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True Crime-Gary Condit-Why Is Another Fellow Being Charged With His Crime? Much More.

Couple of updates on some old crimes in this True Crime post, one really old but desperately in need of a revisit.

I speak of Gary Condit, that congress critter who lied endlessly about his relationship with Chandra Levy and his activities in the days leading up to her disappearance.

Chandra Levy’s body was found. Now some pathetic immigrant has been charged with Chandra’s murder. Is yet another injustice in the making here?

Two mystery crimes grab the headlines-one a 9 year old murdered by a 15 year old and another involving a 15 year old rape victim whose torment was witnessed by many fine folks who couldn’t bother to call 911.

The horrific human who led the murderous torture rampage on Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom finally gets sentenced.

Stupid criminals, much more.

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Chandra Levy-The Wrong Person Has Been Charged With Her Murder

Chandra Levy was last seen alive on 4/30/01.

When her parents had not heard from her for a couple of days, Chandra’s Aunt brought up the name of Gary Condit, a California congress critter, who Chandra had been dating. Chandra’s Aunt promised she would not reveal her confidence to anyone but when Chandra went missing the Aunt thought it prudent to reveal Chandra’s confession that she was having an affair with Condit.

From May through the attacks of 9/11/01, the newspapers were filled with the glare of this formerly unknown “Blue Dog” congressman as questions and suspicions about Condit’s possible complicity in the disappearance of Chandra Levy were put to public scrutiny. Gary Condit is possibly the only American to actually benefit from the attacks of 9/11/01 in that just like this, poof, Condit’s story left the front pages of the newspapers.

Now, years after the fact, it’s a bit of a hoot to note that the fine, fine Dan Rather, now retired in disgrace for his lying “fake but accurate” expose of President Bush, was the ONLY newscaster to not cover the Gary Condit story for over five months. Kind of amusing in retrospect. At the time Rather was viewed as above the fray, beyond dabbling in such prurient types of news stories. Now we know Rather was protecting another Democrat as he has done his entire life.

Thanks to some posters on FreeRepublic, and some of my own research. I can cobble together a list of circumstances that point to really strange behavior by Gary Condit in the days following Chandra’s disappearance. I’ve covered many murder true crimes on this Blog but I was not a Blogger when the Chandra Levy murder came down, so I thought this a fine time to revisit the facts and the crime of charging another man for the murder.

Gary Condit was quite the ladies’ man, his fine, fine handsome self. In fact, after the Chandra story broke, a flight attendant with whom Condit was also having an affair, emerged. Condit asked Anne Marie Smith to lie about his relationship with her because Gary Condit is not only quite possibly a murderer, the guy can lie with the best of them. Comes from all those years of being a congress critter.

Condit always had Chandra meet him with no ID on her. They went to great lengths to meet secretly in his apartment. Condit told Chandra to tell anyone in his building who should ask that she was there to meet a sick relative. Chandra never got off the elevator on Condit’s floor.

Police discovered all of Chandra’s ID, her wallet, her cell phone, still in her apartment after she went missing. How likely is a young woman to leave all this behind unless this was part of a pre-plan? Chandra’s computer was also found to have been used for a search of Rock Creek Park. Chandra’s body was found in Rock Creek Park.

Chandra left a message on her Aunt’s phone on the day she went missing, something to the effect that she had really exciting news and an urge for her Aunt to call her back quickly.

Chandra’s parents, in their desperation to find their missing daughter, contacted Gary Condit after learning about her relationship with the congressman from Chandra’s Aunt. Condit said he had no idea where Chandra went, that he and Chandra were just friends. Condit said he would contact the DC police to help find Chandra but he did no such thing. Note Condit denied having sort of affair with Chandra until he could no more. Lies, lies and more lies. He lied until he got caught.

Condit was a congress critter. Congress types have meetings with constituents, scheduled votes, appointments with the media. Their movements are tracked closely. On the day Chandra disappeared, no one has any proof whatsoever where Condit was all day.

