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Delaware's Dr. Bradley, Yogurt Shop Murders Update, Muslim Wife Beheading, Underwear Bomber Update

We catch up on some old crimes covered on this Blog before to start this week’s True Crime post.

Who is Ms. D. and how did she focus Delaware’s Attorney General on assets of a pervert Pediatrician that would perhaps recompense his innocent victims? Delaware AG Beau Biden that is, son of Joe, who didn’t do his job cause just because your Dad’s a very intelligent lifetime politico doesn’t mean you are good at being an Attorney General.

Got an interesting email about last week’s post concerning the Texas “Yogurt Shop Murders”. My main argument was that those boys confessed to the crime and I believe they did it. Secondary was the argument that the constitution was somehow picked over by the prosecutor in this case. Not so says one reader, with a really good explanation why and yet another reason to lament these boys walking free while those girls remain dead forever.

The Underwear Bomber, heh, pleads “not guilty” although this case should NOT be a True Crime as I argued in my original post on the matter, yet it is. We got an update on this yet another stupid action on the part of President Obama.

I covered a case about a fine, fine Muslim man who chopped off his wife’s head. Wait till you hear his argument in court as to why he had to do it. You can’t make this stuff up.

Ms. D., Dr. Bradley, and Beau Biden-Dr. Bradley

The woman’s name was blared all over the local yokel radio station but for the purposes of this Blog, we’ll call her Ms. D.

Ms. D. formed a one-woman protest group, embarked upon a determined, well-meaning but misguided mission, and not only helped salvage some possible future recompense for innocent victims but may well have provided yet one more straw to collapse Delaware Attorney General’s quest for his father’s former Senatorial seat.

The Attorney General referred to is Beau Biden, currently Delaware’s Attorney General and son of Joe, this nation’s VP. The innocent victims are those molested by a perverted Pediatrician recently caught and arrested here in the swamps of Delaware, Dr. Eric Bradley.

The story of Dr. Bradley covered in this Blog HERE

Today, Monday, 1/25/10, Beau Biden announced he would NOT be seeking his father’s seat as Delaware’s Senator and it’s a good thing. First, the country is leaning to the party opposite of the Democrats, who are making a mess of everything. My assertion is bolstered by recent election victories in formerly blue to purple states including Virginia, New Jersey and more recently, the bluest of all, Massachusetts. Not a good political clime for a snot-nosed, inexperienced doofus of an AG, who only won HIS seat due to the Biden name, to be seeking a Senate seat when the country’s running screaming in horror from all things Democrat, much less the son of the country’s second highest Democrat not known for his own genius.

Second, Beau would be challenged by Rep. Mike Castle, possibly the biggest challenger imaginable to run against young Beau. Castle had been Governor of Delaware for eight years and has served as the ONLY representative from Delaware in America’s House, Delaware being one of the few states with more senators than representatives. Castle is known widely in Delaware as a Republican more along the lines of Olympia Snowe than Ronald Reagan but he did vote against that awful health care thing and the Castle name is at least as recognizable as Biden in the swamps of Delaware.

Third, Beau has not done such a bang-up job as Delaware’s AG, as over and over again he must be mopped up behind, reminded, slapped about and otherwise receive on-the-job training for a job he was ill-experienced for right from the start.

The story of Ms. D. is yet one more huge mixup attributable to Beau Biden, that champion of the innocent and protector of citizen safety.

“I want the government to go into Dr. Bradley’s offices, take all that medical equipment that’s still in there, and send it to Haiti where they really need it,” Ms. D. told me on the telephone that Sunday morning.

Dr. Bradley’s offices are, indeed, sitting vacant on Delaware’s Rt. 1 in Lewes, right alongside Delaware’s sea shores and oceans. He occupied a big building fronted with a large sign adorned by a huge yellow bumblebee. The practice name was BAYBEES. There was a little ferris wheel outside of the entry door. Bradley likely designed his practice sitting center of Delaware’s major tourist area to attract tourists to his practice for sunburns, jellyfish stings, the stuff of vacations.

Only Dr. Bradley was an evil man. A few month’s ago, one of his little patients, a two year old, managed to convince her father that Dr. Bradley touched her in a most inappropriate manner and that father managed to convince investigators that something evil was going on in that charming BAYBEE medical center.

Dr. Bradley, it would appear, chose his victims so that any complaints they might have had would be dismissed by the parents as the childish issues toddlers would have with a probing medico. It is rumored that some of Dr. Bradley’s victims were as young as 3 months old.

Fortunately the investigation of Dr. Bradley will not rest on the halting beginning speech of youngsters. For Dr. Bradley, the pervert to end them all, evidently VIDEOTAPED his actions. There are rumored to be a hundred plus victims on his horrific videotapes.

I told Ms. D. that I doubted the government could go in and take Dr. Bradley’s medical supplies and send them to Haiti no matter how heinous his crimes.

