Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lovelle Mixon Shot Four Cops; His Sister Help Hide Him; Now She's Suing

Be Prepared to Be Enraged

Lawyers. Gotta love them.

By me they are the force behind trying terrorists in America instead of military tribunals because hey, there’s way more lawyers in this country than there are lawsuits.

They are also responsible for the high cost of health care as lawsuits against medical practitioners and hospitals are all the rage. Like one wag told me at a hospital where I once worked: “They’ll sue you if the baby’s ugly.”

But the lawyer that took on this case shouldn’t be able to sleep at night. For his client helped a multiple murderer try to evade capture and she got hurt in the scuffle. You’re not going to believe this one.

He was one of the many fine and wise pardons from the Pardon King, Governor Mike Huckabee, of Arkansas. His name was Lovelle Mixon. On March 21, 2009, he walked into an Oakland restaurant and cold-bloodedly shot four police officers as they sat and innocently enjoyed some refreshments.

It would seem that Lovelle’s fine sister was hiding her brother, for whom she had so very much pride, who ran to her house to hide from the cops pursuing him.

As a result of the ensuing gun fight to attempt capture of Lovelle, his sister received some pain from a stun gun used on her and she is asking for, get this, $10,000 for her pain and suffering from the city of Oakland.

From the Contra Costa Times we learn from Christopher Morray-Jones, the fine and proud attorney for Lovelle Mixon’s sister, the following:
”I don't believe there can be any justification for the way this young woman was endangered and, subsequently, treated”

Really? Not even the fact that she willingly and knowingly hid a multiple murderer? For this a stun gun was a bit too much to help capture the criminal she was hiding?

Well no, even for this heinous crime do I think it justified to treat citizens badly but think this through yon readers. Mixon’s sister is suing for, again, TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Come on folks. Lawsuits that small are rare. Attorneys seldom bother with these sorts of suits without a beginning point of at least a million bucks. After the fine, fine Morray-Jones gets his third, Mixon’s sister would get a little over six grand. That sister who was so proud of her fine brother probably didn’t suffer much, I’ll go out on a limb here.

The concern here is that the city of Oakland might decide to settle rather than bother with responding and fighting the suit. Just to respond to the suit might cost more in legal fees than just paying up. Which is likely why the whole lawsuit was filed right from the start.

We can only hope that Oakland doesn’t fall for this scam because what could be more demoralizing than a city that lost four police officers by a felon who had already been released in error from prisons in which he belonged, than a city that lost four police officers by a felon who had already been released in error from prisons in which he belonged, THEN had to pay the guy’s sister who harbored him from capture ten thousand dollars for pain from a stun gun?
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