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True Crime-Airline Madness-Is Our Country Under Attack?

We got news just over the wire this day of the post, 12/27/09. For the Nigerians have suddenly taken ill on our airlines and condoms filled with explosives stuffed in their bodies might well be the problem. Lots of other unexplained airline mischief, all involving Muslims, explored for the strangeness.

He tries to kill 2 year old stepson by shoving needles into his body. A story of evil.

Speeding Coast Guard Boat Kills young boy during holiday boat parade.

Updates on old crimes: Ballon Boy Parents Sentenced; Roman Polanski; Gets Found Guilty for Getting Naked In His Own Home.

Some great news reportage, stupid criminals and lots more.

All with pics and video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day

Why All the Sudden Strange Stuff Happening on U.S. Airlines?

It was a busy Christmas Day that had me opening gifts, preparing the holiday meal and playing games with granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law. A scene not much different from many households across America I suspect. Only this Blogger/News Junkee couldn’t keep eyes away from TV as reports came in about a Nigerian on a flight from Holland to Detroit, a declared terrorist incident, the bits and pieces of a news event then happening and a mind’s attempt to inhale the reporting while playing a serious game of Yahtzee.

It seemed that Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab, a fine Nigerian fellow, got it into his head that he wanted to blow up the airplane he was on and ostensibly kill everyone on it. Passengers intervened and stopped the guy.

So Christmas came and went and this news story was reported, news junkees like myself watched the reports. Minds returned to holiday festivities I would assume.

But there’s bit a lot of strange airline incidents of late, every damn one of them involving a Muslim of some sort. Coincidentally. On this Blog post, I report on the odd story of the AirTran flight 297 on 11/17/09. This airline incident involved a bunch of misbehaving Muslims who would not put down the camera, were acting badly, in general rousing enough suspicion that the flight crew turned the plane around and refused to fly with these guys.

I hadn’t heard about THIS airline story involving live bullets found on a plane.
Turner said she boarded US Airways Flight 365 in Phoenix on Tuesday. When the plane pulled up to the gate in Sacramento, she said, passengers were asked to remain seated because of a security breach. A Sacramento County sheriff's deputy came on board and explained that two bullet casings had been found on the plane.

It is now 12/27/09 and I am seldom writing about this story this close to its actual occurrence but I cannot resist.

For yet ANOTHER Muslim, a Nigerian in fact, had what has been determined, as reported at the time of this writing, a simple case of food poisoning.

"A second scare of a possible bomb on Northwest Airlines flight 253 Sunday was the result of a passenger who refused to come out of the bathroom because he was sick with food poisoning, law enforcement officials told

FBI agents and local police swarmed the plane as it landed in Detroit after the pilot reported an "belligerent and uncooperative" passenger who had spent more than an hour in the bathroom as the flight neared Detroit.

Authorities said the passenger was a 36-year old Nigerian petroleum engineer who became unhappy to be ordered to his seat one hour before landing, as required under new in-flight rules following the attempted Christmas day bombing of the same flight by another Nigerian citizen. "...........

.................."Officials gave an "all clear" message a short time later after interviewing the Nigerian passenger and determining he was, indeed, ill.

So this Nigerian gets verbally abusive with the flight crew, something all these muslims seem to do, locks himself in the bathroom for an hour, this on the exact same plane that had that other Nigerian pulling the same stunt, and it’s all just a coincidence?

For now I must believe the investigation of the many agencies who responded to this distress call from that flight as it landed. I’m thinking they didn’t find any explosive liquid in this Nigerian’s underwear but whose to say he didn’t flush it down while spending that hour in that bathroom?

These are True Crimes of Terrorism, folks, and I got a bridge to sell to anyone who believes this second incident is just a coincidence.

Either this second fellow was a copycat and decided to gain some attention for his loopy self, or he was “testing” out how tight the security has become after the first incident, or he was a genuine terrorist and had liquid explosion in his rectum that he “evacuated” during that hour long stint in the airplane bathroom because, I don’t know, maybe he determined the action was unsafe at that time.

It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Coast Guard Hits Boat Anchored to Watch Holiday Parade; Kills 8 Year Old Boy

This is an odd story, if not a very sad story.