In an effort to create an alibi, Condit declared that he met with a reporter on the day Chandra disappeared but he got caught. The reporter had proof that the date of the meeting with Condit was not the day Condit said it was. Condit has NO alibi for the afternoon Chandra went missing, goodness you think there’d be SOME proof of his whereabouts for almost eight hours or some part thereof, wouldn’t you?

Under public pressure, Condit did finally take a lie detector test but get this, it was a PRIVATE test, rejected completely by the DC police as invalid.

Throughout the frenzy of those five months following Chandra’s disappearance the stories about Condit continued on and on. Condit was into kinky sex practices came some accusations. A phone call to Anne Marie Smith, his flight attendant lover, was traced to somewhere in West Virginia. Never, through it all, did anything definitive come forth that cleared Condit from any complicity in the crime.

Plenty came out that seemed to point the finger directly at him. Had the attacks of 9/11/09 not taken all public attention away from Condit, I don’t doubt that a serious circumstantial case would eventually have been filed against Condit. Chandra’s body was eventually discovered in Rock Creek Park but it was so decomposed that no cause of death could be determined. The body was not discovered until AFTER the attacks of 9-11-01 and this fact took some of the heat off of arresting Condit.

From the NY Times, in May 0f 2002, an immigrant, Ingmar Guandique, was picked up for questioning in the search for the killer of Chandra Levy.
In their search for clues in the death of Chandra Ann Levy, the police turned their attention today to a man convicted of assaulting two other female joggers in Rock Creek Park. The judge who locked him up called the man ''predatory,'' and prosecutors said he had used the park as a ''hunting ground.''

Charles H. Ramsey, chief of the Washington police department, said that Mr. Guandique was not the only suspect and that there was nothing to link him to Ms. Levy.

Note that DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey, at the time, said there was nothing to link him to Chandra Levy in any manner.

So how come, in March 2009, , Ingmar Guandique was charged with the murder of Chandra Levy?
A jailed laborer from El Salvador has been charged with first-degree murder in what had been one of the nation's great unsolved mystery cases: the 2001 slaying of Washington intern Chandra Levy.

Ingmar Guandique, who was already serving a 10-year sentence for attacking two women in Washington D.C.'s Rock Creek Park

I’ve got a bridge to sell, cheap, to anyone who a)thinks this pathetic fellow killed Chandra and b)thinks this guy will ever be tried for killing Chandra.

The Washington Post tries mightily to paint Guandique as some sort of serial killer. Indeed, Guandique had serious problems adjusting to life in America. He did not speak English and could only obtain menial jobs. In desperation he robbed an apartment that landed him in jail. Guandique was in this country illegally so right there why wasn’t he deported back home?

Guandique was arrested, tried and convicted for attacks on two female joggers in Rock Creek Park but in both cases the would-be victims got away. Guandique supposedly threatened them with a knife but as a criminal this guy was hardly Jack the Ripper. Guandique did not kill his would-be victims and he did not hurt them. He never even had a chance to properly rob them.

Guandique was sentenced to ten years in jail for these crimes and there you go. Sitting in jail is the perfect scapegoat for charging in the death of Chandra Levy.

Why on earth did the DC Chief of Police not charge Guandique back in 2002 after Chandra’s body was found and there was sure plenty of public pressure to solve the crime at that time? Now Chief Ramsey is retired and the DC police, hey, I don’t know, maybe they want to clear this crime off of their books. Because right after this debacle of an investigation by the DC police, the DC Sniper got to shooting innocent people and the DC cops, they could use some good PR.

It turns out that this pathetic Guandique actually confessed to killing Chandra, claiming Condit paid him to do it. A subsequent lie detector test cast all kinds of aspersions on this claim. It would seem to this humble Blogger, as I’m sure it does to the sophisticated DC police, that this Guandique is a loser all around.

So why did they charge him for a crime I know the DC cops know he didn’t commit? Of course it’s very convenient. The guy is in jail anyway. No trial has been scheduled and hey, some legal beagles are getting big bucks to defend Guandique for a crime everyone knows he did not commit.

