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Sweat Lodges Gone Wild; Speculation on Somer Thompson's Killer; Stupid Criminals, Much More in this True Crime Post

They paid $9,000 each to die. Sweat Lodges Gone Wild.

Speculation as to who might have killed little Somer Thompson…what prompted police to quickly search those landfills?

Thieves steal and eat their catch; thieves wear bras as disguise.

A rant on Dave Letterman, proof that he’s Bill Clinton’s acolyte.

Arrested for being naked in his home? Way more to this story than as originally reported.

Much more in this True Crime post with pictures as entertaining as the text.

Pic of the Day
baby monkey in jungle


Paying $9,000 to Die

Neither of the strange death instances listed below are, as of yet, technically crimes, although the sweat lodge deaths are being treated as a homicide according to local investigators.

Three people died while in a “sweat lodge” ceremony in Arizona.

I used to share a ride to work with a woman who was half Native-American and she went to a sweat lodge ceremony every year. She described it to me as very cleansing, an experience that brought her close to God.

These three folks who died may, or may not, now be closer to God but seriously, there’s something just not right about this story.

Besides the three people who died, nearly two dozen people were in need of hospital treatment. There were over 50 people crowded inside this little tent thing about three feet high at its highest point.

As I understand they put hot rocks on a fire and everyone sits inside and, eh, sweats.

So go with me here, three people sitting inside of this little thing and obviously they’re hurting. They hurt enough to die, right? Now we hear two dozen other people had to be hospitalized and go with me again, but they were probably hurting too?

I mean when I get very hot I really suffer. This could be just me, I understand but I find it hard to believe that three people died in such an awful situation and they didn’t feel that something was wrong.

And the fellow who arranged this thing charged these folks upwards from $9,000 for this ceremony although I suppose they could get a refund or something.

The following story isn’t quite so nefarious sounding but it is odd. It seems that there was a marathon in Detroit and three people dropped dead during the run, HERE.
DETROIT — Autopsies were planned Monday a day after three half-marathoners collapsed during the Detroit marathon and died, organizers said.

Now just as soon as I read this story I figured somebody was out on the streets of Detroit killing people in this marathon, maybe a nut, somebody with a grudge against runners, who knows.

But no, folks, a man 65 years old, another fellow of a tender 36 years of age and a really young man of only 26 years go on, all of them dead!

The autopsy revealed that the runners died of natural causes but…well I’m just so surprised.
Autopsies were inconclusive Monday on the bodies of Rick Brown, 65, of Marietta, Ohio; Daniel Langdon, 36, of Laingsburg in central Michigan; and Jonathan Fenlon, 26, of Waterford, northwest of Detroit. The Wayne County medical examiner has requested toxicology tests.

Pignapping-They Stole the Pig, Slaughtered It and Ate It

This is really a sad story.
Corpus Christi police arrested an Abilene man Friday. Officers also have questioned a Calallen man who said he took a Calallen FFA student’s pig, slaughtered it and ate it. That man has yet to be arrested.

The kid is raising a pig at the local college and four smart alecs steal the pig. Sure enough the cops get a tip and upon entry to the alleged pignapper’s house they find pieces of chopped up pig in the house.

I mean what…these fellows were so hungry that had to steal this kid’s pig that he’d raised with hopes of winning a scholarship?

Somebody donated a new pig for the kid but seriously, those guys must have thought they were too cute by half. Their mothers must be so proud of them.

The Balloon Boy Hoax

It’s official. The mother of the so-called “Balloon Boy” admitted to authorities that the whole balloon incident was a deliberately planned hoax planned and put into place by her own pathetic self and that nut of a husband.
DENVER — The mother of the 6-year-old boy once feared missing inside a runaway helium balloon admitted the whole saga was a hoax, according to court documents released Friday.

Mayumi Heene told sheriff's deputies that she and her husband Richard "knew all along that Falcon was hiding in the residence" in Fort Collins, according to an affidavit used to get a search warrant for the home.

Last I heard the Dad, who denies all charges so I’m thinking his poor long-suffering wife was probably told she’d go down with her nutcase husband if she didn’t fess up, might face charges punishable by up to six years in the slammer.

I hope that somebody took a long hard look at those boys in that nuthouse. I don’t, as in this article, necessarily think the boys should be boom, just removed from their home.
Does Richard Heene actually have to put Falcon in the balloon before Colorado takes those kids away?

We've had enough of this couple, who thought it would be fun to fool the country into believing their 6-year-old son was in that runaway balloon - a hoax that had us all holding our breath.

I do think it would be wise to have a professional spend some time with those poor boys because the big clue was that little boy throwing up twice under innocent media questioning.

I’d ordinarily throw a snarky barb at the media’s compliance in this matter but hey, a little kid stuck in a balloon flying above the clouds, that IS a news story.

