Tuesday, April 29, 2008

True Crime-Bell Verdict, Boy Murders Family, Maddie McCann's Parents to Write a Book

Couple of big crimes recently as well as resolutions to some ongoing crimes.

There is a verdict on the Bell shooting and there were no riots. The FLDS cult filled with underage adolescent girls who are pregnant or have children. The subway pervert has a twin brother who is also a pervert, updates on the anthrax case, and this past weekend a boy killed his entire family, including his 14-year old brother who hid behind a clothes dryer to no avail.

Much more.

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Mother Found Dead, Three Children Missing

Her body was discovered on Monday, 4/21/08 but she hadn’t been seen since that prior Friday. Her children were all missing.

From Suntimes.coml.
casanova kids

Chicago Police have issued an Amber Alert Monday afternoon for three children and their alleged abductor after the children’s mother was found dead Monday with a plastic bag over her head in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.

The suspect is the dead woman’s husband or boyfriend, the relationship is not clear. The dead woman is Sophia Garcia and the father of the children is Benito Casanova. It’s not clear how or why, but the article linked above indicates that the children had been “released” from school early. The children’s father probably came to the school and picked up the children. Meanwhile their mother lay dead, likely from Benito’s hand, and no one was the wiser.
Sean Bell Verdict Acquits All 3 Detectives

Sean Bell was a young man who hung out with the wrong fellows. Indeed Sean Bell had criminal intents his own self, which came to the fore the night before his wedding when he and a few of his homies went to a local club and at four in AM Sean was killed by a hail of bullets.

This story was covered on this Blog when it happened at note how fair and square the fine, fine Mayor Bloomberg was. Again it was covered on this Blog and here the prosecutors have their fine and fair say.

From the NYTIMES:
Three detectives were found not guilty Friday on all charges in the shooting death of Sean Bell, who died in a hail of 50 police bullets outside a club in Jamaica, Queens, in November 2006. The verdict prompted calls for calm from the mayor, angry promises of protests by those speaking for the Bell family and expressions of relief by the detectives.

See folks, Sean Bell was not a hero no matter what Al Sharpton would tell you. Although not to worry, there were no promised riots. Which is likely because there is a civil suit in this matter ongoing and believe that there will probably be a settlement and that Sharpton will probably get his share.

All last week Curtis Sliwa, the founder of that famous group that fights crime, “The Guardian Angels” and now talk show host for WABC in New York, has been describing how this whole Bell thing came down. If Sliwa knows nothing else, he knows New York and he knows its underbelly.

According to Sliwa, Bell and his bros were partying at a strip club the night before Bell’s wedding. The strip club had been in a heap of trouble in the past as many of the strippers are also prostitutes and the place was considered a haven for illegal guns and drugs. Three undercover detectives were at this club the night of Sean Bell’s fine bachelor party. The detectives were there looking for evidence of prostitution and illegal guns in order to gain a foothold in getting this club’s liquor license removed.

Sean Bell and his friends went outside late into the night and were negotiating for a stripper/prostitute to service all four of the fellows. The stripper refused to do four of the bros but agreed to do two. These fellows had been drinking all night, tempers were short and lust was high. At some point the stripper’s pimp got worried enough to go for his “gat”, slang, evidently, for gun. Sean Bell panicked and floored the car he was driving.

Meanwhile the undercover detectives had been alerted to something going down outside and since they were on the lookout for prostitution and guns at this club they followed Bell and his friends for their suspicious behavior. Once Bell floored the car in what we must assume was an attempt to get away from the scene with the gun-toting pimp ready to fire, the detectives surrounded Bell’s vehicle and told him to stop and put up all hands. Instead Bell intentionally aimed his car at a detective, floored it, and hit the detective in front of the car. Chaos ensued with the other detectives seeing one of Bell’s passengers jump out of the vehicle and other passengers appeared to be going for guns. Many shots were fired and Sean Bell ended up dead.

Sean Bell intentionally hit an undercover detective that night, although he had been told to stop and raise his hands. Sean’s passengers had been engaging in all sorts of mayhem, including reaching into places dark when they should have putting their hands in the air.

The whole thing was tragedy but those undercover detectives were doing their job and it was Sean Bell and his homie friends that were looking for trouble that night and found it. Further, TWO of those undercover detectives were black so Sharpton’s cries of racism fall on deaf ears.

All three of the undercover cops were found not guilty of the trumped up charges of manslaughter. Meanwhile, fine law-abiding congressional Democrats, including the dumbest of the dumb, John Conyers, vow to have a federal investigation into the matter.