Turns out it was a jailhouse snitch who turned in Guandique.. Associated Content, below, pretty much sums up the very questionable “case” against Ingmar Guandique.
Last July, the Washington Post reported that Ingmar Guandique had told investigators that Gary Condit had paid him to kill Chandra Levy. Investigators were somewhat skeptical about that story. They subjected the informant to a polygraph test and found that he was being deceptive about Condit's involvement in the crime, but results were a little more inconclusive about whether Ingmar Guandique did it or not.

At the time of the polygraph test, investigators had ruled out Ingmar Guandique as a suspect in the Chandra Levy murder. What new evidence has emerged that has suddenly made Ingmar Guandique a suspect again is open to speculation.

Most likely the only “justice” Gary Condit will ever get for his complicity in the murder of Chandra Levy, and make no mistake I’ve no doubt at all that he was very complicit in her murder, is how his constituents ousted him come next election after Chandra’s body was found.

Cause we have common sense out here in la-la land where we carry this country on our backs. Maybe there would never be enough evidence to bring Condit to trial for Chandra’s murder but no law whatsoever says they had to re-elect the guy.

Which they did not. Condit’s punishment might be, until he stands before God on judgement day, will be his banishment into oblivion and all things considered, it’s as fair as anything.

I’ll sell that bridge to the lowest bidder when this pathetic Guandique goes on trial. He’s in jail for ten years, two of which are already gone by. Somebody’s got to let this guy out of jail or perform an even bigger crime of charging the wrong guy for the death of Chandra Levy at about five years down the road.

It won’t happen. This guy getting arrested for that crime is now flying under the radar. Let this case go to trial and the world will be happy to revitalize the frenzy of the congress critter and the dead intern. And maybe this time there won’t be a major attack on the country to take the glare off of the real murderer.

The Fine, Fine Roman Polanski

I’ve been keeping up on the matter of that fine fellow who rapes young teenagers, recent posts on this Blog on this subject HERE and HERE.

From this siteI got the testimony all the way through from the young girl involved. It’s the first time I’d read it all.
Samantha's testimony that day was unequivocal: She had kept trying to get away from him, putting her clothes back on, saying no repeatedly. She had made up a lie about having asthma to get out of a Jacuzzi. He persisted. She was scared. She did not physically fight him off. He began to have sex with her, then, concerned she might get pregnant, switched to anal sex. When he drove her home, he told her not to tell her mom, adding, "You know, when I first met you, I promised myself I wouldn't do anything like this with you."

To those fine Hollywood folk who defend this pervert, dear Lord, have they not sisters, daughters, mothers, any female kin in their lives that should not have to suffer the humiliation that this young girl suffered with the fine, fine Roman Polanski?

Some day, if the liberal perverts have their way, such as anally raping a thirteen-year old will be just another day at the office. As the fine, fine Roman Polanski his own self said “Everyone wants to F__K young girls”.

I don’t think the day has yet come and those who defend him will suffer for their bad choice.

What’s the Truth Behind That Airplane Story?

WASHINGTON – The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday revoked the licenses of the two Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot their Minneapolis destination by 150 miles.

The pilots — Timothy Cheney of Gig Harbor, Wash., the captain, and Richard Cole of Salem, Ore., the first officer — told safety investigators they were working on their personal laptop computers and lost track of time and place.

Notice how much this fellow resembles George W. Bush.

I suppose that technically this is NOT a True Crime. In that no one has been charged with a crime although both the pilot and co-pilot did lose their licenses to fly, at least temporarily. Still it should be a True Crime to be working a laptop while flying an airplace cause such a thing is sure illegal to be doing whilst driving a car.

So okay, these guys say they were all busy with their laptop computers and even though the radio was squawking away to get one of them to talk, even though the flight attendant was banging on the cockpit door, even though they overflew their destination by 150 miles, they were just so involved with their laptops that oops, they didn’t hear a thing.

This is a lie pure and simple, it’s a lie.

