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She posed as her son's wife to get him off of wife-beating charges. Vick, Montgomery

An update on the Montgomery trial. She killed the mother and stole her baby. Finally there's a trial.

More on the lovely Mike Vick, a narrative on lawsuit abuse and links to previous big cases.

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She Pulled the Baby from Dead Mother's Womb
....but first she killed Bobbi Jo Stinnet.

This horrific crime which caught the attention of the public and was this Blog's first claim to fame appears to finally be heading for trial.

First post after horrific crime

Post filled with comment over Montgomery/Stinnet crime.

More on Mongomery/Stinnet crime.

Lisa Montgomery had been married and had four children with her first husband. Montgomery had a tubal ligation during that marriage but the woman clung feverishly to a belief, allegedly, that she was pregnant.

We say "allegedly" because if Lisa Montgomery was so sure she was pregnant, why on earth did she bother with killing another very obviously pregnant woman and stealing her unborn child?

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We note with interest that this trial is being tried by federal prosecutors. It's not clear to me why but the suspect hails from Kansas while the victim is from Missouri. I'm not sure how these things normally work but this case did cause such a national uproar that I'm thinking perhaps the federal guys were chomping at the bit to try this case.

Except the defense has a new and unique brand of mental illness that they will use in an attempt to save their client from, well I'm thinking that Lisa Montgomery could well be up for the death penalty. She did kill a woman in cold blood, denying that woman’s unborn daughter a mother for her entire life and cutting Jeb Stinnet's wife from his life.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A neuropsychologist's report says brain scans indicate that a woman accused of cutting the baby from a northwest Missouri woman's womb suffers from a mental illness that caused her to believe she was pregnant.

But federal prosecutors on Tuesday challenged the scientific credibility of the report - which has not been made public - and other evidence defense lawyers plan to present at Lisa Montgomery's federal trial to show the Melvern, Kan., woman is mentally ill.

Okay, I've heard of animals suffering from a false pregnancy and I'll allow that such a thing could happen to human beings. Generally, although I'm no expert, but generally the patient besot with notions of a pregnancy that does not exist had been pregnant and lost the baby before birth. Hormones can cause strange things to happen and I can believe that a female in the throes of pregnancy suddenly terminated might take a while to get the hormones in check.

But...a)Lisa Montgomery was NOT pregnant anywhere around the time that she killed Bobbi Jo Stinnet and stole her baby from her womb, and b)these false pregnancies don't usually involve the guile required to stalk another pregnant female, the practice of Caesarian delivery with a pet dog and the plots and plans to get at the pregnant woman to effect her murder and steal her baby.

Lisa Montgomery knew just what the hell she was doing is what I'm saying here and it's obvious the woman knew right from wrong.

This will be an interesting trial. I seem to recall that early on prosecutors vowed they would go after the death penalty for Montgomery. We shall see.

Lawsuit Abuse

This Blog now documents True Crimes across the planet twice a week. Even at that I can't cover even all of the most interesting and/or heinous of crimes.

Thus the following list of outrageous lawsuits, gathered from , is appreciated as the excess in lawsuits that they are.

Read on and consider that our courts are clogged with the following:
Gimme an 'S' ... Gimme a 'U' ... Gimme an 'E'

A Yorktown, Texas family whose daughter failed her cheerleading tryout for the junior varsity squad will be suing the local school district because the girl was deprived of her "childhood dream" of being a cheerleader. She was one of seven girls who tried out for six positions and she didn't make the cut.

The suit alleges the district should have expanded the squad rather than cutting her, as it did when it allowed nine girls to be on the eight-member varsity squad. According to the district, though, that happened on the varsity squad only because the cheerleading sponsor mistakenly believed only eight girls had applied and ruled no tryouts would be held.

No such mistake took place with the junior varsity cheerleaders, and the school superintendent decreed no expansion would occur. No "satisfactory explanation as to why [the girl] was singled out" was offered, the family's lawyer told the Victoria Advocate. "We have no other option but to move forward with the lawsuit."

Source: Sonny Long, "Cheerleader's family to sue school district," Victoria Advocate, July 12, 2007; Valerie Ninemire, "Didn't Make the Cheerleading Squad? Then, Hire a Lawyer,"

Thanks a Million

A Washington state oral surgeon's recovery of $1 million in damages from his malpractice insurance carrier was upheld last month by the Washington Supreme Court (July 27, 2007). The damages arose from the carrier's failure to defend him in a case arising from a practical joke he played on his employee/dental patient.

The employee's family raised pot-bellied pigs, and the oral surgeon was a boar hunter. While the assistant was under general anesthesia to receive dental implants, the opinion states, the oral surgeon prepared a pair of fake boar tusks, placed them in her mouth, and photographed her. The assistant sued and won a settlement of $250,000 for outrage, battery, invasion of privacy, false light, and negligent infliction of emotional distress, among other things.

