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TRUE CRIME: Polanski…the WHOLE Story; Why Was the Scoop on Letterman Worth 2 Million?

Well hey, if Dave Letterman can speculate on the sex life of Sarah Palin’s daughter and baseball players, why can’t I speculate on his? In this True Crime post I posit one reason why the extortionist wanted two MILLION bucks from good ole Dave.

Roman Polanski…from start to finish, let’s review this fine fellow’s history before we go defending this creep. Including, warning now, an actual interview with Polanski that will make you sick. Warning again, graphic with profanity. And why Whoopi Goldberg might lose more than her reputation for calling his crime, falsely, NOT a rape.

Elizabeth Smart testifies to her tormenter’s mental capacity, a cat horribly treated but rescued from a nightmare, poop and the swimming pool and much more.

Pic of the Day

Serial Killer Murders Span 20 Years …Finally Caught

It’s not as if this isn’t good news, that a wanton murderer of eight women, at least, has finally been caught and will be brought to justice.

The victims were the lowest in our society, African-American prostitutes and one white teenage runaway. What’s sad is that all of the murders occurred within a rather small area in the city of Milwaukee. The murderer lived in a damn motel and this fellow probably thought he was living in killer paradise these past many years. For when the mood struck, boom, he could pick up a prostitute, have his way and kill the bitch. This with no bother from the police.

How many times were these murders put on the back burner I must wonder?

Walter E. Ellis of Milwaukee faces two counts of first-degree intentional homicide in the killings of Joyce Mims, 41, and Ouithreaun Stokes, 28, who were strangled a decade apart.

Ellis was arrested around noon Saturday at a motel in Franklin, one day after authorities linked DNA from his toothbrush with samples found on Mims' and Stokes' bodies, according to a criminal complaint.

Roman Polanski…A Fine, Fine Man

Hollywood and France defends this piece of crap but before jumping on any band wagon, let’s look into the crime Roman Polanski was charged with. If you have a daughter or a sister you’ll not be singing his praises.

First, a quick summary of what happened.
From the Smoking Gun
Polanski plea bargined it down to statutory rape. He was photographing the 13 year old girl in a two piece bathing suit and coaxed her into removing the bra and then the bottom. He told her to get in a hot tub and continued to shoot. He then removed his clothing and got in the hot tub with her. He began to fondle her and she got up and fled into a bedroom. (It was at Jack Nicholson’s house.)

Polanski followed her in and asked her if she was on the pill and when she had last had her period. When she didn’t respond, he anally sodomized her. She said she didn’t cry out because she was afraid of him.

No, it wasn’t “rape” rape, it was just a liberal man initiating a young woman in the pleasures anal sodomy.

The kid was thirteen years old! He also pumped her full of drugs to make the rape easier.

Now we go into an area that I will never understand. For Polanski got his happy sex, he took off for France and lived a pretty nice life. I understand that he’d make a stupid argument that it wasn’t really rape…he got away with it!

Why on earth do idiots, with absolutely nothing to gain and a reputation to lose, maybe more, defend this guy?

From, in a round table on The View,
Goldberg tries to argue that Polanski pled guilty to statutory rape, not actual rape, which is true, and that he served a sentence — which is absolutely false:

Here’s the real hoot. Whoopi is an icon for ToysRUs! This defender of child rapists actually is part of a children’s ad campaign!

Woody Allen! Well there ya go! What better defender of child rapists than Woody Allen? Indeed. And of course there’s those 138 other folk, including Debra Winger…damn when’s the last time she had a movie?…all actually put their names on a petition demanding that Switzerland release the fine, fine pillar of the community, Roman Polanski.

Hollywood Defends
According to 138 people in the film industry who signed a petition demanding the immediate release of Roman Polanski from Swiss custody, yep!

Folks, if you’re not sick enough of this pervert, and the fools who defend him, read the words right out of Polanski’s own mouth below. Warning, the words are NOT redacted in any way. I’m allowing space to allow yon reader to leave the web page now.

From Polanski himself.
From an interview Roman Polanski gave in 1979 (h/t Eric Blair):

If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… fucking, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to fuck young girls. Juries want to fuck young girls. Everyone wants to fuck young girls!

So we all can see what a fine, fine man Polanski is. We should leave the man alone for God’s sake.

Pool and Poop

We must wonder why.