Those guys were sleeping in that cockpit, believe what you want. But I don’t see someone so involved with working on their laptop that they don’t hear that radio screaming to be heard, that they ignore the knocking on the cockpit door. I might believe that someone would over-fly their destination for five, maybe ten miles, with such an involvement with the laptop computer but not 150 miles, 91 minutes. I got a bridge to sell anyone who believes this.

What, were they playing a computer game of some sort that had BOTH of these guys all deep in the goings-on of the laptop? Were they surfing the web all deep in the arguments of their idealology that the pleading voices over the radio were mute to BOTH of these guys? Were they reading and composing email with such a passion that the frantic knocks on the cockpit door were unheard by BOTH of these fellows?

The other morning, I forget where and when, but most likely it was on Fox & Friends in the morning, some airline guy or another was on and he said that this stuff goes on all the time. According to this fellow, pilots fall asleep quite frequently, their schedules are tough and tight, that this sad story could be avoided if pilots weren’t forced to fly so long and with so little rest.

Well I don’t know about all that but this guy thought those guys in the cockpit were sleeping and didn’t buy that involved laptop surfing either.

”Social Worker” Mom Posts Sex Ad Using 9 Year Old Girl’s Home Phone Number

I suppose that social workers do all sorts of things but it’s a job title that I associate with compassionate representatives of the government who rescue the abused in our society, especially the helpless ones.

NEW YORK (CBS) ― A Long Island, New York, mother is accused of posting a sexually suggestive ad on Craigslist urging older men to call a little girl in a twisted case of alleged revenge.

So this dipwad wants to punish another child who fought with her child. So she puts an advertisement on Craigslist alluding to sex for hire. She provides the 9-year-old child’s home address and phone number to all responders to this ad.

Say what?

I have to wonder if this woman had a minute or two to stop and think about what she was doing.

For sure she should lose that social work job, dear Lord, do we want people like this rescuing children?

Couldn’t Take the Crap Any More and Gets 31 Years For It

31 years this guy gets for his fine and noble revenge on those who would not grant him a mistrial. The argument was, for this very intelligent fellow who was originally on trial for home-invasion, that the jurors had seen him in his jailhouse restraints (ie handcuffs) and he should therefore be granted a mistrial.

So he brings in a bag of feces, smears it on HIS lawyer, goodness that’s almost a smile if it weren’t so awful, and throws it at the jurors.

Man this was just such a smart move my mind boggles as to why other criminals didn’t think of it before this.

From the Boston Herald:
SAN DIEGO — A man who sneaked a bag of his feces into a San Diego courtroom during his home-invasion robbery trial, smeared it on his lawyer and threw it at jurors has been sentenced to 31 years in prison.

What’s the Story With Elizabeth Olten?

Nancy Grace was quite angry on the night of 10/27/09. Not that Nancy Grace isn’t in a state of perpetual anger so consider that note a tongue in cheek comment on Nancy’s emotional status.

Elizabeth Olten is a 9-year old girl whose body was discovered just recently. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a True Crime murder spoken in so many symbols, hushes and non-words as this one. I consider myself adept at reading between the lines and as best as I can deduce:

-Elizabeth did not return home after playing in a home nearby with a friend.
-Elizabeth was murdered by a 15-year-old girl who lived in the home of this “friend”.
-Elizabeth’s body was found via a “tip” as to the location of the corpse; the corpse was well-hidden and was not found in the initial search.

What’s not known is:
- the name of the 15-year-old alleged murderer; we assume this is because she is a minor
- -why or how Elizabeth was killed
- -who gave the tip that led to the discovery of Elizabeth’s body
- -what was the motive for killing Elizabeth
- -what is the relationship of the 15 year old to Elizabeth’s friend. It’s not at all clear if she is a relative of the friend or just “living” in the same home.

Whatever the answers are, and they will be known soon enough, this is a very tragic death. Elizabeth had a bright future and she had a right to live it. The details of this case will be known soon I suspect.

Death Penalty Given to Ringleader Killer in Torture/Murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

I used to teach an evening writing class in my local school district and one of my students was a young liberal lass who I really could not stand.

Still and so she signed on to my class and I treated her with civility.

