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True Crime-Amanda Knox, Mike Huckabee-Both Guilty as Guilty Can Be…Much More

In True Crime this week, a couple of big ones covered.

First, Amanda Knox. She’s the American convicted in Italy for murder of her roommate. If you’re not sick of the “Dateline”’s and “48 Hours” of this trial, check in to this Blog for one really huge reason why the logical would know that Amanda is 99.99% more likely to be guilty than innocent.

I am sick of Mike Huckabee and in this True Crime post we re-visit Huck’s other very questionable pardons that also lead to the death of innocents. Fox News covers for Huck, all explained with better research on this Blog post than you’ll find in the Old Media.

A good guess as to why all the silly attempts to cover that stupid couple who crashed the White House last week. The Blog Post pooh poohs the guess and offers a better reason.

All this and much more with pics you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day

A Silly “Crime” That Won’t Go Away

The story of MEEP is a tale that has fascinated mine own husband lo going on three weeks now.

First, husband worked in Danvers, Massachusetts for many years. Second, the story has grown to mythical proportions as much from the sheer silliness of the tale as from how stupidly the principal of Danvers High School reacted to his annoyance.

Below is a meandering, convulted narrative of MEEP, the issues and concerns of Principal Murray, and some meaningless explanations from both administrations and students alike.

From Salem News:

What's wrong with 'meep'? It's all in how you say it

By Ethan Forman
Staff writer

DANVERS — It's no surprise that using bad language in school can get you into hot water. But "meep"?

Danvers High parents recently got an automated call from the principal warning them that if students say or display the word "meep" at school, they could face suspension.

Meep doesn't mean much, unless you are Beaker — the hapless, orange-haired assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew on "The Muppet Show."

While meep may be nonsense, what it represented was no laughing matter to the high school's administration. High school Principal Thomas Murray said students were using it and other words to disrupt school in a particular part of the building on Cabot Road. The term later became part of a disruption some students were planning online.

"It's really not about the word in particular," Murray said. "The reason for the message (was) a group of students were instructed to refrain from that language and other language in a particular part of the building."

Murray gave students "a reasonable request" not to use the word to disrupt school in a hallway, and to stop other behaviors, but they did not listen, Murray said.

"Students were not going along with the direction or refraining from a particular type of language," he said.

Murray did not elaborate on how the students were acting out. But he did say the phone call home was an attempt to head off a disruption being planned on the social networking Web site Facebook.

The disruption never happened, and Murray credited students for heeding his warning.

Murray said the school must react when online activity crosses paths with the school day. To that end, some students — Murray did not say how many — were suspended, but there were additional factors involved in their suspension unrelated to simply saying "meep."

"There were multiple reasons why students have been disciplined," Murray said.

And, he said, the matter was not about banning meep at Danvers High.

"It has nothing to do with the word," Murray said. "It has to do with the conduct of the students. We wouldn't just ban a word just to ban a word."

Murray said he called parents via the automated message phone system warning students not to use the term because "it would be seen as going against the request of the administration and cause a disruption to the school day."

Murray said students were not using the term to harass another student or a teacher.

"It's really about language and conduct," Murray said. "For me, it boils down to respectful conduct."

It's unclear what meaning "meep" has, other than it is a popular thing for kids to say when they are at a loss for something to say, according to various Web sites.

A group on Facebook called Meep has 370 members, for instance, and lists three Danvers High students as members. The category heading is: "Just for Fun — Totally Random," and it involves people just typing the word "meep" in various ways and expressing their fondness for the word.

Entries for the word "meep" in the online Urban Dictionary include "ouch," "uh-oh," a substitution for a swear word, a greeting, an exclamation or "a random expression of happiness used to fill gaps in conversation."

Some Danvers High students said yesterday they were not sure what "meep" means.

"No one really knows," said sophomore Melanie Crane, who said some freshmen used the term, but she has not heard the term used herself.