“But you think they’d get some sort of injunction against the place, lock it down for evidence, maybe, at the least to save any assets for recompense of the victims,” I told her.

Now Ms. D. was more interested in helping victims of the Haiti earthquake and she felt, righteously, that why should all those medical supplies sit unused in an abandoned building owned by a most heinous man. I felt she was misguided but I did think she had a point. What the hell was going to happen to that building now, I wondered. That big bumblebee and ferris wheel that had been so cute now stood in stark reminder of the evil within, adding salt to the wound it was all smack in the middle of one of Delaware’s most prosperous areas, our beautiful sea shores. The thing had become an eyesore.

Ms. D. told me that she’d called Beau Biden’s office but no one would get back to her about what’s going on with Bradley’s practice, the building, the contents within.

“I understand he has Disney memorabilia in there worth a lot of money,” Ms. D. told me. Ms. D. is a member of my church and I am a local yokel Blogger but beyond that, I don’t know why she called me, but she did.

She was determined to follow her mission. She had huge signs made and while she tried to recruit fellow marchers to stand in solidarity in front of the BAYBEE medical center, only Ms. D. showed up with her signs.

A local radio station caught wind of Ms. D.’s mission because, well she was standing on the busiest road in this part of the swamps of Delaware and evidently somebody began doing some calling into the office of Delaware’s Attorney General.

Delaware prosecutors have filed a civil racketeering lawsuit against Lewes Pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley--accused of sexually assaulting several of his patients. The lawsuit against Bradley was filed late yesterday. A spokesman for attorney general Beau Biden said the lawsuit is intended to protect Bradley's personal assets for his alleged victims. State law allows the Department of Justice to put a lien on those assets and seek forfeiture.

Note that “late yesterday” thing. Ms. D. had been following her determined mission for three days when finally Beau Biden’s office got around to filing some sort of thing that would hold Bradley’s assets for his victims? What if Haiti didn’t have that earthquake? What if Ms. D. didn’t get it into her head that Bradley’s medical supplies should be sent to Haiti?

Would Dr. Bradley’s office be sitting open and subject to ransack for …how long? This is the sort of thing a state kind of expects its Attorney General to tend to.

Ms. D. had good intentions, however misguided. But she DID cause Delaware’s totally clueless AG to do his job and this folks…

…is just one story as to why Beau Biden isn’t running for Delaware’s Senate seat.

Delaware owes Ms. D. a big thank you.

The Texas “Yogurt Shop” Murders-Update

I’d watched a recent “48 Hours” show about the so-called “Yogurt Shop” murders, around January 5, 2010 or thereabouts.

As a True Crime Afficiando I was surprised I’d never heard of the Yogurt Shop murders and the “48 Hours” show was, indeed, intriguing.

I’d complained in my True Crime Blog post on the matter, HERE, about various issues not covered in great detail on the “48 Hours show” and, as is my wont, I had some thoughts and opinions on other elements of the crime and investigation.

I received a very thoughtful email about that crime, including an explanation that was not provided in the “48 Hours” story. I will include the entirety of the email below but will withhold the identity of the sender.

Yon reader should deduce, as I did, that the writer of this explanation knows a thing or two about this story and conclude whatever conclusions that belief would bring about.
I have never responded to a blog, or publicly given details of the yogurt shop murder investigation. Your analysis of the 48 Hours program seemed very accurate and unbiased. I would like to explain to you one issue that was not explained on the show, and never really explained in any of the other press, not even from the prosecutor’s office. That is the issue of using one co-conspirator’s testimony against the other. The defense, all the press, and even the court of appeals, said that you have a right to confront witnesses against you. You mentioned in your article that,

“Neither of these guys had a right to confront and question their accusers who were, in this case, each other. So if Scott’s testimony that Springsteen shot the girls first was used to convict Springsteen, well Springsteen should have had the opportunity to cross examine Scott.”

Knowing about the publicity that this case got I figure most people made the same assumption you just made, but that’s not what happened.

There was a ruling Texas case that had occurred with a similar situation, and in that case, the court spelled out how to use one statement against another. First of all, the statements were going to be hearsay because the co-defendants were not going to be taking the stand. Hearsay statements can only be used in specified instances, one of which is, that the statement is against the person’s self-interest. In other words, the person said in their statement that THEY did something bad. The previous Texas case had ruled that you can use one person’s statement in another’s trial, but you can’t use any part of the statement that would accuse, or even mention the defendant. In other words, Michael Scott’s statement was redacted so that it only included things that Michael Scott said HE did. He never mentioned Robert Springsteen, other people (other than the victims), or even that other people were with him. So at the trial, Michael Scott never accused Robert Springsteen of anything. The reason Michael Scott’s redacted statement could be used is because it only said things that were against Michael Scott’s self-interest. The same thing was done with Robert Springsteen’s statements used “against” Michael Scott at Michael Scott’s trial.

And the prosecution was following a procedure that had been recently spelled out in appeals court.