A 24’ boat, with 13 people on board, was allegedly anchored in the San Diego Bay watching the holiday water festivities on the San Diego Bay. A 33’ Coast Guard Boat rammed into the 24’ foot boat and killed an 8 year old boy. I’m not sure this is a crime but it’s possible a manslaughter charge is in the balance.

No way should a Coast Guard boat be speeding through a line of docked and/or anchored boats to get at an “emergency” grounding of another boat and hit a boat specifically invited to come down, get comfortable and enjoy the show from your boat. Something is seriously wrong with that picture.

Further, in the first story, linked and quoted below, the collision occurred only when the Coast Guard boat suddenly turned around and returned from its emergency call so what’s that all about?

Two other people on the 24’ boat suffered major injuries, one requiring CPR before going to the hospital.
First report of the accident from
An 8-year-old boy was killed and five people were injured when a Coast Guard vessel responding to an emergency call struck a pleasure boat during the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights Sunday night.

Anthony died of multiple trauma injuries, as reported on this follow up of the accident, from the same source as above.
Maritime law experts said that if the DeWeese family’s Sea Ray wasn’t anchored — as appears to be the case before the accident — it would need to have had a white light shining above the boat and navigational lights on either side of it.

If those weren’t on, the Sea Ray’s operators might be at least partly at fault, said Bill Turley, past president of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego.

If they were, Turley said, questions for the Coast Guard become:

• Was there a crew member serving as lookout, as required by law?

• How fast was the Coast Guard vessel traveling?

The NTSB(National Transportation Safety Board) is investigating this accident and isn’t done its research.

But there’s some mighty puzzling stuff at question here. Per the quote above, it almost looks like somebody’s trying to lay fault on the DeWeese family. And some comments under one of the stories questioned the safety of having 13 people on board a 24’ boat. Other commenters said that alone was a danger. And above, an attorney hints that the little boat should have had its lights on if it was not anchored. Yet in the first report of the story, which could have been just shoddy reporting I understand, it was reported that the little boat WAS anchored.

First…folks…the town of San Diego has this great big holiday shindig and invites all boat types to come on down, watch the fireworks and the boat parade of lights. It’s a holiday thing. An ersatz map of the San Diego Bay and the parade route at the site shows a route that hugs close to shore as such things normally do. The boats that come to watch hug the shoreline as well.

I lived on the Chesapeake Bay most of my life. These water events are very common, festive, the sort of thing folks with boats come to with a bevy of passengers. It’s not like the boats are going out on a speed drive pulling water skiers is what I’m saying here. I doubt such as putting out big lights to the side is something the boaters think of, or even throwing down an anchor or even inviting the whole family and a bunch of neighbors to jump on board. Hey, the boats sit in the water and watch the fireworks, cheer on the boat parade of lights.

What the hell is a Coast Guard boat doing speeding along in such a venue fast enough that upon impact with a standing boat it seriously injures two passengers and kills one? All to get to an “emergency” involving a “grounded” boat?

Now I know a grounded boat can be an emergency, anything possible given the right conditions. But, again putting on my Chesapeake Bay experience hat, grounded boats usually involve a boat that got a bit too close to shore or maybe hit upon a sand bar. They are rarely “emergencies”. Further, as reported in the first story, this Coast Guard boat actually turned around and headed back without even “rescuing” the grounded boat. So it needed to ride along real fast upon returning, fast enough to kill a kid of a boat it impacted?

I’m going to keep an eye on this story. More than likely the DeWeese family will file a lawsuit, and win. I do think it’s a bit stinky dirty to cast aspersions on the family, it’s lack of big sidelights, the lack of anchor, the number of folks on board. None of these things, if true, caused those injuries and deaths. A big old Coast Guard boat going too damn fast under the circumstances of a bay filled with festive boating party-goers all INVITED to come join the fun.

If my gut instinct is right on this, someone driving that Coast Guard boat is guilty of a crime, a manslaughter crime you or I would be charged with if stupid enough to pilot a boat so stupidly in such a venue.

Ballon Boy’s Parents Get Sentenced

The Balloon Boy story covered on this Blog HERE and HERE.

The parents who pulled the balloon boy hoax in hopes of landing a reality TV show were sentenced to jail Wednesday — 90 days for him, 20 days for her — and barred from profiting from their newfound celebrity status for the next four years.

I suppose this wraps up the rather sad story of the Balloon Boy.

