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True Crime-Could Cesar Laurean Have Turned Himself In? Bobbi Jo Parker Charged With Helping Randolph Dial Escape

It's a True Crime post and under ongoing crimes we've got new info on Cesar Laurean, Maria Lauterbach's suspected murderer, and how he came to be captured.
Plus those fine adolescents who beat up a girl on videotape have parents speaking up and no wonder those kids were so rotton.

More on that FLDS sect, a fellow who raped a woman in broad daylight on a Walmart parking lot as he held a gun to the victim's baby's head.

And Bobbi Parker, who said a convict forced her to help him escape and lived with him for over ten years, FINALLY convicted for helping Randolph Dial.

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Man Holds Gun to Baby’s Head While He Rapes Its Mother

He’s a fine, fine fellow. His parents must be so very proud of him. Just ask David Welker’s roommate.

“He’s lived with me for four years. He’s also lived with my cousin’s baby. He’s a really nice guy. I don’t believe he’d rape anybody.”

I paraphrase an idiot above, paraphrased from a video link in the site below.

For David Welker held a gun to a baby’s head while he raped its mother in a Wal-Mart parking lot. He raped her twice, then demanded her ATM card as well as her PIN number. After having his pleasure with the woman, he then locked her in the trunk of her car and proceeded to go to the woman’s bank and actually used her ATM card. Pictures of him accessing the woman’s card were distributed widely and Welker was quickly identified and picked up.

From Local6.com:
David Welker

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A 24-year-old man held a gun to the head of a 15-month-old girl while he raped her mother for 25 minutes in a Wal-Mart parking lot, according to an arrest report.

Here’s the pity. This fine, fine citizen of the highest calibur, 24 years young bear in mind, has been arrested TWENTY SEVEN times before this heinous crime.

This is allegedly his first sex crime arrest.

What say we put this fine fellow behind bars for good?

Photographer Sued For Refusing to Film Same-Sex Couple Ceremony

I first covered this foreboding incident on this Blog HERE.

The woman is a photographer and she runs a small photography studio. Weddings are her specialty as is often the case with freelance photographers.

But Elaine Hugeunin is a devout Christian and when a same-sex couple approached her with a request to photograph their same-sex ceremony she refused based on her religious convictions.

So the same-sex couple took her before something called a New Mexico Human Rights Commission and now you must be afraid, be VERY afraid.

From StoptheACLU.com:
Elaine Huguenin co-owns Elane Photography with her husband. The bulk of Elane’s work is done by Elaine, though she subcontracts some of the work some of the time. Elane refused to photograph Vanessa Willock’s same-sex commitment ceremonies, and just today the New Mexico Human Rights Commission held that this violated state antidiscrimination law. Elane has been ordered to pay over $6600 in attorney’s fees and costs.

Couldn’t that same-sex couple, just to use some peaceful common sense here, gone to another photographer somewhere. Is the Elaine Huguenin photography studio the only one in New Mexico? Most businesses, let’s be real here, like money whether coming from heterosexuals, homosexuals or bisexuals, no?

Instead this same-sex couple had to sue this small business owner and the great big state of New Mexico helped beat up this entrepreneur all to hell.

Next, they’ll be coming for YOU.

Fine Fight-Videotaping Teens Out of Jail

In fact, in one case, the very fine Stephen Shumaker, has a Dad who is evidently VERY proud of his son.
Grady Judd, our great sheriff, he made a mountain out of a molehill with all these trumped up charges for these kids," he said.

Wow. No wonder this guy’s son was part of that creep group of adolescents who thought it would be just so cool to lure another teen to a house to beat her up while videotaping the whole thing.

With parents like the fine Shumaker’s Dad, hey, no wonder those kids have no morals or scruples. Because no matter what that victim did, hey, go with me here, for a bunch of kids to gang up on one kid and beat her up, all the while proudly videotaping the beating for later showing on Youtube, well I’d say those kids who participated in that act probably had fathers like Stephen Shumaker. Who thinks the sheriff made a big damn deal out of nothing.

From WFTV.com:
Teens who videotaped beating

BARTOW, Fla. -- Six of the teens accused in the videotape beating in Polk County bonded out of Jail Friday night. Only Stephen Shumaker and Britney Mayes remained behind bars.

On their own videotape, six Polk County girls laughed in another girl's face as they beat her so badly she was hospitalized. Friday in court, they hung their heads in shame.

The judge didn’t agree with the very fine Mr. Schumaker, a man obviously so proud of his brave son. She doubled the normal bond for those teens and all will be charged as adults.

Cesar Laurean May Have Voluntarily Surrendered To Authorities

There’s a whole lot going on with this case than the public knows. Which is fine I must suppose as investigators are trying to resolve a murder fairly and accurately, with hopes of a conviction and at the very least, getting the perp back in this country.

