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True Crime Update 4/20/08

Winding up the week with a True Crime update, we’ve got much intrigue. To include a new law that will help the Drew Peterson prosecutors, who need all the help they can get. Plus a serial subway groper will possibly get life because he…can’t stop groping. Two cruel humans charged with death of elderly woman, wait till you see their fine pics and another female teacher charged with sex with student.

Dr. Phil is a phool, those happening FLDS women take it to the air waves, and a current court case hearing re the death penalty for rape. We discuss.

Finally, it’s not a True Crime but there’s mystery and intrigue. Why was my own backyard filled with dead baby possums one fine spring morning? A true story you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.

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He’s Addicted to Groping and So Is His Brother!

Not indicated within the article linked below is the fact that this fine fellow, convicted 53 times before for groping females on crowded subway trains, has a brother WHO DOES THE SAME THING!

I heard this on the Curtis Sliwa radio talk show featured on New York’s WABC.

At any rate, what does the state do with a fellow who obviously, go with me here folks, will never stop his endless quest to rub his unwelcome body up against an unsuspecting female in the subway, a female simply trying to pursue her happiness as guaranteed by our constitution and has the right to not have her person defiled by the likes of this creep? And his brother for that matter..

Freddie Johnson serial groper

About two weeks after he was released from prison, Freddie Johnson was arrested on charges of illegally rubbing up against a woman on a crowded Manhattan subway train.

It is a fairly common crime in New York. But this was no common criminal.

Johnson has been arrested a staggering 53 times — the majority for allegedly groping women on subway trains.

First, females riding the subway in New York should start carrying themselves some mace, pepper spray, even a little gun. Because evidently punishment and time in jail won’t stop this guy and there comes a time when self-protection must come from the citizen.

If this guy gets his eyes sprayed enough, his testicles kicked enough, his arm or part of his person BIT enough…THEN maybe he’d stop.

As it is the prosecutors are going to try and put this guy away for life. I really doubt that will ever happen.

Girlfriend Forced to Shoot Her Boyfriend According to Testimony

The horrific crime of the murder of Channon Christian and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom was covered on this Blog HERE.

A fine group of black kids hijacked this couples’ car as they sat and innocently talked as lovers do from time to time. Channon and Christopher were white by the way. This gang raped Channon repeatedly while forcing Christopher to watch. They then shot Christopher execution style. Channon’s body was found two days later, tortured and repeatedly raped. She’d been forced to swallow caustic cleaner in order to remove the perps’ DNA from her throat.

This SHOULD be, what say you, a damn HATE crime because reverse the colors in this crime. Say Channon and Christopher were black and a gang of white kids committed those horrible crimes on them?

As it is, prosecutors are struggling to get everyone involved in this crime, and there’s a slew of them including, in this instance, a lovely female who harbored and hid one of the perps from the police.

Now, if Channon and Christopher’s relatives aren’t suffering enough what with having to sit and hear over and over the suffering of their loved ones at the hands of these less than humans, now this fine girlfriend of the perp gets on the stand and says that it was CHANNON who shot her boyfriend!

From Knox

The girlfriend of the accused ringleader in a fatal carjacking told jurors this afternoon her now ex-beau claimed Channon Christian was forced to kill her boyfriend.

"He told me Channon shot Christopher (Newsom) ... that they made her do it," Daphne Sutton acknowledged under cross-examination by defense attorney Phil Lomonaco on behalf of Eric Dewayne "E" Boyd.

Of course that’s not the truth. Who knows what this witch of a female is trying to do but save her own big behind but Channon did not shoot her boyfriend. Christian was shot three times. It’s doubtful after she’d been repeatedly raped in the backseat of her own car, then drug nude through the woods to what had to seem like her death to the terrified woman, that she’d have the ability to shoot her boyfriend.

It’s just that with the sins already committed on these two ordinary law-abiding kids, their loved ones have to sit and hear this nonsense.

Yes, they’re throwing the book at everyone involved in this crime but I ask again like I asked in the Blog post linked above…WHY ISN’T THIS A HATE CRIME?

More On That FLDS Sect

I’d been fretting on this Blog about that raid on a Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints compound, once headed by the fine Warren Jeffs, who is now in jail. My fret was mostly about the lack of any arrest after a bunch of law enforcement folks raided the place based on a distress call from a resident within. A resident who has, as of this writing on 4/18/08, yet to be identified.