Other students outside Danvers High who declined to give their names said they got the phone message from Murray saying they risked suspension if they uttered the word.

They said the term is meaningless, comes from the Muppet Beaker or is a sound Japanese anime characters make. One student said nearly all the students think the whole thing is ridiculous.

Murray said the matter should be a wake-up call to parents about how kids are using social networking sites.

"I'm not sure parents are aware of what students are getting into on the Facebook sites," Murray said.

In the near future, Murray is planning a student-and-parent forum on the pitfalls of Facebook.

So the MEEP story plagues Principal Murray in his worst nightmares and now this Blogger, read by two to three people every day, continues to keep the story alive.

Regarding the story above, the readers learns that Principal Murray made a phone call to the homes of Danvers High students warning the parents to instruct their children against the use of the word MEEP and to, eh, head off an attack of an online social networking site.

Say what? Why the hell is the school worried about a major MEEP attack on Facebook?

The narrative continues and now Principal Murray laments that the MEEP word was disrupting the normal course of events in a school day. So okay, this makes sense. Disruption of school days is a concern of such as high school Principals.

Unfortunately the students of Danvers High school have glommed on to their Principal’s hatred of the word MEEP, and, dare I suggest, the man’s rather ridiculous reaction to what should have probably been ignored to die a quiet death?

Principal Murray is now trapped like a rat. I suspect the man wishes he’d never complained a whit about the word MEEP because the students, being adolescents all, now have a joint cause, a mission of sorts, a challenge to keep MEEP alive, breathing and organic against efforts to ban it.

I liken the MEEP word to the word “DUDE”. Understand that I rather like the use of the word DUDE in that boom, with one-syllable and four letters, so much verbiage is compressed.

An example phrase DUDE might replace=”Do you really think this was such a good idea?” or “That’s really, really cool, original, way out.” Or “Have you lost your mind?”

I say to Principal Murray, who probably gnashes his teeth during the endless nightmares that has hairy blue MEEPS attacking him deep in the night…


What’s the REAL Story Behind the White House Gate Crashers?

Obviously any Tom,Dick or Harry should not be walking up to the White House and gain entrance based on hear-say and not much more.

The story behind the alleged party crashing by Tareq and Michaele Salahi has captivated the media over the long Thanksgiving weekend as well as through this past week. While gate-crashers at a White House party is a point of interest, it seems odd that the would-be crime should cause a congressional inquiry. A congressional inquiry complete with refusals by the White House based on separation of powers and threats of subpoenas I would add.

From we have one possible explanation.

The latest juicy details about the White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi is that they have ties to the radical Palestinian and anti-Semite Rashid Khalidi. World Net Daily broke the news on Sunday and we’ll have to wait and see if the mainstream media picks up on the story that they couldn’t seem to ignore last week. Tareq Salahi, the husband of the hot babe Michaele, served on the board of the American Task Force for Palestine, where Khalidi served as vice president.

The American Task Force for Palestine has scrubbed Salahi’s and Khalidi’s names from their website, but a Google cache search of the site shows Salahi’s bio and his position. The Task Force basically lobbies for a Palestinian state and would like Israel to disappear. Taken from Aaron Klein at World Net Daily:

“The Task Force lobbies for a Palestinian state and demands the so-called right of return for Palestinian “refugees” – a formula Israeli officials across the political spectrum have warned could destroy Israel by population genocide, with the Jewish state forced to accept millions of Arabs, thus diluting its Jewish majority.”

The anti-Semite and pro-Palestine Khalidi has close ties to President Obama, which he has tried to hide – gee, another anti-Semite tied to Obama? Who would’ve thought! Khalidi was a professor at the University of Chicago at the same time as Obama.

I include this rather long quote as it seems to be an attempt to explain the flap over the invite to this couple and the nefarious ways that they were allowed admission.