Folks, every other day John Conyers swears he’s going to investigate something or another. He never does. He’s chairman of the Judiciary committee in the Senate. Conyers is a pathetic of the most pathetic.

Do not hold your breath waiting for Conyers to investigate anything. Not to mention that the federal government has absolutely nothing to do with this case.
18 Year Old Murders His Entire Family

What would possess a young person to kill his entire family? Does he, or at times SHE, think they’ll get away with it? Was life in that home so unbearable as to make the future so bleak that a life in jail is preferable? Is there no other way to escape but by killing everyone?

It was in the news all this past weekend and as of yet there’s been no motive given for Nathaniel Dickson. Dickson was arrested for the murder of his family, which included his father, his stepmother, his stepsister and his brother. Nathan’s brother was shot behind the clothes drier, indicating that the kid was probably hiding there to escape his brother’s bullets. It didn’t work.

From Foxcarolina.comL
Nathan Dickson
EASLEY, S.C. -- The teenaged son of one of the victims of a quadruple homicide on Saturday was arrested and charged in connection with the crime, deputies said.

We’ll be following this case closely.
Over Half FLDS Cult Teenaged Girls Have Children/Are Pregnant

Information on the status of that raid in Texas continues to come out in dribs and drabs. I’d expressed concern about the raid on this cult in that, as of this date, 4/29/08, absolutely NO ONE’s been arrested.

But when you have a pregnant 15-year-old and a 17 year old with a 5-year old child, something is amiss.

From Charter.net:
SAN ANTONIO (AP) — More than half the teenage girls taken from a polygamist compound in west Texas have children or are pregnant, state officials said Monday.

A total of 53 girls between the ages of 14 and 17 are in state custody after a raid 3 1/2 weeks ago at the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado. Of those girls, 31 either have children or are pregnant, said Child Protective Services spokesman Darrell Azar. He didn't specify how many are pregnant.

The United States of America can’t have a group of people living a life of wanton violation of the country’s laws and this group of a rogue branch of the Morman religion cannot continue to “marry” young adolescent girls to dirty old men in front of society’s shocked eyes.

Of course we don’t want our government raiding private homes and separating children from parents either.

I believe that this country can maintain a dedication to our constitution AND handle what is essentially a sexual perversion under the guise of religion. A 14-year old girl should NOT be forced to marry a 50-year old man, not in any decent society which claims to protect the young.

So while this humble Blogger has been wary of this government action, I’m willing to wait for the results. With all those pregnant young adolescent females, it doesn’t look good.
Subway Serial Groper Has Twin Guilty of Same Crime

I covered the story of Freddie Johnson on this Blog HERE.

For Freddie Johnson had been arrested so many times for groping females in the subway that prosecutors are considering trying to put him away for life.

Now we discover that Freddie has a twin brother who ALSO is a subway groper. Freddie’s brother, Rodney Johnson, tends to dress a bit more dapper than his brother but they’re BOTH perverts, make no mistake.

Freddie Johnson serial groper

Rodney Johnson brother of pervert Freddie Johnson

From the NY Dailynews:
Perversion runs in Freddie Johnson's family.

Remember the Anthrax Attacks?

I’ve not covered the anthrax murders on this Blog as the crime happened before I did any True Crime blogging.

And with an upcoming trial scheduled by the initial suspect, one Steven Hatfill, the story’s been in the news.

Hatfill was followed and investigated by the FBI and evidently there was never found enough evidence to arrest the man. Plenty of stuff was found about Hatfill and by me, he’s still the guy who I’d like to look in the eyeball and ask a few questions.

The really sad thing is that five people died by this deed, a deed done by some slightly nutzoid “scientist” who felt the need to teach America a lesson as to its vulnerability after the attacks of 9/11/01. I’m thinking a nutzoid scientist like one who faked his diploma and hey, how about a fellow who’d been heard mentioning that American needed a lesson? Hatfill comes to mind.

But folks, this Steven Hatfill, a fine, fine man who faked his diploma and has plenty of stuff in his past to link him to the anthrax murders, has a cadre of defenders in this country that will rip your head off and spit down your bloody neck in defense of their hero.

I say I’m still allowed to be suspicious even if the FBI can’t get enough on this guy to convict him. I also say that if there’s not enough evidence out there to hone in on a suspect that would get a conviction, then by all means don’t do it. Someday more information will come out about the crimes or the perp will make a mistake, maybe tell someone about the deed.