While I believed that something terribly wrong was going on inside that compound, a few things concerned me. First, there was an alleged human “plant” inside the compound who had been reporting about child sex abuse for almost four years, so went the media reports. Second, why have their not been any arrests what with it being now over a week since the raid?

It’s not that I want to be in a position of defending child abusers, but I wonder why Texas authorities knew something bad was going on for four years and didn’t act until now AND after finally acting, why so long for an arrest?

My concern was mostly that I sure don’t think our government should be raiding private property, removing its citizens, then what? Doing nothing?

Because it is certainly not illegal for a bunch of gullible women to “marry” perverted older men. Recall yon readers that while this is called a “polygamist” sect, those women are only “spiritually” married, in some cases a dozen wives to one man. Legal multiple marriages, ie the kind recorded down at City Hall, ARE illegal.

However, those young wives are not allowed to be like thirteen or fourteen years of age for God’s sake. Young adolescent females like this are NOT adult females and that’s where the problem comes in.

As I understand it, the state government’s argument is that there were females as young as twelve and thirteen removed from that compound. Thus, de facto, child abuse WAS going on and all adults living there are guilty of allowing it to go on. All adults would be charged with child abuse, or so I understand the logic, just by virtue that there are young, pregnant teens, a fact, cannot be denied, and somebody made that happen.

I chanced to see a few of these very strange Stepford Wives on TV in their ridiculous effort to defend their lifestyle to the public. Hey, being strange and naïve isn’t illegal. Allowing your young adolescent daughter of 13 to “marry” and be impregnated by one of those creep husbands, hey, THAT’S illegal.

FT. WORTH, Tex. _American taxpayers have unwittingly helped finance a polygamist sect that is now the focus of a massive child abuse investigation in West Texas, with a business tied to the group receiving a nearly $1 million loan from the federal government and $1.2 million in military contracts.

I just heard via a Fox News bulletin that the young woman who called in a report of abuse by her husband, a female who said she was only 16, has just been ARRESTED in another state.

Could this have been a hoax?

We’re keeping up on this story, folks. Because somewhere there’s either a state government gone awry or child abuse is running rampant under our very noses.

Illinois Senator Introduces Bill to Allow Certain Hearsay Evidence

I’m supposing that the state of Illinois is growing a spine because Drew Peterson, a fine fellow, has made that state’s police department look stupid as well as the prosecutors.

Because Drew Peterson has had TWO wives be gone, one death by a fall in the shower, which the police investigators let pass, and one, his current wife Stacy, has disappeared, leaving behind her young children and with no contact with anyone in her family or her children.

It’s been reported that Stacy told her pastor that she feared for her life by Drew’s hand. This is hearsay evidence in that, duh, Stacy isn’t around to give this testimony her own self as she’s…well’s she’s gone.

By law what Stacy told her pastor is hearsay evidence and not admissible. Such a fear would have to be said loud and clear by Stacy herself. Only Stacy’s not around.

So an Illinois lawmaker has introduced a law to allow such hearsay evidence when the victim can’t say it his or her self due to an illegal act on them by the defendant, keeping them unable to testify.

It’s a “Catch-22” situation, for sure. Stacy can’t testify to the jury how much she feared for her life at the hands of her husband because she’s likely very dead, at the hands of that same fine husband.

Yet we can’t just have anybody get on the stand and say…”so and so told me…” because, well it’s hearsay.

If nothing else it’s good public relations because I say to the state of Illinois, Drew Peterson has made the whole lot of you look quite stupid. At least this action by a state legislator makes it look like they care if husbands insist on murdering their wives in front of their own eyes. Drew could have been content with murdering one wife but he had to go and kill another. Everyone, even the state of Illinois, has a limit, folks.

From Chicago Tribune:
Sen. A.J. Wilhelmi (D- Joliet) has offered an amendment to the state's code of criminal procedure, backed by State's Atty. James Glasgow, that would allow hearsay testimony if the witness who made the statements was not available to testify in person because the defendant had a hand in that person's absence.


Fine, Fine Couple Arrested For Cruel Death of Man’s Mother

Not only is this a very handsome couple, they’re clever as all get too!