From WRAL.com:
Jacksonville, N.C. — The Onslow County sheriff might have been in contact with Camp Lejeune Marine indicted in the killing of a pregnant comrade about a week before his capture in Mexico, authorities said late Friday.

It’s not clear just what Laurean’s wife had to do with the murder of pregnant Maria Lauterbach, a marine who had accused Laurean of rape and was eight months pregnant when Laurean allegedly killed her and buried her body in his own backyard, burning the remains to eliminate evidence.

The public really doesn’t know if Laurean was the father of Lauterbach’s baby. The public doesn’t know what part Laurean’s wife played in Lauterbach’s murder.

Rumors abound, including this rumor that Laurean agreed to surrender. Since he had made it to Mexico, he was protected by Mexican law from extradition to a country with the death penalty. Mexico, a fine, fine country with few lawbreakers and a country filled with citizens able to find gainful employment within its borders.

I heard, just a rumor with no attribution, but I heard it said on some cable channel or another, than when Laurean was asked why he killed Lauterbach, that Lauren said he loved her.

Thus I know there is way much more to this story than the public knows. Common sense would have one ask just what was Maria Lauterbach doing at the Laurean house in the first place?

At any rate, it’s an intriguing True Crime and we’re keeping up on it.

The Intriguing Story of Amanda Knox

CBS’ True Crime show “48 Hours” is, as one might imagine, one of my favorite series.

This show tracks a True Crime from commission to arrest on through to trial in most cases. The show mostly does a good job of presenting all points of view and the possibility that the perp might be innocent almost always enters into the equation.

My personal prejudice is that I will ALWAYS side with the prosecutors in that, silly me, I tend to think that a prosecutor will choose to find the REAL perp rather than waste a lot of resources trying an innocent.

And always, go with me here, the guilty guy alleges to God, the moon and the stars, that he or she is as innocent as the driven snow.

I’ve never, either via a True Crime novel, my favorite, or one of these “investigative” type of shows, flat out believed that the one jailed for the crime was totally innocent. I have, on rare occasions, thought that the evidence was not beyond a reasonable doubt.

Yes, I know that public and hierarchal pressure on prosecutors can most certainly have an innocent charged with a crime but I think it’s rare.

Last week, 4/12/08, the “48 Hours” featured the story of Amanda Knox. This was a True Crime that I’d heard of late last year but didn’t follow closely as the murder took place in Italy and accurate information was sketchy.

From CBSnews.com:
Amanda Knox

(CBS) Amanda Knox, a 20-year-old honors student from the University of Washington, followed her dream when she moved to Perugia, Italy, to study abroad and learn Italian. But that dream turned into a nightmare when just weeks after Amanda's arrival her roommate was found murdered.

It’s really the same old, same old.

Amanda has a roommate, Meredith. Meredith was found murdered, brutally by many stab wounds. Amanda and her boyfriend Raffaele were called in for questioning. The pair were separated and after many hours of questioning, Amanda finally “confessed” to the crime.

Confessed might be a stretch for Amanda pointed the finger at many other people in her surround. She admitted she was there when Meredith was murdered, a convenient admission in that Amanda’s blood was found mixed in with Meredith’s. Raffaele’s footprint was found in the blood in the room where Meredith’s body was found.

Then we move on to Amanda’s mother, who swears Amanda was a fine, fine girl. Well damn, silly me, she’s the girl’s mother! Another player in the saga, a private investigator, proclaims that honor student soccer players do NOT commit this kind of murder, I heard it with my own ears. Who said that? Where in the bible is such a commandment stated, that honor student soccer players do not kill their roommates along with a creepy boyfriend with an obsession for knives? Maybe we should free all the criminals from the jail who do not have dark, sinister beards, beady black piercing eyes and a gape-toothed grin?

Because this was an All-American type of girl, and because the crime happened in Italy, it now seems that forces almighty are out and about and trying to get Amanda free from the Italian jail where she is incarcerated for her crime.

I’m betting, though CBS didn’t mention it, that the American FBI were involved in this crime and indeed, worked in cahoots with Italian investigators.

Now CBS jumps on the wagon to get the fine, fine Amanda off. The girl already confessed and changed her story a gazillion times.

I got a bridge to sell CBS, cheap.

Update on That Texas Cult

In my last True Crime post I mentioned this story because while the allegations are unthinkable, there has been, as of yet, NOT ONE arrest in this case.

Which is not to say I think these people are innocent. Because I do not.

But two things about this case trouble me and they trouble me greatly.

From WRAL.com:
SAN ANGELO, Texas — Young teenage girls at a polygamist compound in West Texas were required to have sex in a soaring white temple after they were married in sect-recognized unions, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday.

First, media reports are that there had been a source inside the cult and that source had been reporting child abuse activities for some FOUR years.

Second, why no arrests? The government invades private property and forces the occupants to leave, taking the children from their mothers?

It would seem to me that child abuse going on for four years should have been stopped way sooner, you think? And taking children away from their mothers, invading private homes….that’s scary.

