Thursday, January 3, 2008

True Crime-Tigers on the Loose, the Weirdness of this Story. Six Killed on Christmas Eve 2007

We're back up to snuff in the True Crime genre and yes, we've been following the very odd tiger killing at the San Fran zoo. Also, if there was ever a need for a death penalty it is for this fine duo who cold-bloodedly killed an entire family on Christmas eve. That girl now has no family to watch her go to the gallows, she must be so proud of herself.

Also, mating goats offend neighbors, another Baltimore bus attack, two teens kill two year old while allegedly "playing" and a poor guy banned from mall for life for losing in his car in the mall parking lot.

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Six Killed on Christmas Eve

Michele Anderson and her boyfriend, Joseph McEnroe, both almost 30 years old, must be so proud of themselves. For Michele’s brother, Scott, owed her money, at last according to Michele. Although, for the record, the lovely Michele, her mother would be so proud of her if Michele hadn’t murdered her, Michele has no job and lived rent free on her parents’ property in their mobile home. Michele and her fine boyfriend methodically killed Michele’s parents, her brother Scott, his wife and his two young children ages 6 and 3.

Damn that is one fine pair of human beings right there.

SEATTLE — After slaughtering their parents, Joseph McEnroe apologized to his girlfriend's young niece and nephew before shooting both in the head to end a Christmas Eve massacre, prosecutors alleged Friday.

I mean hey, McEnroe actually apologized to the young children before he shot them to death. How many cold-blooded murderers do this? There’s a certain sweetness in that.

Andersons killed on Xmas Eve 2007

Here’s a tidbit that isn’t mentioned often in the stories of this heartbreaking crime, one of the victims, Scott’s wife Erica, managed to grab her cell phone and call 911 before that very fine young man, whose mother must also be very proud of he who could point a gun at a 3 year old and shoot her in the head, could shoot HER dead.

As police do when a 911 call is made but no response is given, they went to the address of the call. It’s not clear when the police got to the house but get this, because the GATE WAS LOCKED, they LEFT!

The story floated about was that the killings were already over when the police got to that locked gate. But were the fine perps still inside at the time?

For that murdering duo did get in their car and leave for parts unknown. Did those responding cops allow them to get away because of that pesky locked gate?

Since this pair was obviously so intelligent, after driving away from their crime, they decided to return to the scene. Their plan was to show up at the house and “find” the dead bodies.

Washington state is known far and wide for its kind liberalism. The state does have a death penalty but like so many states, they don’t use it.

If this heartless murder of six innocents on Christmas Eve isn’t worthy of the death penalty, than what is?

Second Grade Teacher Arrested for Sexual Assault

Here’s a strange story. The perp is a female second grade teacher at a Catholic school. The victim is unknown but IS a student at the Sacred Heart school.

A 35-year-old Sacred Heart Cathedral School second-grade teacher was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of having sexual contact with a student at the school.
Tabitha Adams is currently being held in the Ford County Detention Center on charges of sexual exploitation of a child, aggravated criminal sodomy and aggravated indecent liberties with a child. Her bond was set at $500,000, and her preliminary hearing was tentatively set for Dec. 27.

Catholic schools used to go from first grade through eighth grade. The story as linked above asserts that the victim is NOT one of her students.

How old are eighth graders? This is assuming this fine teacher, member of the very proud teacher’s union which never seems to take any position on a molesting member of their profession, got it on with a child who at least went through puberty. So let us assume that most likely her victim was around age fourteen or so, okay?

Her mother must be so proud of her teacher daughter.

You can't make this shit up

Woman Ticketed for Her Randy Goats

Every oncit in a while there is a list published via email or on the Internet somewhere about crazy laws still on the books. It would seem the folks of Dibble, Oklahoma take exception to the sight of animals that would mate in front of their sensitive eyeballs. Well go on, it’s not just mating that so offends these folk. For animals are also not allowed to urinate or defecate in public, even if in a fenced environment.

DIBBLE, Okla. -- Some "goats gone wild" are the talk of a small Oklahoma town.

A woman received two tickets after her goats were caught mating and relieving themselves on her own yard.

