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John edwards, Betty Broderick,Haleigh Cummings

We got some new crimes to report on this Blog. These are cases never reported on the Blog before and there’s now updates on the cases/investigations so we take a look-see.

Haleigh Cummings is a little girl who should be skipping rope and chasing butterflies even as I type. Instead Haleigh’s gone missing and that childish stepmother of hers was the last to see her alive. Now Haleigh’s father and stepmother are arrested for drug trafficking.

Betty Broderick didn’t want to be married to her cheating husband so she killed the cheat. Movies were made about her and now Betty’s up for parole. Updates on the latest on this case.

And how about John Edwards fathering that child? I was just so shocked! Who knew?

Will There Ever Be Justice for Little Haleigh Cummings?

At around 8pm on 2/9/09, Misty Croslin, now the ex-wife of Ronald Cummings, put little 5 year old Haleigh Cummings to bed along with her older brother. Misty Croslin is a big kid herself, a bratty piece of nothing that I want to slap silly every time I see her lying face on TV.

At around 3 am in the morning Misty woke up to find Haleigh missing, with a cinder block holding the front door ajar. Rumors of parties and other events at the home abound but Misty insists she had nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance.

Her husband at the time, now her ex-husband, Ronald Cummings, isn’t much better. He is Haleigh’s biological father but given half a chance this weasel lurches to defend that piece of nothing he married for whatever stupid reason.

Ronald Cummings has been all over the place as regards Misty, first staunchly defending her, then admitting on TV that he suspects Misty.

He and Misty divorced last year and Misty, fine, fine piece of womanhood that snit, has been in all sorts of trouble ever since. Now I am to understand that Misty and Ronald BOTH got their fine selves arrested for trafficking in drugs.

CNN) -- The father of missing child Haleigh Cummings and his ex-wife have been arrested on drug-trafficking charges in Florida, authorities said.

Little Haleigh never had a chance with this crew watching over her. Likely Haleigh’s dead and that turn Misty knows where. Seriously this woman-child annoys the hell out of me.

And I’m betting that the authorities are not happy with this crew of n’er-do-wells as they’ve been following them closely.

The article hints that there’s pressure being put on Ronald to reveal what he knows about his ex-wife and the night Haleigh went missing.

Here’s what I think is going on here: Ronald didn’t have anything to do with Haleigh’s disappearance as I see it. He was working the midnight shift that night. It was Ronald who called in the report on his missing daughter, but not until in the morning when he came home from work. If Misty noticed that cinderblock at 3 in the morning, why didn’t she phone in something?

I think that Misty told Ronald what happened to Haleigh and I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that Misty lost her temper and somehow hit or injured Haleigh enough to kill her.

Now Ronald, a fine, fine man…a stalwart prideful man who will protect his family at all costs, waffled as regards that silly slut he married. First he stood by her side, asserting firmly that he did not believe Misty had anything to do with Haleigh’s disappearance.

Then Ronald began to crumble. This story has been the darling of the Nancy Grace crowd for over a year now and at one point Nancy Grace interviewed the fine, fine Ronald, and he indicated that he did believe Misty might know more about Haleigh’s disappearance than she was revealing.

I think some lawyer or another got to Ronald and told him to clam up and I don’t know why but these two got a divorce.

Now they’re back together selling drugs. That slattern Misty’s been involved with drugs right along, that murdering lying tramp.

I don’t understand or know why they got a divorce but evidently there was great love and family unity when these two got to selling drugs.

Now the authorities have something to hold over the fine, fine brave Ronald’s head, who will do anything to protect his children.

Haleigh deserves some justice. She was an innocent child who should be singing and laughing. This year she’d probably be starting school.

And that Misty bitch belongs behind bars.

I think this will happen soon. Both of those idiots are too stupid to know how to carry this through.

Betty Broderick Denied Parole

This is one mean lady. And she’s still on a mission to justify her actions.

CHINO, Calif. (Jan. 21) -- One-time San Diego socialite Betty Broderick on Thursday was denied parole for fatally shooting her ex-husband and his new wife more than 20 years ago, with a two-person panel saying she remains angry and unrepentant over her crime.

I remember seeing this woman’s story on some movie, probably a Lifetime thing.

Betty Broderick was done dirty, make no mistake. Her husband left her for a younger, slimmer and prettier version. He was a prominent lawyer and Betty asserted that her husband used his legal inside contacts and knowledge to have her children removed from her custody. It could be but the courts do not often remove children from their mother unless for good reason, no matter how influential the father. Just a hunch.

There’s really no telling what was going on in inside that marriage and it’s probably true that Betty got thrown over in a very unceremonious, even humiliating fashion.

Well who the hell hasn’t?

But we don’t go getting guns and killing our former lovers/spouses and their new loves. And let’s not forget that Betty had been seriously obsessed with her husband, constantly calling him with obscene phone calls, throwing pies at him, the sort of stuff people who need a date with reality tend to do.

So Betty Broderick got soundly rejected for parole for her killings of two people in 1991, with one of her own children summing it up ever so wisely:
Dan Broderick, 33, said his mother was "hung up on justifying what she did."

John Edwards Father of Love Child-WHAT A SURPRISE!

Please let us not forget that this paragon of virtue was almost this country’s Vice-President had Al Gore been able to steal the election in 2000. He might even be President now if Gore had his way with the theft.

Further, let’s not forget that this lying sack of excrement also affected last year’s presidential race by running in several primaries with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

And yet the Old Worthless Media never covered this story even though it brewed and bloomed right beneath their noses!
Former John Edwards aide and fake babydaddy Andrew Young is dishing on the specifics of the foiled ruse, including a seamy attempt to fake a paternity test.

Yet exactly WHAT fine reporting service desperately tried to reveal the story behind the man who so self-righteously proclaimed there were “two Americas”?

Yes, it’s the National Enquirer, and NOT, please note, NBC, CBS, ABC. In this link we now find out that a grand jury is currently investigating Edwards’ campaign coffers and how much was given to his lovely sideline plaything.

Finally, well hey I’LL ask if nobody else will. John Edwards has three children with his wife Elizabeth, a woman also a few feet separate from reality and an enabler of that lying zero she married. We assume he knows where babies come from.

This love child of Edwards is not the result of some lust-fueled adolescent love affair. This happened while the man was running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

So why didn’t he, or that tramp girlfriend of his who so obviously caught herself a big rich fish, USE BIRTH CONTROL?

Think about how close this guy came to being our President. Think about how damn shallow a person you have to be to go sleeping with sluts who pass our way and tease on, sleeping with them when your wife has incurable cancer for God’s sake.

Think about the media who didn’t cover this story.

Consider the stories coming from the Old useless media and maybe what the hell they’re NOT reporting.

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