No, if there are arrests and more proof that something untoward was going on, than it’s the right thing. But still….no arrests yet? Where’s the crime?

I’m very nervous about this. Suppose this all turns out to be one big mistake?

No, I don’t think that’s likely but I’d sure like to see some proof that there was a just cause for this extreme action, being an American citizen who wouldn’t this to happen to her.

A True Crime Shocker Flying Under the Radar!

The story of Bobbi Jo Parker and Randolph Dial has been covered, extensively, on this Blog, a listing of applicable posts HERE.

For the story of Bobbi Jo and Dial is a most intriguing on, the subject of books and many investigative TV shows.

From USA today.com:
Bobbi Jo Parker

The woman, Bobbi Parker, has been charged with assisting the escape of Randolph Dial from Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite, Jackson County District Attorney John Wampler said Tuesday. The indictment comes three years after a tip from America's Most Wanted led law officers to Parker and Dial.

I am shocked to know that Bobbi Jo Parker has finally been charged with helping Randolph Dial escape from the prison where Bobbi Jo’s husband was the warden!

For years Bobbi Jo and Dial had been on the lam until the pair were finally discovered and picked up after an “America’s Most Wanted” show. Bobbi Jo left two young daughters and a husband behind. When captured, Bobbi Jo said she’d lived with Dial for over ten years, working hard at a chicken farm and often living in squalor, because she was afraid for her life.

Which was a lie in that Bobbi Jo voluntarily left with Dial, who has since died in prison, and she evidently voluntarily stayed with him for over ten years!

It seemed that the world was expected to believe that story in that Parker was reunited with her daughters, now adults, and the husband she’s left behind.

But last week, with little fanfare, it is announced that Bobbi Jo has finally been indicted for helping Dial escape from prison and we no longer have to have wet feet from the urine sprayed upon them by Dial and Parker, which they assured us was just yellow rain.

Randolph Dial lied and told authorities that he’d kept Parker against her will. He must have loved the woman and she sure must have loved him. For over ten years Bobbi didn’t see her own daughters!

Likely, with Dial dead and not much to be accomplished, Parker won’t go to jail. Still, to leave this case as a genuine abduction would have been a crime in itself!

A Very Odd Story on Many, Many Levels

So this guy shows up at a school, with his ten year old son in tow mind you, and asks a group of kids where he can find a teenaged girl who would have sex with him.

Now that’s odd as all get out.

First, how does a stranger get into a school so easy like that? Second, cavalierly this guy asks for a teenage girl for sex, Lord, could this guy have been one of those creepy killers like the Amish guy?

Finally, and this is one of the more amazing parts of the story, the guy’s REAL name is, get this…JOEL BRODSKY!

From NJ.com:
Four boys in a hallway at a Bergen County high school were tak ing a break from an evening SAT prep course when they were approached by a man and his 10-year-old son, authorities said.

The man introduced himself as Mark Adams, an ESPN sports analyst, and told the boys he could get them college scholarships -- if they could arrange for him to meet a teenage girl for sex, according to a news release from the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office.

So who is Joel Brodsky? Well a fellow representing Drew Peterson, the fine man whose wives keep dying on him, is represented by an attorney named Joel Brodsky!

Now Peterson lives in Illinois and this Joel Brodsky is allegedly from Hackensack, NJ. It’s doubtful that it’s the same guy. But that name isn’t all that common I must suppose.

Still… Weird.

Couple Fight Over Baby’s “Gang” Colors

You can't make this shit up

The fine couple have a child together and hey, they can’t decide which gang, the mother’s or the father’s, the child should belong to.

Evidently this is serious stuff, folks. The kid will soon be wearing toddler clothes and there’s important stuff like gang colors that need deciding. The discussions get heated some times.

From Rocky Mountain News.com:
When Mom wears one set of gang colors and Dad wears another, conflict over how to raise the baby can cause irreconcilable differences.

At least that's what happened for one Commerce City couple.

Commerce City police were called to a disturbance Saturday at a Hollywood Video on East 64th Street, where a man reportedly was harassing his ex-girlfriend, who was working there.


FOCUS ON Maria Lauterbach
She was a young woman enlisted in the United States Marines. She accused a fellow marine of raping her and so far there's been no explanation about that accusation save a rather unkind statement by Maria's own mother that she is bipolar and a known habitual liar.

Maria's disappearance was reported before Christmas but it wasn't until around 1/8 the following year that anyone got around to looking for the poor woman. Maria's body was discovered, burned and buried, in the backyard of that same marine she accused of raping her!

That fine young man took off somewhere for Mexico and as of the writing of this synopsis he's still there. Cesar Laurean's wife, however, was left behind and it's really confusing what she had to do with Maria's death.

First report on Blog of the missing pregnant marine
Information on Lauterbach continues to come in
Lauterbach's "mother" tries to save her reputation
Autopsy disputes suspect's story about Lauterbach's death

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