The surgeon then sued his insurance carrier for bad-faith denial of coverage for his attorney fees. He won in the verdict upheld by the state supreme court. But there was a vigorous dissent, which said, "The majority's reward of Dr. Woo's unethical and intentional behavior will likely be perceived as an abuse of the tort system." More like standard operating procedure, unfortunately.

Source: Woo v. Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, 2007 Wash. LEXIS 555 (2007)

Can't Read, But Can Sue

Is a school district asking too much when it requires its employees to read at least at a third-grade level?

Yes, according to the illiterate supervisor of a St. Louis area school district grounds maintenance crew. The man failed to take the district up on its offer to get him reading instruction on the job, at district expense and at a class of his choice. He was then fired for not attending classes in which he enrolled. He is suing under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The man alleges the school violated the ADA because he could have performed his job with "a reasonable accommodation" such as being given verbal instructions instead of written ones. The district believes his illiteracy endangers him and others. "If you're in a position where you are involved with chemicals like pesticides and operating mechanical equipment, you have to be able to read warnings and signs and instructions," the school board president said. "If you can't, you put lives in danger."

Source: Paul Hampel, "Grounds chief fired for illiteracy sues Normandy schools," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 12, 2007

Try Counting Calories, Not Doctors' Money

It wasn't about the money, says Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis, who sued his gastric bypass surgeons for medical malpractice and lost late last month, the Boston Globe reported.

Weis alleged the surgeons waited too long to do a second surgery after internal bleeding began after the first operation. The doctors said they were reluctant to do the second operation because it might have caused a pulmonary embolism in Weis, who weighed 350 pounds and had a family history of heart disease, the Associated Press reported. The jury found the doctors had not committed malpractice. Weis lost 100 pounds after the surgery.

Weis said he thought about dropping the case after an earlier mistrial but didn't, the Boston Globe reported. "We decided that for all people who are frowned upon by prejudice or bias, we had to take this case to closure," he said. He said he would have donated damages if he had recovered them to help people with "special needs." Sounds like somebody has a special need for perspective.

Sources: David Abel, "Weis won't appeal jury's verdict--Ex-Pats assistant says he'll 'move on,'" Boston Globe, July 27, 2007; Associated Press, "Jury finds against Charlie Weis in malpractice lawsuit," July 24, 2007

Grave Imposition

Two Australian men of Asian origin are suing a cemetery, alleging it created bad "feng shui" at their family's gravesites. The Asian section of the cemetery where the gravesites were located includes a lake, a temple, and a statue of Buddha. It was designed, according to the cemetery Web site, "in accordance with feng shui principles," described as "the ancient Chinese art of channeling the flow of positive energy, or 'chi,' through building design."

After the men purchased the gravesites, the suit alleges, the cemetery constructed a large new mausoleum in front of them. An expert told the paper bad feng shui will limit "the prosperity and happiness of future generations." No mention of what bad lawsuits will do to their positive energy.

Source: "The death of feng shui? Let the courts decide," The Age (Australia), July 15, 2007

At Least He Didn't Hit Anything She Uses ...

A suburban Chicago woman who was struck in the head by a misdirected golf ball is suing the golfer for $100,000 in damages, alleging he "failed to properly aim and execute his swing." She is also suing the golf course owner, alleging the course was negligently designed.

The injury, not described in her court papers, allegedly occurred while she was gardening in her yard, adjacent to the golf course. The golfer's attorney said the golfer yelled "Fore," a warning that a golf ball may be heading toward spectators. He also noted there were about 15 golf balls in her yard. The golf course said it was investigating.

Source: Steve Schmadeke, "Woman says golf ball hit her, sues course, golfer--West Chicago home next to country club," Chicago Tribune, July 27, 2007

Mike Vick-a Man Owned by His Culture

The 18-page indictment alleges that Vick and three other men ran the operation from early 2001 to April 2007 at a Smithfield, Va., property owned by Vick.

Vick-football player and dog torturer

You gotta love Whoopie Goldberg. Here's a woman who's pretty much a nobody but she got a shot to be on The View. And she wastes her first appearance defending a fellow who cannot be defended.

Look above. Yes, it's Mike Vick, a fellow who got the best America had to offer in terms of a career, money, and future opportunities. But still he got involved with a pit bull dog fighting ring and...why?

And don't the fine Whoopie go and denigrate almost half the population in this country by stating that dog fighting is part of a "culture" in the south? I got two things to point out to that fool...a)it most certainly is NOT a part of the culture although it probably goes on, maybe even more so than anywhere else, in the south. Dog fighting is rare but Whoopie the zero tried to make it sound like a common thing. And b)even if such an activity was part of the daily things a southerner does...WE STILL DO NOT WANT TO ENCOURAGE IT!

But this is not about Whoopie, who won't last long on the View I now predict. I know that show tries to get someone to represent the more liberal point of view. Problem is liberals most times are outer space Moonbats and yon average American does not relate.