Ivey Smallwood Abused elderly mother

GAINESVILLE, Ga. -- A Gainesville couple is in jail after being charged in the death of the man's 79-year-old mother.

Hall County Sheriff's Major Jeff Strickland says 52-year-old Larry Smallwood and his girlfriend, 46-year-old Brenda Jean Ivey, are facing one count each of cruelty to a person 65 or older and two counts each of forgery. The cruelty charge is a felony.

Indeed the lovely couple listed above tortured the man’s mother, denying her food while cashing the woman’s social security checks. Brenda Ivey died after six week’s of hospitalization for severe infections resulting from in home “care” by her handsome son.

His girlfriend’s a beauty too, huh?

Death Penalty for Child Rape?

The Louisiana highest court has already ruled that child rape is like no other crime and the death penalty is appropriate for such a crime as in that state’s penal code.

Attorneys for Patrick O'Neal Kennedy want the nation's high court to rule as unconstitutional the Louisiana aggravated-rape statute provision that lets prosecutors pursue the death penalty against people convicted of raping children younger than 13.

I think this is an intriguing case soon to be argued in front of the Supreme Court. In 1977 the high court ruled that the death penalty is an inappropriate punishment for raping an adult.

Louisiana and a few other states allow for the death penalty for rape of a child. Only two people are on death row for the rape of a child, both in Louisiana. A few other states, however, have the death penalty for rape of a child.

Well I don’t think raping a child is such a nice thing but I don’t think the death penalty is appropriate for anything OTHER than causing an actual DEATH of another human being.

I’m more surprised by the Louisiana high court ruling a death penalty for child rape is okay. I’m supposing they don’t want to take a stand in favor of child rapists because Americans like the death penalty like no other country on earth but I find it hard to believe that many Americans think a human should be put to death for anything other than causing the death of another human being.

Besides, if a child rapist is going to get the death penalty anyway, or so will go the argument as I surmise, then what’s to keep him from killing the child to avoid testimony?

Now Lesbian Teachers Are Seducing Students

The student involved was of legal age, 18, in North Carolina. But that state has a law against sexual teacher/student encounters and damn it, it’s a good law. If you are a teacher in a public school, with a salary paid for by public taxpayer funds, KEEP YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF THE KIDS!

What part of this don’t these teachers understand?

Best-Teacher student sex

Raleigh, N.C. — A Sanderson High School social studies teacher resigned Monday after being charged with taking indecent liberties with a student.

Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said Shannon Lynn Best, 33, of 5937-A Shade Tree Lane, was charged following a weekend encounter at Best's apartment with the 18-year-old female student.

Who knows if that student was REALLY a lesbian or just trying to please her teacher? If the teacher was smitten by this female, then wait until she graduates and is no long under your charge, why is this so difficult?

As always, I wonder where the mighty teachers’ unions are on this.

Dr. Phil Goes to Jail for Guests

Dr. Phil used to be a respected talk show host, foisted into the public scene by Oprah Winfrey of all people. He talked a good game, had a comfortable common sense tone to his dialogue and went on to greater success with his own talk show and best-selling books.

Now he’s going the route of Jerry Springer. For Dr. Phil McGraw’s staff went and bailed out one of those fine teens who beat and videotaped that attack on a school friend.

Dr. Phil said he needed one of those kids as a guest on his show! Recall please that Dr. Phil also got involved with that Britney Spears mess and had to issue a widely published apology.

BARTOW, Fla. — Employees of the "Dr. Phil" television show posted bail for a central Florida teenager jailed for taking part in a videotaped beating of another teen, a spokeswoman for the show's host confirmed Saturday.

Staff members of the talk show helped Mercades Nichols – one of eight teens facing charges in the case – post bond this weekend, "Dr. Phil" McGraw's spokeswoman Terri Corigliano said in an e-mail.


Stupid Cop Story

Cartoon of dog snickering with words

We like to have stupid criminal story but in this case, come on, a handcuffed man managed to STEAL a cop car.

Somehow the fellow got into the cop car’s front seat, started the car up, and drove off! The cop car was later found but the perp was nowhere to be found.

This police department has put out an APB for a guy walking around with handcuffs on his wrists.


Police in the Australian city of Brisbane were left stranded and embarrassed after a handcuffed suspect drove off in their patrol car.