As part of the course I has the students read my Blog and even start a Blog of their own. I thought it was a good way to get them to start writing on a regular basis.

This fine liberal lass said she could not bear to read my True Crime posts as she is just too “sensitive” for the subject matter.

Well hey, I understand the subject matter is not for everyone but it is a subject matter that intrigues many people, even if they are not proud of it.

But even the very jaded will get sick over the story of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. For if ever there was a murderous rampage of such momentous proportions that nothing but the death penalty will do, it is this case.

KNOXVILLE - The gates of Tennessee's only death row prison opened wide for Lemaricus Davidson tonight, hours after a Knox County jury sentenced him to die for his role as the ringleader in the January 2007 carjacking, torture and killings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

This case covered on this Blog HERE and HERE.

Christian/Newsom murder victims

Christian/Newsom alleged murderers

I can’t even bear to think about what the final days of Channon were like. She was forced to drink Drano. She was raped repeatedly for several days. Her body was found covered with plastic, stuffed in a trashcan. She died from suffocation. Which means that she was alive when the fine fellows (and a woman!) who did this to her finally got tired and covered her with plastic to stop her breathing and threw her in the trash. Channon lived through days of torture and I do now understand my liberal lass student and her sensitivity.

Nonetheless somebody, a bunch of somebodies actually, did this to Channon. Her boyfriend, Christopher, was killed much sooner, but his penis was cut off and it is said that he was raped while Channon was forced to watch. The couple had been sitting in their car talking, like boyfriend and girlfriend do, when this gang hijacked their car and went on their torturing, murdering rampage.

There are bad people, really, really bad people, in this society. If we are too sensitive to mind what the bad people around us are doing and insuring proper justice then it might happen to us for failure to act.

I have very mixed emotions on the death penalty but if nothing else, rarely does one sentenced to death ever get out of prison and the fine, fine Lemariacus Davidson should, at the least, have to spend the rest of his days locked away from human society for no human would do what this fellow did. His mother must be so very proud of him.

Teenager Raped Outside of School Dance for 2.5 Hours

Here’s another story brewing for which so little is known as of this writing.

First, the first perp arrested for this crime, below.

Investigators say as many as 20 people were involved in or stood and watched the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside a California high school homecoming dance Saturday night.

What I know so far about this crime is:
-it happened outside of a school dance of some sort. The victim was an attendee at this homecoming dance.
-the 15 year old victim was found raped and beaten, naked from the waist down.
-the victim was allegedly raped over a 2.5 hour period
-a crowd gathered and watched the rape. No one called 911.
-the crime was finally reported when another girl heard one of the victim’s attackers bragging about the crime.

There are a lot of details about this crime that as of yet unknown. Who were the fine folks who gathered and watched this crime but couldn’t bother calling for help? It was reported that the victim was very drunk and/or drugged. This is very possible and probably caused ease of rape on the girl. But where were the dance chaperones when this crime was going on, supposedly right outside of the school? Was there a lot of drinking going on at this high school dance?

So far it’s unclear that even if it would be possible to finger anybody who watched this crime but failed to act, it’s unclear if there is even a law for which to charge them. In California, as I hear, there is no law forcing people to report criminal activity or else be charged for the crime of failing to do so.

I listened to some silly liberal pundit on one of the Sunday talk show. The question was posed as to how society should handle this sort of thing; how to encourage and/or shame people to not stand around and watch a crime in progress but maybe, I don’t know, just throwing it out there, reporting it.

The learned psychologist of some sort waxed on about how we need to get our schools teaching to report a crime in progress…yada, yada, yada.

This really stupid blowhard response left me with nothing to do but scream at the TV…THIS WHOLE THING HAPPENED AT A DAMN SCHOOL STUPID! The adults at the school didn’t bother to report the crime.

The last thing we need to do is turn over the notion of common decency and humanity to our schools for God’s sake! How about the parents do their job? And yeah, time to put folks who enjoy watching a crime in progress in jail. There they can talk for hours on end with criminals who will regale them with crimes perpetrated in their fine pasts. This will make those inhuman voyeurs happy.
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