows liberals to keep their talking points while throwing common sense out the window. A Delaware 6-year old almost expelled for wanting to eat his pudding and a new “deadly” weapon involving food.

It’s been a bad week for rapists folks, with one killed in the act, literally with his pants down and another caught for the reward.

And tune in for this Husband of the Week Award…the fellow gropes nurse’s breast as the nurse was pushing his wife to the delivery room.


Pic of the Day

Helps Capture Rapist-Gives Reward to Victim

Just when you think there’s no hope for mankind, you find that there’s folks like Lloyd Gardner.

From the

A man given a £10,000 reward for his part in helping convict a brutal rapist has donated it to the victim, it emerged yesterday.

That’s not ten thousand dollars, folks, that’s ten thousand British POUNDS, about 2.8 times the value of a dollar.

Rapist Killed In the Act

And in another bad day for the fine, fine rapists of the world, From the NY Post:
Long Island cops stopped a terrifying abduction -- gunning down a hooded kidnapper after witnesses saw him snatch a woman from a supermarket parking lot and sexually assault her, police said yesterday.

The rapist got caught in the act, literally with his pants down. When cops cornered his car, containing the terrified abducted victim, the fine fellow evidently decided to take on the cops with a pellet gun.

The guy is dead now, folks, saving us all the time and trouble of a trial.

He Will Go Down Forever In Shame-Gropes Nurse Pushing His Wife to Delivery Room

Now here’s a husband any woman would be proud of.

Adam Manning decides to cop a feel of the nurse’s breast as the nurse was pushing his pregnant and very much in labor wife to the delivery room.

Now you gotta know folks, that this nurse was turned on something bad what with this drunk’s sweaty stinky hand on her breast and this as the nurse was trying to get the fine, fine fellow’s poor wife to the delivery room.

From the
OGDEN -- A 30-year-old Bountiful man was arrested after a nurse said he groped her twice while his wife was in labor at McKay-Dee Hospital early Friday.

Adam Manning was booked on a felony charge of forcible sex abuse and on an outstanding warrant for shoplifting.

He must be so proud of himself. Hey, we’ll even immortalize him on this humble Blog read by two or three people every day.

Wife Slits Husband’s Throat After Filling Him Up With Horney Goat Weed

Seems she wanted to meet an Internet lover and her husband was, well he was a problem.

So she filled him up with an alleged aphrodisiac called Horney Goat Weed and promised a lust-filled romp in the park.

From the DailyMail:
A poet lured her husband into woodland for a drug-fuelled sex session and then slit his throat, a court was told yesterday.

Joanne Hale, 39, left him for dead so she could see a man she had met on the internet, a jury heard.

Mr. Hale survived the attack but only because a passing motorist interrupted the crime in progress.

Joanne Hale, a poet who writes about love and cute doggies on the Internet, is now on trial for the crime.

A fine, fine wife a husband can be so proud of.

Amanda Knox Trial Now Active In Italy

I covered the story of Amanda Knox on this Blog HERE.

Amanda Knox had a boyfriend as she attended college in Italy, a weird fellow with an obsession for knives. Amanda Knox also had a roommate, Meredith. Amanda and Amanda’s weird boyfriend also had other weird friends, very much into drugs.

One night Amanda’s roommate turns up very dead. Amanda’s blood ends up somehow mixed in with Meredith’s blood and Amanda’s footprint is found in Meredith’s blood.

Which is a bit amazing if you believe poor Amanda’s parents who have just about went bankrupt trying to defend Amanda, who is guilty as sin as I see it.

Understand here that this crime happened in Italy and in typical American superiority fellow U.S. citizens do not think that an Italian court can properly try this case and Amanda, an “honor student” as all stories about this crime like to point out, as if honor students never kill, simply HAS to be innocent.

I’ve been following this case closely, from an episode on CBS’ “60 Minutes” to the many stories professing Amanda’s innocence. I almost always have a tendency to trust prosecutors in these cases but from my extensive study of the True Crime genre, Amanda Knox is no innocent.

How the hell did Amanda’s blood and footprint get in her roommate’s blood?

The true story is a complex web involving a fellow Amanda and her fine knife-obsessed fellow met in a bar and other innocents that Amanda pointed to after changing her stories so many times she could almost be a fiction writer.

There’s also allegations that the Italian prosecutor is under indictment himself for some crime or another but that seems like a red herring. But there’s some confusion about this case to be sure, not the least of which is that it is being tried in a foreign country and not in a manner to which Americans are accustomed.

Updates on this trial HERE.

Amanda Knox loved Rafaelle Sollecito, at least she did once upon a time. Rafaelle Sollecito loved knives and liked “playing” with them. One night Amanda and Rafaelle got drunk and/or drugged up. Along with another friend they knew from the local bar scene, all of these fine folks thought it would be a hoot to cut up Meredith Kercher, Amanda’s roommate.

