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The Underwear Bomber..Why This Should NOT Be a Crime

This SHOULD NOT Be A Crime

I usually have a feature on this True Crime Blog, read by two to three people every week, called “IT SHOULD BE A CRIME”.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, however, decided he was going to blow up an airplane, killing everyone on board including his own fine self. He hid the bomb liquid in his underwear. He tried to do the deed but some folk who didn’t want to blow up thwarted the attempt.

This, ladies and gems, should NOT be a crime. This guy is an enemy combatant and he should be in Gitmo meeting a waterboard with his name on it.

From Christmas day until now, the debates raged. The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Incompetano, went on TV and into our lying ears told us that “the system worked.”

And as we reeled from this pronouncement, our President was playing golf and too busy to address the nation about his cabinet of nincompoops, including David Axelrod who also, again peeing upon our feet while telling us it’s raining, stated the system worked. Anybody who doesn’t think Obama approved this as a talking point raise your hand. Cause I got a bridge to sell cheap.

Obama changed his tune real quick as the nation stood in shock that anybody would dare try to sell us a bill of goods that would have a fellow whose own father turned him to the American embassy in Nigeria, who got on an airplane by paying cash for a one-way ticket, who cavorted with known terrorists in the fine holiday resort known as Yemen-got onto an airplane with no questions asked…is an example of a system working…well us silly Americans, we just didn’t buy it.

If a baby tumbles out of an open window and lands on a soft awning instead of the busy street 18 stories below, and lives…DOES THIS MEAN THE SYSTEM WORKED?

I’ve listened to the arguments as to why this fellow should be tried in our justice system and some stupid folks who assert that what’s a few American deaths due to terrorism when more people die from peanuts every year.

Also, while the fine underwear bomber didn’t make it on the “no fly” list, we’ve got senior citizens who are on this list and can’t get off. And how about those prisoners who recently escaped from an Illinois federal prison? This is the same state going to keep those Gitmo prisoners under wraps.

Let me get this very obvious question out of the way. Why does Janet Napalitano still have a job?

Anybody who says something so incredibly stupid about a system that so obviously failed, in public and directly into our lying ears, SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY!

Now I understand that more than likely, President Obama, all busy on the golf course, probably took Dave Axelrod’s advice to hope that the American public was all busy opening gifts and preparing for New Year’s and would buy a sound byte asserting that the system worked.

Which is probably why ole Janet wasn’t fired. If congress does its job, which is supposed to happen as the calls are for a congressional investigation, I’m thinking Janet might be gone.

Current and former officials of the Nigerian government, including a source close to the suspect's family, say Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, called his father from Yemen with the warning that it would be his last contact.

I listened to a few radio talk shows this past week and on more than one show stupid callers took the position that silly Americans put entirely too much stock in preventing acts of terrorism.

“What’s a few deaths from terror” was the sentiment as I paraphrase. One caller even asserted, with a seriousness that shocked me, that more Americans die from peanuts every year than die from acts of terror.

“Why spend millions on a war?” was another sentiment.

Folks, any country that allows itself to be constantly victimized by acts of terror is a country that sets itself up for defeat. We’ll get to Israel in a minute.

The idiots who take this shrug, shrug position seem to think that, okay, boo-hoo for those who lose loved ones should an underwear bomber succeed in taking down a plane or hey, a few soldiers killed by a rogue army guy…no big deal. Give them a nice death settlement, try the perps in an American court and move along.

Obviously these folks don’t understand the methodology behind terrorism.

Terrorism is meant to, duh, create a state of constant terror in a populace. A citizenry filled with terror hesitates to board airplanes. Tourism and freedom of movement hurt the economy. Start blowing up malls and theaters, a few bombs in athletic arena…give it time, you’ll have a timid citizenry cowed with fear and easy to conquer.

In the hayday of the late and great Yassar Arafat, a fine, fine man now buried in somebody’s backyard, Israel was forced to exist in a climate of terror. Arafat was the conduit for the terror that would have Israeli nightclubs go boom, perhaps busy buses, the daily nuts and bolts of life.

Israel simply had no choice. America, under the guidance of the very brave and stalwart Bill Clinton, simply would not give blessing to any Israeli retaliation that should have wiped out that den of terror known as Palestine. Without American blessing, Israel HAD to accept a few deaths of its citizens as a cost for its existence.

Israelis did not cower and cease to live vibrant lives because of the terrorism all about it. Israeli also had a magnificent secret service that quelled terrorist attacks but when you’ve got all that Arab oil money financing homicide bombers and nuts raised to believe it is their divine mission to blow up Jews, some got through.

Israel is the exception and now with the fine, fine Arafat gone and dead notice how few terror attacks Israel has nowadays?

Anybody with any genuine leadership skills would NEVER take the position that it’s okay to allow a few terror related deaths for want of a major war and a lot of bother. Leaders know that a proud populace, one with gumption and a will to thrive, will never accept such a situation. Which is why we have to go to these pathetic nations, all governed, coincidentally, by oil-rich despots, dictators and sons of camels who haven’t exactly created fine dominions of personal happiness for all the oil wealth, and stop the terror attacks.

They don’t have armies and even if they did, Arabs make lousy, really lousy, soldiers. You can’t trust any of them and there’s no loyalty to a country. Add the oppressive religion of Islam, especially the extreme Wahabi sect, and restless populations are controlled by the urge to blow up infidels across the planet as called for in the Koran.

There’s no sense whatsoever in granting these terrorists all the perks of our American justice system and go with me on this, most silly Americans do not agree with such treatment.

Another reason why the Democrats, fine warriors all, are going to go down in stunning flames this coming November.

If the fact that this fine underwear bomber got through all the alleged “catch points” and never ended up on the no-fly list, prepare to laugh with the mirth of the bemused. Because from the Republican American, we find out about one poor fellow-75 years old, that is on America’s terror watchlist and he can’t get off!
Jack Murphy, a 75-year-old retiree, married 51 years to the same woman, doting grandfather, blood donor and dedicated churchgoer is also, according to the U.S. government, a possible terrorist.

Since 2005, when airport personnel divulged that he was on the FBI's Terrorist Watchlist, Murphy, of Cheshire, has been trying to get his name off the list, an effort that has dragged on for four years without resolution.

Finally, here’s a story about an escape from a FEDERAL prison that baffles.

This is not the same prison being negotiated for Gitmo detainees but it IS in Illinois and it IS a federal prison. Obama’s folks, fine and intelligent workers who always make sure the system works, have assured us that NO ONE escapes from federal prisons.


From STLToday:
The U.S. Marshals Service is hunting for three men who escaped from a detention center in Ullin, Illinois.

The Marshals provided no details on how the men were able to escape today from the Tri-County Detention Center.

The men -- all considered armed and dangerous -- were being held on federal charges.

Note that the men are all considered armed and dangerous. Why are they armed if they just escaped from prison? Did they have weapons in prison?

No wait! They’re not providing any details on the escape are they?

Official US Marshal Wanted Site.
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