It’s really sad though that one of the greatest federal crimes committed this century has left the mighty FBI looking totally impotent.

From Foxnews.com:
WASHINGTON — The FBI has narrowed its focus to "about four" suspects in the 6 1/2-year investigation of the deadly anthrax attacks of 2001, and at least three of those suspects are linked to the Army’s bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick in Maryland, FOX News has learned.

Missing Utah Woman Complained About Boyfriend

Deborah Marie Jones had complained about a former boyfriend who had been harassing her after their breakup. Now Jones is missing.

And no one can find that ex-boyfriend either.

From the Sltrib.com:
Debra jones missing

Police are trying to find a Salt Lake City woman who disappeared Thursday after recently complaining to authorities about ongoing problems with an ex-boyfriend.
An endangered person advisory has been issued for 50-year-old Deborah Marie Jones. She was last heard from Friday when she contacted an acquaintance by cell phone, police said.

We’re following this case.
Maddie McCann’s Parents to Write a Book About Missing Daughter

I truly believe that the parents of pretty Madeleine McCann are responsible for the untimely death of their child, yes I do.

And each passing day that Maddie remains missing tends to affirm my belief. For surely there were plenty of other children at that Portuguese resort when Maddie went missing. There were plenty of other children before the McCanns came to visit and likely since the McCanns came to visit.

NONE of them has turned up missing save Maddie McCann. Plus Maddie had been left alone in the suite rented by the McCanns but also left in that suite were Maddies twin toddler brother and sister. For someone to go into that apartment and abscond with what would have to be a squirming, fighting child would certainly risk waking the twins. Further, why didn’t the abductor bother with the twins? Why would an abductor risk such an action with all those children in the apartment, a fact probably known as an abductor would likely have been watching the McCanns else why pick Maddie’s apartment at all?

From the Dailymail.com:
Her comments came as it emerged the McCanns are planning to write a book about their 'year of hell' without their daughter.

Publishing sources say they could be paid up to £1million.

The couple's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, stressed they wanted to raise money for the dwindling Find Madeleine appeal and to counter a campaign of smears by Portuguese police.

Now the McCanns are writing a book.

I am sure that Maddie’s death was accidental. I am sure that the McCanns mourn and miss their daughter.

But the both of them are now making a real nice monetary profit on their daughter’s death, never mind walking completely free.
Toddler Recovering From Abuse by Babysitter

What makes this story so tragic, the parents of the boy are members of the military, as is the accused babysitter’s husband.

Wyatt Coker was put in the care of a well-recommended babysitter. This same babysitter struck Wyatt so hard on his skull that he suffered a three inch fracture that penetrated his brain. The babysitter, Melissa Chavez, is due to be tried for the crime in June 2008.

From WRAL.com:
Toddler Coker survived beating as 3 month old by babysitter
Fayetteville, N.C. — An infant severely beaten last fall continues to recover as his parents await a court date for the babysitter accused of abusing the child.

Wyatt Coker was 7 months old in November when he suffered a 3-inch fracture that penetrated his skull, causing a traumatic brain injury. Physicians said someone had beaten the child.

You can't make this shit up

Fellow Goes on Joy Ride in Ambulance

Sometimes you gotta wonder what goes through their minds.

This fellow leaves the hospital one fine afternoon. He sees an ambulance parked nearby, as ambulances often are around a hospital. The keys were left hanging in the ignition. So the fellow steals the ambulance and leads the police on a wild ride.

From the Denverpost.com:
Ambulance stolen for joy ride
Police say a man leaving a Lafayette hospital stole an ambulance and led officers on a high-speed chase Tuesday before rear-ending a parked car, tearing up a traffic signal and fleeing on foot.

Mickey Terry, 36, was arrested a short distance from the wrecked ambulance in Longmont, about 13 miles from where the vehicle was stolen.

Her family was on holiday at an exclusive Portuguese resort. Madeleine McCann's parents were both physicians and in addition, they have two twins younger than Madeleine.

While Maddie's parents dined out at a nearby resort restaurant, with children believed to be soundly asleep, Madeleine McCann somehow disappeared. She was discovered missing upon a routine check of the McCann suite by her parents.

It took a few months but eventually the suspicion that Madeleine's parents might have had something to do with her disappearance was leaked by both the Portuguese and British police.

First report on this Blog of the Maddie McCann case
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New info on original suspect in McCann case
Madeleine's parents release an alleged drawing of bushy haired stranger.

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