The Case of the Dead Baby Possums

As I stated in the tease, this not a True Crime but I can make a case that it might be.

For I’ve been having a problem with my heart of late, in that the thing insists on launching into some sort of rapid heart beat thing that can last as long as three hours. I don’t know why it does this but the symptoms have been ominous and caused me to see a cardiologist. Beta blocker medicine seems to have put a halt to these episodes but husband and I both fear for another episode of this rapid heart beat thing because the doc told me to get straight to a hospital should it happen again. I am to avoid all startling, sudden events and ease into all routines involving exercise and exertion.

So husband took on the job of letting out the big galoot Belgian Shepherd at night because dark yards scare me and my dog has a tendency to find all sorts of unknown critters and such in our own yard and to my dismay. I don’t wish to go walking around that dark yard to retrieve errant pooch who does not respond to commands to come back inside such is her joy with whatever she’s managed to find out there in dark of night.

It’s not good for my heart is what I’m saying here.

On one such night earlier this week husband let out the dog that she may do her business before bedtime. As happens from time to time, the dog manages to find something or another out there and husband has to yell and cajole the pup to stop her nonsense and come back in.

“She’s rolling around all over the place out there,” husband told my worried self. “She’s got some kind of animal.”

Well I don’t want to hear about “some” kind of animal but after serious calls the dog finally comes in. Husband puts her in the room then grabs a flashlight. “I’m going to see what’s out there”.

After about five minutes or so, husband comes back in. “It was a possum. It was just sitting there, in the middle of the yard. It took off when I went out but it looks okay.”

I shrugged. So good. I don’t want the dog to kill the innocent critters but hey, it IS her yard and possums don’t belong there, at least as dog sees it.

The next morning is beautiful and as always I take leash and other essentials out to begin my exercise routine, which is basically jaunts around the yard. The dog will run crazy for a bit then I leash her up and she walks with me.

I hadn’t gone two steps before I saw the horror.

For everywhere, EVERYWHERE, there were dead baby possums! I scream. Then I scream again. Big galoot dog is busy running around, pooping, finding her beloved balls, important dog stuff. She runs over to my screaming self to help me I must suppose but she trots directly upon the dead possums and I had to act quick. If dog had seen those dead things she’d likely think they were her toys what with being spread around HER yard and everything. The last thing I needed was for the dog to begin grabbing those things, swinging them around in the air, shaking them with her mouth, stuff dogs do for whatever reason. At that time Jo-Ann the Belgian Shepherd was more concerned with my hysterical screaming than what was laying on the lawn.

I go get a plastic bag and paper towel but I also grab the cell phone to call husband at work.

“There are dead baby possums all over the yard,” I scream into the phone, this while I’m busy grabbing them with the paper towel and stuffing them inside the plastic bag. Husband, is, of course, shocked.

“They must all be the babies of that possum from last night,” he said.

There were TEN of them. They were everywhere. I’m running around like a nut trying to gather them all up before the dog discovers them and thank goodness my heart is behaving because this was startling if ever there was such a thing.

Dead Possums

It’s a sad story, make no mistake. Best as we can figure, that possum was carrying her litter on her back. When she had to run off from the errant dog all of her babies fell off her back evidently. When husband went outside to check and he again saw the possum, we assume she had returned to somehow get her babies on her back or in her protective pouch. She ran off at the sight of the human evidently and her youngsters all perished from exposure we must suppose. Because they all looked perfectly fine although they were recently born in that their eyes were not yet opened.

So was this some diabolical plot by husband to startle my heart to an end that would leave him all my worldly goods with no suspicion cast upon him?

Just so yon readers know show anything untoward and weird cause my premature end, check out the details, please.


FOCUS ON Stacy Peterson

His third wife died in the bathtub, a healthy woman in a dried tub, her hair covered in blood and bruises covering her body. The Illinois state cops called it an accident! Now Savio's body is due to be exhumed because, as it would turn out, the fine Drew Peterson had yet ANOTHER missing wife! He tells us she phoned him to tell him she's leaving for another man. Yet she left her two young children behind?

And no one's yet been able to find Drew Peterson's first two wives as of this writing.

Who's been letting Drew Patterson get away with murder?

Introduction to the strange case of Drew Peterson's wives.
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