My guess is that the guy somehow got covered in poop. Maybe he fell in a septic tank, maybe he got so drunk on that vodka and beer he was drinking that he, well he thought he was passing gas but twasn’t.

In his dismay what with the smell and everything, the drunk fellow ran about wildly until he found a swimming pool and what better way to get the stinky stuff off of your body than a dip in the pool?

Well hey, it’s as good a guess as any.

Police Shoots Victim He Was Trying to Defend

What’s even more intriguing about this very sad, sad crime is the comment below the story from the
A San Antonio police officer accidentally shot and killed a man who was being robbed and beaten this weekend, but authorities said Tuesday the rookie officer likely will would not face charges.

It is not indicated in any way in the story but a commenter below the story suggests that one of the robbers in this case, the one that allegedly walked toward Officer Karman with a weapon even after Karman told him to halt and drop his weapon, will be arrested for murder.

Three robbers were assaulting a victim outside of a gay bar. A call came in over 911 and Officer Karman responded. He found three robbers beating the victim, James Whitehead. One of the robbers did not stop the assault as commanded by Karman but instead, according to Karman, began to walk menacingly toward him. Karman fired five shots. In one of the most heartbreaking turn of events that could befell one human being, four of the shots did hit the robber who did not halt as commanded and who survived all four bullets. But one bullet fired so hastily in the heat of the moment hit the victim still laying prone from the robbery assault and killed him.

No charges will be fired against Karman, the incident having been investigated and ruled a tragic accident.

As I said above, there is a comment below this story that leaves me thinking that the San Antonio police department might be going to file murder charges against one of the would-be robbers.

If so, this would be so strange. While Officer Karman is probably guilty of nothing but having some very bad luck, I’m not sure sticking a murder charge on a robber is the way to assuage Karman’s guilt.

Speaking of Cops and Cows…

Seriously folks, how the hell can we really know if the calves were distressed when New Jersey cop Robert Melia engaged in oral sex with them? And this fine fellow was so proud of this behavior that he actually VIDEOTAPED the sexual encounters!

This is why the judge had to dismiss the charge of animal cruelty against Melia, detail in the NY Dailynews:
A New Jersey judge has dismissed animal cruelty charges against a cop accused of committing a sex act with young cows, saying a grand jury had no way of knowing whether the animals were "tormented."

Above I tell the sad story of a police officer in Texas that will likely be forever tormented by a miniscule change in direction of a bullet that turned what should have been a rescue into a tragedy. In this case, Melia and his fine, fine girlfriend, not only sexually torment cows, this fine duo also were arrested in 2008 for sexually molesting girls. Of the human kind.


Man Strangles His Ten Month Old Son

Just how low do you have to go to strangle a ten month old baby?

According to the LA Times:
A San Diego County man was convicted of first-degree murder Thursday for strangling his 10-month-old son and the baby's mother because she was pressuring him to take a paternity test.

The fine, fine Dennis Potts obviously didn’t want his fine, fine life to be burdened with child support so, of course, he had to kill the mother of the baby as well as the little toddling boy.

Understand that strangling a child is not like shooting it with a bullet or even hitting it with a heavy object. Both of those actions are bad enough, to be sure, and keep in mind that this fine, fine Dennis Potts also strangled the baby’s mother.

But a toddler? Imagine holding your hands around the throat of a little human being maybe just cutting its first teeth, probably uttering its first words. Imagine squeezing your hands around this innocent’s throat, listening to it gurgle and strangle and watching the life drain from its young eyes.

Potts faces life without parole at his sentencing in November of this year but thank God he won’t have to be paying child support.

Dave Letterman…Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Guy

Folks, it’s gotten so that at every airing of that weird, weird clip of David Letterman’s soliloquy of extortion being done upon him, his valiant efforts to save his family, his emotionless declaration that he did, indeed..hardeharhar, have sex with some of his staffers, that I have to flip the channel it’s just so…well damn weird.

The audience laughing at each pause in the entire weirdass thing makes it even more bizarre but one can clearly ascertain that the poor audience don’t know what to make of it. They came expecting comedy and instead they get this poor, pathetic joker of a loser, not even funny anymore guy launching into a story about packages in his car, sex with staffers and his transformation into superman, champion of the downtrodden and depressed.

Per the
Following the programme on Thursday night, it was revealed that a veteran colleague on the U.S. TV network CBS had been arrested in connection with the case.