How I remember the day of that story. It was around 3 o’clock or so. Sean Hannity’s radio show had begun. Sean began his show with the story, describing what he was seeing on TV with that balloon flying across the skies. I quickly flipped on the TV to CNN, always the best with breaking news, and watched, as mesmerized as the rest of the country I suspect.

I was in my bedroom and it was right after my afternoon nap. I quickly ran out to the living room to tell my husband to quick turn on the TV, that there was currently ongoing a story that was utterly amazing. Husband flicked on the switch and together we watched that balloon fly across the sky, believing along with the rest of the country that a little boy was huddled in the bottom of the thing.

It had all the elements to capture the nation’s fancy: a young child, an unusual flight across the sky, a camera bringing it all into our living rooms, a nail biting page-turner of a saga.

Husband and I watched the balloon land. We waited to see the little boy emerge, we were prepared to cheer. The container thing at the bottom of the balloon held no little boy. Had he fallen out somewhere over the mountains or on takeoff?

At some point it was reported that the little boy was found in his own home. It was still a captivating story. The poor kid went and hid in the “attic” of the family garage for fear of getting in to trouble for not minding his parents.

Later that evening, at choir practice, we all shared our stories of how we watched the saga unfold. We chuckled at the little boy who caused the nation such worry. Yet we understood. Kids do odd things and hey, he’s okay. That’s all that mattered.

In due course we all found out how one guy who’s obsessive about his damn hair thought this to just be the coolest thing to get him national attention, to get him a chance at his own reality series.

The first suspicion came when the boy said his father told him it was all for the show. My True Crime detective mind got to churning. The kid was allegedly found in the rafters of his garage roof. I’ve got a rafters on my garage roof and yes, a plank of plywood laid over the rafters provides a floor of sort. It was under a piece of furniture stored on this plywood floor on the “ceiling” of the Heene garage that Falcon was found.

There are no stairs leading up to this plywood roof of sorts in my garage and I suspected there was no such thing in the Heene garage. In fact we have to climb a steep ladder than “heft” ourselves up to get onto that plywood floor. I pondered that an adult would have to hoist little Falcon up to that garage roof. It wasn’t the sort of location that Falcon could easily get to.

I like that the Judge specifically denied Mr. Heene from making any profit off of this crime. Lest this fellow get it into his head to write a book about it some day is what I’m saying here.

Roman Polanski Keeps Trying

Roman Polanski stories covered on this Blog HERE and HERE.

I’m keeping an eyeball on this fine, fine child rapist who says his chasers and tormenters are just jealous as everyone loves to F_C_ young girls, yes he said this.

LOS ANGELES – A California appeals court has rejected Roman Polanski's bid to have his sex case dismissed.

The California 2nd District Court of Appeal announced Monday it had denied the petition, with justices saying they are "deeply concerned" about the alleged misconduct.

He flipped this country’s court system the bird. The only ones feeling sorry for him are Hollywood liberals who love evil. Whoopi Goldberg, fine example that one, says it wasn’t really “rape,rape”. If the fine Polanski deserves his freedom, why won’t the liberal courts of California give it to him?

Naked In His Own Home

This ridiculous story first reported on this Blog HERE.

The woman told police it was 8:40 a.m. when she was walking her son to school along a path between houses. She said they first spotted Williamson naked in an open door in the car port of his home.
She also told police that Williamson then walked across the house to a large window, facing the way she was walking.

I really hate to deal with this story again. Because at least two famously conservative web sites and no less than Fox News have fallen for this pervert’s scam. My argument is that Conservatives, which I consider myself one, condemn and mock the liberals of the world for falling for sound bytes and silly arguments.

So this guy, he likes to get naked in his own home. At least that’s how he tells the story. Well we all get naked in our home from time to time, there’s nothing wrong with this.

But how many of us get naked outside in our “car port”, wearing only a hard hat and in full view of passersby and young children walking by to catch the school bus?

How many of us get naked and follow passersby as they walk the path past our house from our window to picture window that they don’t miss our nakedness for a blink?

How many of us end up in court, and found GUILTY, with a bevy of witnesses testifying on our brazen and obscene behavior.

Yet this guy’s lawyer continues this pervert’s original mantra…that he was only nude in his own home and how is this a crime?