It’s a simple as that. In their drunk/drugged state none of these fine folks did a very good job of hiding the evidence. There’s pools of blood containing just about everyone’s DNA and at sometime during this blood thirsty orgy, Amanda stepped in Meredith’s blood and tracked it through the apartment.

I am quite sure the Italian court is prosecuting this case closely and to the letter of the law. They know the eyes of the U.S. are on them but no matter if she’s an honor student or plays soccer enthusiastically, if she killed her roommate and the evidence points that way I am quite sure Amanda’s got help from the FBI on this matter.

There’s not a single thing that leads me to believe “Foxy Knoxie” is innocent.

Muslim Teen Fearful For Her Life Ordered to Return Home

The story of Rifqa Bary has been on the news for some weeks now. Rifqa has converted to Christianity and is fearful of returning home for fear her parents might murder her in a Muslim “honor killing”. Converting to another religion is considered worthy of an honor killing for fundamental Muslims.

A 17-year old girl who fled from her home, fearing her Muslim parents would kill her for converting to Christianity, must go back to Ohio, a Florida judge ruled Tuesday.

There’s a couple of strange things about this story, folks. First, Rifqa’s parents emigrated from Sri Lanka originally to get medical treatment for Rifqa, who lost her eyesight in one eye due to an accident.

Second, there’s problems with this entire family’s immigration status in that Rifqa’s parents might be illegal immigrants. Unless they produce their green cards or some other proof of temporary visa this decision will change completely.

Third, the church in which Rifqa converted to Christianity is one featured on Facebook,

The Global Revolution Church.

There’s something a bit hinky about this church and this “conversion”.

Now churches do come in all packages and varieties but on Facebook?

Further, investigations by the authorities show no evidence that Rifqa’s concerns about honor killings has no basis in fact.

There have been terribly sad and horrific honor killings by Muslims in this country and no doubt it happens even more world wide. But it’s rare and if Rifqa’s parents did indeed come to this country specifically to seek help for Rifqa it doesn’t seem likely they’ll kill her, using common sense here. Besides, the eyes of the world will be on her to insure nothing happens to her.

I’m no fan of Muslims goodness knows but this whole thing tends to smell a bit.

For now, these folks need to get their immigration records straight. It might end up that the whole lot of them will end up back in Sri Lanka. Then Rifqa will have less protection more than likely than she would have here in the U.S.

How Excessive Political Correctness Led to Zero Tolerance

or…Common Sense Died That the Liberals Could Have Talking Points.

It was on all the news networks, the tale of the little boy, all of 6 years old, all happy about his new gadget that combines eating utensils on one handy little device, perfect for camping with his Cub Scout troop. This right here in mine own fine state of Delaware.

What we had here folks, was a terrorist, pure and simple. Indeed the wise Christiana school district invoked that joke called “zero tolerance” and determined that this young man should be put into an “alternate” school for 45 days. This, mind you, as President Obama struggles with releasing the Gitmo prisoners into our general populace AND as AG Eric Holder insists that our own CIA be investigated for “torturing” enemies of our country.

Well we HAD to eliminate such as common sense and good judgement with this so-called zero tolerance policy. Goodness we desperately need an unending supply of talking points to keep the blacks, Hispanics and other minorities in this country to continue feeling persecuted and it would not do to have any situation where a white kid goes loose for bringing a spoon to eat his pudding with a black kid sent home for carrying a bowie knife meant for use in a scheduled gang fight. No sirree…PUNISH THEM ALL!

We must send all home with no differentiation because the liberals, hey, they need their talking points. Further, the school folks all belong to unions and such as using common sense or actually making decisions and distinctions…well we can’t have that.

The only good thing that will come of this fine, fine liberal doctrine of zero tolerance is the publicity of the silliness of it.

From Fox:
Many were there solely because of a zero-tolerance policy that resulted in 6-year-old Zachary Christie being ordered to spend 45 days in an alternative school for bringing a Cub Scout camping utensil -- a combination of folding fork, knife, and spoon -- to John R. Downes Elementary School.

Family says he wanted to eat pudding during lunch with his favorite camping tool.

Speaking of deadly weapons, heh, here we have a teen charged with throwing a deadly missile at a car. The weapon turned out to be a burrito.
HERNANDO BEACH, FL -- Hernando County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a South Carolina teen on a charge of throwing a deadly missile at a moving vehicle. That missile was a burrito, deputies said.

Don’t tell the liberals, please. Next they’ll make bananas, grapes, all food items, deadly weapons and kindergartners will soon be expelled for daring to pack such in their lunch boxes.


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