City law said it is illegal for any two animals to have sex in public within Dibble city limits.

The owner of the goats got two tickets for the “crime” of having goats mating in front of the Dibble, Oklahoma citizens as well as allowing them to relieve themselves.

Carol Medenhall managed to get out of the tickets because she was not aware that her land was inside of the town proper of Dibble.

This is probably more about having goats on a residential property in a town than the injured sensibilities of these Oklahomans (at least we hope so, good Lord I thought Oklahomans were made of sterner stuff) but I’d hate to be the pathetic cop who had to write such a ridiculous ticket.

Kittens Abused in Home of Murdered 2-Year Old

Evidently Michele Lepkowski, whose mother must be so proud of her daughter who beat her 2-year-old daughter to death, likes to inflict pain.

From the Telegram:
GARDNER— Hours after authorities took a fatally injured 2-year-old girl from her mother’s Grant Street apartment in May, police found three abused kittens in the home, including one decaying in the toddler’s toy box.

Michele L. Lepkowksi, 32, of 55 Grant St., is accused of murdering her daughter, Raelynn T. Mascal, who police said died May 18 after suffering head, neck and torso injuries. Ms. Lepkowski’s boyfriend at the time, 21-year-old Luke Malizia of 25 Bear Hill Road, is charged with reckless endangerment of a child because he allegedly did nothing to help the toddler.

Yes, she not only beat her daughter to death in front of her fine boyfriend who did nothing to help, she also liked to beat on kittens.

Fine, fine folk here. Three kittens were also found beaten. One had severe head injuries, one could not move its legs, one had to be euthanized right away. Another kitten, dead with a big hole in its belly from some sort of blunt force trauma, lay in the toddler’s toy box, already rotting and filled with maggots.

Such a fine, brave woman, this Michele Lepkowski.

Priest Molests and Steals Food from the Hungry

The Rev. Charles Newman evidently likes young boys. Newman was president of Archbishop Ryan Catholic school in Philadelphia. It would seem that Newman was being blackmailed by a former student who was blackmailing him.

To keep the blackmailer silent, Newman pilfered funds from the high school, providing the former student with drugs and hush money. That same student is now dead from a drug overdose.

Philadelphia (AHN) - A Philadelphia priest accused of stealing money and molesting a student has surrendered to authorities. The Rev. Charles Newman, a Catholic priest, surrendered at the District Attorney's Office Monday.

It wasn’t any little bit of money this fine man of the cloth stole. Initial estimates have him stealing some $900,000!

Jesus must be so proud of this fine priest who once vowed to be His representative in the Catholic church.

Man Banned from Mall for Life for Being Unable to Find His Car

When I first read this story I was skeptical. Surely, so went my logic, even mall security has some common sense.

For the fine security guards at Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg, Florida, caught themselves a fine one in the person of Larry DiSalvo. DiSalvo went shopping at the mall one morning before Christmas. DiSalvo shopped, ate lunch, returned a purchase, then went out to go home.

DiSalvo did have a car parked somewhere in that mall parking lot and he couldn’t find it. We all hate when that happens. DiSalvo walked around looking for his car and those on-the-job, top-notch mall security guards told DiSalvo to get out of the parking lot, he’d been spotting peering into cars and acting suspicious.

There then ensued a Keystone Kop chase that had those security guards of such superior intellect calling the local cops, all to end up banning the man from the mall forever.

ST. PETERSBURG - Larry DiSalvo called Saturday the worst shopping day of his life.

Not even close.

There he stood in the Tyrone Square Mall parking lot, surrounded by three police cruisers and mall security. Police had searched and interrogated him. All the while, DiSalvo said, shoppers gawked, perhaps wondering whom he had killed.

Larry Disalvo banned from mall

The 57-year-old said he was guilty of one thing: forgetfulness. He lost his 1991 Grand Marquis in a sea of 6,000 parked cars.

DiSalvo’s car WAS in the parking lot that day, duh. Proof right there that he was looking for his car. Go with me here, thieves looking to steal cars generally don’t bring their own along cause, hey, who can drive two cars at the same time? Also, DiSalvo had NO previous record, this 57 year old man.