It’s enough of a news story that more than just Fox news covered it. Heh.

Man Arrested for Being Naked In His Own Home

There’s a bit of confusion about this story as told by
The woman told police it was 8:40 a.m. when she was walking her son to school along a path between houses. She said they first spotted Williamson naked in an open door in the car port of his home.
She also told police that Williamson then walked across the house to a large window, facing the way she was walking.

Fox originally presented this story, video of same below, as a property rights story. Fox even called up this pervert and you’d think he was Jesus Christ come again.

First, I got a garage. The thing has a great big old door. Now if I’m standing in this garage, without clothes, well technically I AM, please note, in my own house.

All sorts of school children walk by my house and lookit, standing there, naked, just hanging around minding my own business in my own damn garage you gonna arrest me?

See, the fellow never mentioned that while he had been spotted naked in his house, oddly, often in front of big windows that face the public street, in the case where he finally got arrested he was standing naked in HIS CARPORT!

Now Obama really has a case against Fox because they packaged this story as if this was just a guy running down the hallway to the shower without bother of clothing when it was nothing like this. This is a guy who considers it a real hoot to time his period of nudity at exactly the same time someone is walking by. He also likes to hang out in his carport naked now why is this?

Like my husband says …the devil is in the details.

Somer Thompson’s Body Found in Landfill-somer thompson

I first heard that 7 year old Somer Thompson was missing via a morning Fox show on Wednesday-10/21/09. A press conference was being televised. Somer’s mother was featured during this press conference. She was sobbing and begging for the return of Somer.

It was the prior Monday when Somer was walking home with her sister and twin brother from a mile-long trek from school. She got into some sort of tiff with one of her siblings then skipped ahead and out of sight of her sister.

Somer was never seen again.

On Thursday, her body was found.

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - Authorities searched two landfills for a body in connection with missing north Florida girl Somer Thompson . Officials say they found the body of a small child in a landfill in the Chesser Island landfill in Folkston Georgia, but have not yet positively identified the remains.

First, this was absolutely some terrific police work. At times perhaps I don’t congratulate police department for difficult investigations and this was one very difficult investigation.

The police figured that whoever might have brought harm to Somer would likely have thrown her body into a trash receptacle. The police then traced down trash pickup times and landfills of delivery. In the case of Somer’s neighborhood, it seems trash is taken to two local landfills although I’m not at all clear why or how this works.

For now and in the usual manner of these investigations, police sources are mum as to possible suspects. Which leaves Bloggers such as me with nothing to do but speculate. I think it’s very telling how quickly the police honed in on the trash angle. After all there’s always woods and stuff around SOMEWHERE. Except to dump a body in the woods, especially in an area filled with apartments and housing developments like the area around Somer’s house, you’d probably need a car to port and dump a body somewhere in the outskirts of the area.

So I figure the cops got someone without a car in their sights. Now I could be wrong as I’m speculating here, folks, just speculating.

If an adolescent school kid, also walking home from school on that day Somer disappeared, somehow saw Somer skipping along by herself, for example, and that adolescent did harm to Somer and needed to get rid of her body afterwards, the likely and easiest disposal method would be, I’m thinking the local dumpsters.

Apartment complexes always have those dumpsters in the parking lots and if this adolescent lived in such an apartment he or she would likely know trash pickup times and days. A teenaged boy would probably be real knowledgeable about this sort of thing, perhaps himself charged with dumping the family trash.

Somer’s siblings would likely know other school kids who walk the same route home after school and soon enough the police would be questioning all so named.

My guess for now, based on pure speculation and likely to be wrong as it is to be right, is that Somer met her sad fate at the hands of some weird and troubled adolescent also walking home from school that day.

20 Year Old VA Tech Student Missing

Note that the police in this missing student incident are NOT searching in landfills. Or at least it’s not being reported that way and given the circumstances, searching landfills might not be the way to go to find missing Morgan Harrington.

Morgan Harrington , as best as I can compile from the dearth of news about her, went somewhere during a concert she was at with some friends and never met up with her friends again.
Police searched Tuesday for a Virginia Tech student who hasn't been seen since she was separated from her friends at a Metallica concert Saturday.

Morgan Dana Harrington, 20, was last seen near the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville. Her parents said they talk to her every day and her disappearance is very out of character.

What’s very nefarious about Harrington’s disappearance is that her cell phone and ID were found. This young woman would not have left willingly to go anywhere without these items. Also, oddly, the battery had been removed from her cell phone. I can’t imagine what this means except as an attempt to hide any calls she made from investigators. Still it would only require a new battery to access that information, right?

There is a $100,000 reward offered for information leading to Morgan’s disappearance.