Naked Man’s Lawyer Uses Same Old Excuse from
I got me a garage. I’m not sure what that “Carport” refers to but even a carport is an outside kind of thing, hardly a quick run in the nude from bathroom to bedroom down a short hallway in our own home. If I stand naked in my own garage, which is technically my house, the whole world could quite plainly see me as the garage has a great big old door. This would include school children walking by to catch the school bus. How would this kind of nudity, wearing a hard hat remember…qualify as being naked in your own home?

In either case, garage or carport (which to me is a roof type of thing with NO WALLS AT ALL), this guy is spotted, naked, wearing a hard hat, something we ALL do, in full view of those walking by.

I won’t name the two notoriously conservative web sites that fell for this idiot’s story because he quite enjoyed his defense that his home is his castle, a conservative mantra indeed. But this pervert was laughing at the sincere conservatives who defended him, mocking the silly women who complained about his bizarre behavior of standing in front of his windows while following the female passersby along the route of the front of his house by moving from window to window. That carport/garage thing? Come on.

I heard Fox News repeat this guy’s bleating appeal that he should be charged with lewd and lascivious behavior for daring to undress in his own home so unfairly.

Fox News makes itself look as dumb as MSNBC when they tried to pass that black guy with a gun as some sort of white racist gun nut.

Meanwhile this pervert gets the last laugh as honest folks defend his right to undress in his own “castle”.

That judge and all those witnesses who testified against this perv weren’t ALL wrong.

I’ve lost a lot of respect for Fox News because of their very erroneous reporting on this story. Fair and balanced they are not.

Victim Goes to Jail

Got interested in this story because it involves a couple of Muslims.

What a hoot. The criminal breaks into the guy’s house, terrorizes his wife and kids. The home owner gets a chance to take on the intruder and evidently beats the living hell out of him.

The robbed fellow is going to jail, the robber gets a pass.

After the incident, Munir was taken to a police station to make a victim statement, but arrested that night. 'He was put in a police cell and detained; he didn't get the opportunity to speak to anybody,' said Qadeer. 'In the the six or seven days he was locked up, he worried all the time about what was happening to the rest of his family.
'Knowing that two men who had broken into the house were still at large was absolute torture for Munir.

Tries to Kill Stepson By Shoving Needles Into His Body

He forced the child to drink liquor to dull the pain. He then cruelly shoved needles into the child’s body hoping they would eventually kill the boy and not be detected.

BRASILIA, Brazil — The 2-year-old boy who had nearly three dozen sewing needles shoved into his body by his stepfather is expected to undergo another surgery this week, doctors said Monday.

A day after a jailed Brazilian man admitted in a television interview he wanted to kill the boy to spite his wife, doctors said they will try to remove three needles from the boy's abdominal region on Wednesday.

Is there no limit to the evil on this planet?

As Reported

say they have glaucoma in memo

What Is With the Obama Administration and Its Love of Murdering Dictators?

There was that Czar of Public Relations who got caught on tape professing her love of China’s Mao T’se Tung, who murdered millions of his countrymen.

Now on the White House Christmas tree we have ornaments adorned with Mao’s image!

Michael Vick Wins Courage Award

Well hey, it takes a lot of courage to slam an already brutally injured dog into a wet wall or hell, throwing one into an electrified swimming pool to die a horrific death.

We give Nobel Peace Prizes to those who have done nothing.

Vick could have, were he angry at his losing dogs, had a lackey put them to sleep nice like if they were of no more use to him. Instead, even as they were bleeding and in blinding pain from the dog fight lost, Vick, the very BRAVE soul, slammed the dog into a brick wall to smash it brains or throw it into an electrified pool.

Such a courageous guy.


Man Climbs Into High Voltage SubStation and Takes 69,000 Shock as He Tries to Steal Copper Wire

This fellow has burns all over his torso. He is in stable condition and expected to live.

What these thieves would have gotten in terms of street value of the copper they were trying to steal is estimated at about a hundred bucks.

Police and paramedics responded to several 911 calls of a man who was on fire at the Dakota Electric power substation located in the 1700 block of Deerwood Drive at around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Investigators said David Stachowiak, climbed onto a high-voltage power transformer, after cutting through the sub station's barbed wire topped chain link fence.

Evidence taken from the scene indicates that Stachowiak and possibly two other people were there to steal copper cable.


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