This is a clear case of Occam’s Razor as I see it. The solution is likely the simplest one in this matter in that this couple has a reputation far and wide as celebrity wannabes.

I’m not at all sure President Obama much cares about the Salahis’ relationship with the Palestinian state. U.S. Presidents have to socialize with all sorts of folks and per the quote above I understand that Salahi is VERY involved with the Palestinian authority but so?

The inference in the quote above is that President Obama wanted to hide his relationship to the Salahis so he arranged a “backdoor” admission for them to the party.

I do not think such shenanigans were necessary. I don’t think the fallout of having a lobbyist for the Palestinian Authority would have amounted to much of anything. Again, U.S. Presidents must socialize with all sorts of folks.

A fashionable and happening woman known as Desiree Rogers soon became the focus of the investigation. Rogers is the White House social secretary and she is in charge of such things as who gains admission to White House events.

Rogers has been “invited” to testify before the House Homeland security committee. In a ham-handed move that defies all logic, the White House has denied Rogers a chance to be interviewed by the House committee citing separation of powers.

Now “separation of powers” is a very real thing in this fine country of ours. We can’t have the White House demanding that senators and congress critters turn over their documents upon command and visa versa. America is founded on the notion that the various functions of our government are separate and uncontrolled by other areas of government.

But Social Secretary?

It kind of makes a mockery of what is a noble concept.

The Secret Service director will be testifying before the house committee but so far the Salahis and Rogers refuse to testify. Of course the House has the power to subpoena the Salahis and whether this happens or not remains to be seen.

New Charges To Be Made Against Chandra Levy’s Alleged Murder

First, it is the firm contention of this True Crime Blog that Ingmar Guandique did NOT kill Chandra Levy. I believe that Gary Condit killed Chandra and if yon reader would go to the link he or she would read my reasons for my belief and why this pathetic Ingmar Guandique is definitely NOT guilty of Levy’s murder.

If, and when, silly prosecutors charge and try this man for the murder of Chandra Levy I shall buy every yon reader a bridge, recently renovated.

From the WAPO:
Federal prosecutors in the Chandra Levy murder case told a D.C. Superior Court judge Monday that they plan to file additional charges against the suspect, Ingmar Guandique.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Fernando Campoamor told the judge that his office plans to file a superseding indictment within the next few weeks and has scheduled a new arraignment for Guandique for Dec. 15.

Of course, I’ll throw it out there, this whole thing could be a ploy to have Condit come forward in full confession to Levy’s murder lest an innocent man get charged for the crime.

Do NOT hold your breath, however. More likely this is all a show by D.C. law enforcement to have the world think they’re hot on the trail of Levy’s murder.

The D.C. law enforcement need to go to California to find Levy’s murderer…I’ll drop this hint.

I, for One, Am SICK of Mike Huckabee

On Saturday morning, 12/5/09, I watch Fox and Friends and there, yet again, is Mike Huckabee, all busy defending himself for his clemency grant to cop killer Maurice Clemmons.

Lookit folks, Mike Huckabee has indulged in that great Arkansas tradition of selling pardons and Clemmons is just one of many.

When Huckabee was running for President in 2008, this Blogger, read by two to three people every day, ranted and railed against the man specifically because of his tendency to grant any criminal clemency who would hold a bible and declare a sudden love of Jesus Our Savior. Or criminals suddenly held blessed by evangelicals and church ladies who wanted to marry these same criminals.

Complete background of Huckabee’s pardon of Wayne Dumond HERE.

It was Wayne Dumond who was Huck’s prior infamous criminal of pardon. Dumond had been charged guilty of rape but a bunch of church ladies took to visiting Dumond in prison and one fell in love with this fine, fine man. The church lady’s pastor, a man of great influence in an Arkansas famous for its love of the evangelist, pleaded with Huckabee to give Dumond a pardon.

Huckabee fought like the dickens to get Dumond that pardon, bypasses against all rules and the normal conventions of granting pardons and, indeed, Dumond got the pardon and married that stupid twit church lady.