Dave Letterman Sex Video Might Be Revealed

TALK-SHOW host David Letterman has been recorded on tape having sex with a female staff member - and he is worried that the footage will eventually be leaked, it's reported today.

Seems like the best dish on that awful smarmy Dave Letterman comes from the British or Austrailian press.

I knew there was way more to this story than met my lying eyeballs. Recall when this story first broke Letterman was eliciting sympathy from the public with his sob about being blackmailed, how his wife was angry with him, (duh), how he “had sex” (never “made love”, “Had affairs”…something a little less cold) with some staffers, how sorry he was.

I cannot stand Dave Letterman and now I dislike him even more. Even though, technically, HE is the victim of the crime.

First, ole Dave left out a whole lot of details with his sob story. Like how one of his staffers was over twenty years younger than him and how he kept up that relationship even after he married his wife and mother of his son. Or how the fellow blackmailing Dave was the victim of Dave’s deceit in that it was HIS live-in girlfriend who continued with the affair with Dave. Now we have that little matter of the sex tape because evidently ole Dave is such a horny stud dude that he pulled his pants down most anywhere, forgetting about such as surveillance cameras that were likely NOT in Dave’s dressing room or other private places where a loving couple would likely engage in intimacy. I suspect that ole Dave would drop his drawers, much like his hero Bill Clinton, and demand oral sex on a whim and once he did so in front of a video camera.


I really dislike Dave and his nastiness to Sarah Palin and yes, I like Sarah Palin but couple of things here. The “Top Ten List” he gave below about Sarah Palin was put on air a full seven months after the damn election but skuzzy Dave couldn’t leave the woman be. And let’s not forget his fine, fine joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter, who did have a baby out of wedlock, like that’s never happened anywhere in America before and for sure is the stuff of yuks regarding baseball players and getting knocked up.

He’s a bad, rude man this Dave Letterman and I hope his wife leaves him and I hope he loses his job and I hope he gets a lesson in humility.

May the fleas of a thousand cames infest his armpits.

Below, yuks on Sarah Palin by Dave Letterman, such a fine, fine man, so very funny.
10. Visited New York landmarks she normally only sees from Alaska

9. Laughed at all the crazy-looking foreigners entering the U.N.

8. Made moose jerky on Rachael Ray

7. Keyed Tina Fey's car

6. After a wink and a nod, ended up with a kilo of crack

5. Made coat out of New York City rat pelts

4. Sat in for Kelly Ripa. Regis couldn't tell the difference.

3. Finally met one of those Jewish people Mel Gibson's always talking about

2. Bought makeup from Bloomingdale's to update her "slutty flight attendant" look

1. Especially enjoyed not appearing on Letterman

Fellow Happens to Fall Out of 17th Floor Window at UN Building

All I have is this little blurb but hey, if no other Blogger covers it, at least I did on this Blog read by two to three people every day.

From UK News of the World:
A British nuclear expert has plunged to his death from the 17th floor of a United Nations HQ, just as top-level talks with Iran began.
The 47-year-old official, only identified so far as Timothy H, toppled about 120ft from the UN's building in the Austrian capital yesterday.

He is believed to have been a member of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation and was due to take part in the UN-Iran discussions starting today.

Now how likely is that we go falling out of a 17th story window? It’s not like this happened at a Christmas party or something when a bit too much of the bubbly had the fellow sticking his head out the window for air.

This is a nuclear weapons expert and this happened just as talks were to gear up over Iran and nukes.

He fell out of the window, folks! At the UN building!

Where’s the outrage?

Caught Wearing Black Bra on Face As Disguise

Serious folks. This fellow could not afford a proper mask like three of his co-thieves had and he had to wear a bra on his face.


DAYTON, Ohio, Oct. 20 (UPI) -- Police in Ohio said a man suspected of armed robbery with three others wore a black bra to disguise his face during the crime.

These four guys got caught after robbing a victim of ten bucks but way I figure, first thing, get this guy a proper mask!

Teachers Gone Bad

This teacher got ten years for having sex with four teenage boys.

This teacher really takes the cake. He is facing charges of allowing a seven-year-old girl to see him naked. His defense is that he did it at the girl’s request.
A former Dixie High School teacher awaiting trial on sexual battery charges now faces new sex-related charges. According to the Deseret News, court records show that 63-year old, Ronald Sherman faces charges in Iron County for allowing a seven-year old girl to see him naked. He told investigators it was at the girl’s request. Records indicate that Sherman now faces new charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and lewdness involving a child. Sherman already is accused of inappropriately touching students in his Dixie High ceramics class in 2007. He resigned from teaching and has pleaded not guilty to sexual battery charges in Washington County.

These people are teaching our kids folks! And now they’re blaming our kids for requesting they go naked, has he no shame?
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