I am sure the mall merchants are very happy to know that their fine security force banned he who was perhaps one of their best customers.


Here’s Intriguing News

Remember Chandra Levy? Remember her probable murderer, Gary Condit?

01-01) 13:07 PST Modesto, Calif. (AP) --

Criminal justice students at a Georgia college are preparing to undertake their own investigation of the 2001 slaying in Washington of Chandra Levy, the Modesto resident whose death tainted a congressman's career.

Gary Condit was probably the only American who benefited from the attacks of 9-11-01. For before the attacks, it was all Condit, all of the time.

I wasn’t blogging at the time of Chandra Levy’s disappearance but I was, like most of America, following the story closely.

I truly believe that Gary Condit accidentally killed Chandra. Gary’s constituents kicked this fine fellow out of office, God bless them. Chandra’s body was eventually discovered in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.

I’m glad to see some students are going to take another look-see at Chandra’s murder. Condit got himself one free murder. Chandra should be alive today and enjoying the holidays with her family.

That San Francisco Tiger

Technically the story of the tiger that attacked and killed one young man then followed two others all the way to a gift shop and attacked them, is NOT a true crime story.

Well no crime was committed except the crime of leaving San Francisco in charge of anything and lying like a rug.

The wall of a moat that surrounds the San Francisco Zoo's tiger enclosure is far shorter than officials thought and also below national standards, authorities said today.

Sousa, father of 2007 San Fran tiger incident

Zoo officials have gone back and forth on the grotto's measurements since a 350-pound tiger escaped on Christmas Day, killing 17-year-old Carlos Sousa Jr. and seriously injuring two of his friends. The survivors were identified by relatives and public records as brothers Paul Dhaliwal, 19, and Kulbir Dhaliwal, 23. The three young men were from San Jose.

By now I am sure yon reader has heard and/or read the story of Tatiana, the Siberian tiger, how she managed to scale her “inescapable” compound, how she chased two of her victims to a Zoo gift shop, how the zoo had no surveillance cameras, how Tatiana is known to be a bit testy having attacked her keeper last year, how the police couldn’t get into the zoo to help the victims, how nobody in charge of the San Francisco zoo was around to give instructions, how the zoo people lied in cold-blood about the height of that fence, how the victims were probably taunting the tiger.

On and on it goes.

I don’t trust San Francisco to do anything right as by me, these are people who should NOT be in charge. Yeah, it’s unfair, I’m sure there are some fine, intelligent San Franciscans out there. You certainly couldn’t prove it by this zoo story.

No surveillance cameras, nobody in charge, walls that, no wait…they’re 20 feet high, no wait…actually they’re 12 feet high. Eight feet. Damn that’s a big-assed difference. Even for San Francisco it seems a big boo boo.

Yes those boys likely scaled the smaller fence around the tiger enclosure and got their fine selves over to the high wall over Tatiana’s compound. They were probably throwing rocks or something at the tiger. Young men, especially those from San Francisco way, tend to do stupid stuff like this.

But go with me here, a tiger should NOT be able to get out of its enclosure as easily as Tatiana did! Even with silly fools teasing her. The world is full of silly fools. Especially, may I remind, in San Francisco.

The two survivors of the attack have been such fine, upstanding citizens. They’re answering no questions about the incident and in fact, they even refused to tell the dead victim’s family that their son was dead.

That’s because THEY ARE GOING TO SUE!

That fine pair, whose parents must be so proud of their tiger-teasing selves, are going to get big bucks from the San Francisco zoo.

So deserving, these two fine fellows.

All a day in the life of San Francisco, where public servants get free bucks on the public dime for necessary sex changes.

Her family was on holiday at an exclusive Portuguese resort. Madeleine McCann's parents were both physicians and in addition, they have two twins younger than Madeleine.

While Maddie's parents dined out at a nearby resort restaurant, with children believed to be soundly asleep, Madeleine McCann somehow disappeared. She was discovered missing upon a routine check of the McCann suite by her parents.

It took a few months but eventually the suspicion that Madeleine's parents might have had something to do with her disappearance was leaked by both the Portuguese and British police.

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