A few months later Dumond raped and murdered the mother of six children.

I like Fox News, considering it a network that actually reports the news as it happens as opposed to what the White House dictates. But this past Saturday morning Fox News greatly resembled the Lamestream Media in how that interview with Huck was handled. Huckabee is, ahem, host of a popular Fox News show on Saturday nights.

First, fine. Huckabee was given a chance to defend his clemency grant of Clemmons. Nothing wrong with this.

But how come the interviewer didn’t ask ole Huck about Wayne Dumond? All logic in the laws of Journalism, which I did take in college, would require a question about another infamous pardon by the same person under attack for the infamous pardon of Maurice Clemmons.

Or, how about the fact that during Huck’s 8 years as Governor he granted more pardons than the six states surrounding Arkansas, including Texas, during that same time span?

Neither of these issues came up during that “interview” of Mike Huckabee by one of his Fox “friends”.

Another shocking revelation about Huckabee comes to light due to the recent events. Seems some Arkansas prosecutors got upset about Huck’s habit of handing out pardons to every criminal holding a bible. So one prosecutor drafted a letter in complaint of same, below.

Unbelievably, below is the response to this prosecutor’s concerned and sincere letter about Huckabee’s pardons.

Huckabee’s representative reports that Huckabee is laughing out loud.

There should be some punishment for granting unpardonable pardons. Ask the families of those four cops. Ask the children of Wayne Dumond’s victim.

Amanda Knox-the One Bit of Evidence Impossible to Overlook

Complete story of Amanda Knox covered on this Blog HERE


Please, yon ladies and gems of such fine judgement as to be reading this Blog, I plead as you hear the American press go on and on defending this cold-blooded murderer, do not forget…SHE CONFESSED!

So okay, one might say. The innocent sometimes confess.


It’s so rare for an innocent person to confess to a crime they did not commit that it’s almost unheard of.

Of course, if torture is involved, perhaps.

Innocent people do NOT confess to crimes they did not commit as an overwhelming rule. It’s almost impossible to confess to a crime not committed as too many details would be unknown to the innocent. Kooks confess to crimes they didn’t commit. Investigators really don’t want confessions from the innocent, even if they would help wrap up a pesky murder investigation.

The innocent just don’t know the details of the crime. Prosecutors, beyond all the nonsense one might read from all the “innocents” currently in jail, don’t want to put the non-guilty in jail. This leaves the guilty free to commit more crimes, using logic here.

Amanda Knox confessed to having been there when the crime was committed.

Heh. Well actually Knox changed her story so many times if a movie were to be made of her actions the night her room-mate was so horrifically murdered it would require an original and five sequels. First she said she was alone that night. Then she said she spent the entire night with her boyfriend and co-murderer. Then she admitted, well now that she thinks about it, she WAS in the apartment when her room-mate but she did not, of course, wield the knife.

Knox said she heard her room-mate being murdered. She did not actually admit to doing the murdering.

When you get someone changing their stories so many times as in this case you might as well rent an airplane and write the word GUILTY in the sky. I mean, one time please, where were you and what were you doing? Is this that hard to understand?

Since Amanda will spend her years in a foreign prison I’m thinking she’ll become one of those darlings of those people with no lives who spend their time trying to free the guilty.

Maybe Amanda can get Mike Huckabee to grant her a pardon.

Man Speaks “Klingon” Only to Newborn Son

From the Sun:
A DAD spoke only KLINGON to his son for the first three years of his life to see if he could pick up the alien language.
Linguist Dr d'Armond Speers came up with the idea after watching an episode of Star Trek. He spent days translating phrases into Klingon - hoping his toddler's first word would be "vav" rather than "dad".

Fortunately, the child’s mother spoke proper English to the child.

The experiment failed as the Dad admits that soon his son ignored him completely when he spoke Klingon.
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