After the trials, another case was on higher appeal. When it was overturned, that court said that one co-conspirator’s statement TO THE POLICE can not be used against another co-conspirator. I thought this was a terrible ruling. The statements to the police were recorded and video-taped, so there is absolutely no question about what the person said, and the circumstances under which they made their statements. The court ruling still allows co-conspirator’s statements to civilians to be used against defendants. They do get the person to have on the stand and cross-examine who is claiming to have heard the co-conspirator make a statement, but I personally trust the recording over the third person’s memory.

But since the court made the ruling, the prosecution had no recourse. When the yogurt shop first appeal was overturned based on the other appeal, the prosecution did appeal that ruling, but it wasn’t really considered, and the case had to be re-tried.

I do fault the prosecutor of the first case for allowing taped testimony of one perp at the trial of another. Prosecutors and Attorney Generals should know the constitution.

Most people will fault the prosecutor as you do, but the prosecutor was following a procedure that had been specifically spelled out in a ruling case in his jurisdiction. And, they did use taped testimony of one perp at the trial of another, but they never mentioned the defendant or accused the defendant of anything in the tape.

There’s really no need for me to go further with the explanation as the writer accomplished this just fine.

I will say that the “48 Hours” episode made it sound like the prosecutor was a dunce, trying a case in complete violation of the right to confront an accuser’s clause in the U.S. constitution. When the prosecutor based the decision to use two of the alleged perps’ confessions in each other’s trials based on a Texas case that SPECIFICALLY allowed such hear-say evidence so long as the stuff being heard was only that information the original confessor said about HISSELF.

The “48 Hours” episode led the viewer to believe that Scott’s confession, played at Springsteen’s trial, accused Springsteen of being there when only those parts of the audiotaped Scott confession were played that had Scott speaking ONLY about Scott’s part in the crime.

Or maybe this viewer got it confused, I’ll allow CBS some slack here.

My bigger concern in the Blog post was my argument and defense that two of those guy’s confessed and I go to great lengths to argue that folks seldom confess to crimes they did not commit, especially these two thugs.

But I am glad to have received this clarification and take this opportunity to set the record straight.

Underwear Bomber Fiasco Being Investigated By Congress

In my original coverage of this “True Crime” story, HERE, I lamented that this story should NOT even be eligible for inclusion in this Blog’s contents in that what the fine Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab did was really an act of war and was no way a crime with the criminal eligible for all the perks of U.S. citizenship.

But since it HAS been classified by the very intelligent, very successful, highly regarded Obama administration as a True Crime so I must follow up.

Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, in a candid assessment of what went wrong before and after the attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas, said he had wrongly caved to external "pressure" to trim the no-fly list and even admitted the intelligence community would probably drop the ball in the future.

So it would seem, that as our founding fathers intended, one of the arms of our government created to keep one arm from taking over the country, is FINALLY doing its job.

Congress is looking into that mess of the Underwear Bomber and dear Lord, pray for us and all who fly on airplanes, yon readers.

Seems that the Obama administration, highly regarded and beloved by Americans so much that a deep blue state recently de facto threw the bunch of them out, created something called a “High-Value Detainee Information Group”, or HIG.

It would seem, using common sense not used by the Obama administration that crafts legislation giving millions of dollars of federal tax cuts to Nebraska and Louisiana, something formerly known as bribery, not to mention giving tax breaks to Obama supporters in mighty unions that the mere mundane amongst us will not have, that the Underwear Bomber was NOT interrogated by this HIG.

Why not?

If the Underwear Bomber is not a high-value Detainee THAN WHO THE HELL IS?

The man was trained by an Al-Queda unit in Yemen and scuttlebutt is that when he was first questioned he was singing like a canary.

So who decided NOT to have this guy interrogated by this HIG group? Does this HIG group even exist?

How long before Americans die by scores because of the lackluster concern of this administration with those determined to murder us all?

Pray that those congress critters grow some and keep looking into this.

Muslim Cut Off Wife’s Head Cause She Mistreated Him

This story covered on this Blog HERE

FTA, the prosecutor responds to this silly and astounding defense by the lawyers of Muzzammil Hassan with a simple synopsis: "He chopped her head off. That's all I have to say about Mr. Hassan's apparent defense that he was a battered spouse."

The founder of an Islam-oriented television station who is accused of beheading his wife was abused by her for years, according to his lawyer, who said Friday he will pursue a defense combining that justification as well as psychiatric claims.

Okay, now seriously folks, the defense has GOT to say something, right?

This guy is over 6’ tall. His victim was several inches shorter. Yet SHE abused HIM? And this gives him the right to…what? Cut off her head?

The irony here is that this couple owned and operated a television station designed to show to the silly American public how cool Muslims are, how happily they live such fulfilling lives.

Yet Muzzammil Hassan performed an “honor killing” of his wife, a form of ritual murder practiced in this criminal enterprise known as Islam.

He cut off her damn head. Only the OJ jury would buy this defense.
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