Robert Halderman, who works on the true-life crime show 48 Hours, was said to be living with one of the women to have had affairs with Letterman, who is paid £20million a year.

The woman was widely named as Stephanie Birkitt, who once described Letterman as 'the greatest boss I could ever have'.

First, Letterman’s recent “jokes” about Sarah Palin made me ill. Let’s begin with the fact that Dave’s silly remark that Palin’s daughter was “knocked up” by baseball player Axelrod wasn’t even funny. Let’s move on to Letterman’s jokes about politicians who get themselves caught in sexual escapades which is fine and all but Letterman turns out to be a pervert who can’t keep it in his pants and that takes some of the fun out of it all, eh?

Next, come on folks. This alleged extortionist wanted what…TWO MILLION dollars for something that would reveal to the world that Letterman had sex with some female staffers? This Halderman fellow was once romantically involved with one of the longer lasting ladies in Dave’s life, Stephanie Birkitt, so what’s the big deal with this? Birkitt is a tad younger than Letterman but not notoriously so. So he had an affair with her…this is worth two million bucks? I’d value this scandal at maybe fifty, hundred bucks tops.

Folks, there’s waaaaaay more to this story than meets the eyeball. I don’t know what it is but hey, I’ll wager a guess. I understand CBS is monitoring posts and video on this story closely so I might have to pull this Blog post but way I figure…Letterman arranged a “sting” on Halderman so there had to be something to the threat. And it had to be more than just the fact that Birkitt, who lived with Halderman, TOLD Halderman about her affair with Letterman. That’s the sort of stuff that can be dealt with by a simple denial, his word against Dave’s but at worst…so they, two adults, had sex, so what?

I think Halderman has something that is undeniable PROOF that Birkitt and Letterman had sex…something like a video.

I think that’s why the fake sting was set up. First, Halderman got his nasty self arrested but second, I think Halderman turned over the video at the sting and that was one benefit to Letterman by the pre-arranged sting.

Moving on…just to add a little spice because hey, if Letterman can speculate on Sarah Palin’s daughter having sex at a baseball game why the hell can’t I speculate on his sexual dalliances? Notice that Letterman very ostentiously mentioned that he had sex with female staffer(S)?

I think the video tape might well have had Letterman engaged in some fun with several female staffer(S), perhaps at the SAME time.

For two million bucks it has to be more than two consenting adults having a sexual affair. Sure Dave has a wife but he just recently married the woman and he notoriously dragged his feet for many years and only married her when she gave birth to his child. What would you consider paying two million bucks to keep from the world?

As a point of reference, Michael Jackson paid almost 20 million bucks to keep his sexual dalliance with a child from the world.

Elizabeth Smart Now Testifying

In 2002, Elizabeth Smart was 14 years old. She was taken from her bed in the middle of the night by an ersatz religious prophet, Brian David Mitchell. Mitchell has been held in a mental asylum since his capture, and Elizabeth’s rescue, in 2003.

Hearings are being held as to Mitchell’s mental capacity to stand trial.

From, Elizabeth describes her captor and tormenter:
Asked by a prosecutor to describe Brian David Mitchell, the self-described prophet accused of holding her captive for nine months, Smart replied: "Evil, wicked, manipulative, stinky, slimy, greedy, selfish, not spiritual, not religious, not close to God."

I recently did a review of the book of Elizabeth’s parents’ ordeal, “Bringing Elizabeth Home” HERE.

Elizabeth suffered with this nut and his deranged wife for nine months. Yet another tragedy of this crime is that it was because of shoddy police work that Elizabeth endured many more months of horror than she should have, read the review.

Duct-Taped Cat

Just thank God that this poor creature was discovered by a passerby who took it to a nearby animal shelter.

From the
James Davis, 19, admitted to taping up the cat from neck to tail after he spotted it in his yard Sept 21, police said.

He was arrested on Saturday on animal cruelty charges, said a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

According to the article, this little guy was a pleasant fellow and of course he had to be. He evidently let some creepo duct tape his entire body, he allowed a stranger to pick him up and take him to the animal shelter and goodness look at him…any cat lover can see this is a cat fellow who gets along fine with humans.

What the hell kind of tormented death would this cat have suffered had luck not been with him.

His name is “Sticky”.
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