Animal cruelty, I assert in this True Crime post, is the first sign of a psycho. Almost all mass murderers, psycho and socio-paths begin by torturing animals. This is not an activity our society wants to encourage is what I'm saying here. It's no mind that some people like to watch animals fight, bleed and suffer. Some people like to rape and some people like to rob and some people like to do all manner of things that are criminal.

The American public is lock square on this matter and Mike Vick...hey, you had a good thing going but you blew it, bud. You threw your rather large piece of the American pie right out the window. Let's hope some young upstart learns a lesson from your evil self-indulgence.

And not even Moonbat Whoopie can find the words to justify the incredibly cruel way the non-performing dogs were killed. Electrocution? Slamming them to the ground? Somebody ask the Whoops if this sort of thing is also prevalent in America's south.

”Wise” Report on Va. Tech Shooter Released

I don’t know much about who was on the committee “investigating” this incident and I really only know a little about what this report contained save a caution that the massacre might have been avoided had the school authorities notified the students when Cho was busy shooting a couple of people in their dorms earlier in the morning.

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Days of debate have produced no rational explanation for the Virginia Tech massacre other than the fact the gunman began by placing no value on his own life. Someone who is prepared to die is lethal, as suicide bombers have proven too often.

There’s this pressing need for Americans to form some sort of ad hoc task force to “study” an event even though the event is rife with lessons that could be realized with just a bit of common sense.

And as Keeper of the Common Sense for this country…let me lay it out. This Cho fellow was crazy. While I’m not a big fan of calling every evil-doer a crazy in this case…hey, he was nuts. A subsequent in-depth look at Cho’s past pretty much reveals him to be a nut case.

But we can’t lock every individual who is a nut case although frankly I’d argue that most nut cases can’t function enough to live outside of a mental institution. I’m talking REAL nut cases here, not just some lovesick adolescent all sad over a lost boyfriend. Cho somehow lived his whole life with a crazed brain. Oh sure, clues were available but I daresay on any given day some nut case somewhere is giving out the same clues as Cho. We can’t lock them up if they haven’t done anything it’s as simple as that.

And as for the nonsense of disarming the public every damn time some nut case gets a gun and goes shooting up the world…somebody tell the liberals to forget about it. Taking away the guns of people who haven’t done a thing wrong is NOT the solution.

I could argue that letting the public carry weapons in accordance with prevailing laws actually helps to PREVENT tragedies like the Cho case. But I’ll leave this to the shrinks. I’m going with the common sense here.

Anyway, the experts have submitted their report to the public and we must shrug. As cruel as life can be, sometimes a nut gets a gun…or a knife or a hammer or any number of objects which can harm another human, and well, harms other humans.


New Strategy Announced on Stebic Case

Frankly I think something’s not right regarding this investigation into the disappearance of Lisa Stebic. This woman has been missing now for four months and what’s really weird is that her fine husband has clammed up and is not helping authorities with the search.

Which is likely because this nice man probably killed his wife but that’s just my opinion. If my husband went missing, and I wasn’t the cause of his disappearance, I’d be all over the place trying to find him.

Be that as it may, the investigators are announcing some grand summit between police investigators and prosecutors. Get this…there’s talk that they may subpoena Lisa’s children to get their testimony about what happened the day those kids’ mother went missing.


See, what’s odd here is that Mr. Stebic is not allowing his children to talk to investigators and I didn’t even know a parent could do such a thing. The reason I think something’s not right with this investigation is the police and prosecutors should be on the same page with this. Those children were around when their mother went missing. In addition, they probably have a lot of information about the relationship between their mother and father. But of course Mr. Stebic doesn’t want them going and blabbing all this to the cops.

I can’t imagine why the prosecutors aren’t chomping at the bit to talk to those kids.

But hey, maybe they are. I’m not at all clear why persons so very close to a missing person can’t talk to the police; can be prevented from doing same by a parent very likely the reason the other parent is missing.

From the Chicago Tribune:
As tips diminish in the search for missing Plainfield mother Lisa Stebic, police are planning a summit with Will County prosecutors to map their next step in the case, officials said.

One option is to subpoena Stebic's two young children -- among the last people who saw their mother before she seemingly vanished four months ago -- to appear before a grand jury, the officials said.

Another important note on this case I must point out in my position of Keeper of the Common Sense…Mr. and Mrs. Stebic were living together even though they were “separated”.

This never works.

I’m willing to bet that we’ve all tried this a time or two, perhaps those times when we’re not sure if we really want to get away from a person we once loved permanently or most often, finances simply do not allow it.

So we come up with this scenario where one estranged spouse lives downstairs and the other upstairs.

Not gonna happen.

If yon reader is facing the end of a marriage or live-in relationship, cut the ties and suffer the pain all at once and get it out of the way. Because if anyone thinks they can live with someone they hate…

…just ask Lisa Stebic. If she’s still alive.

Can Larry Craig Get That “Guilty” Plea Revoked?

From the Mercury News:
He has already been sentenced. He paid $575 in fines and fees, and has a 10-day suspended jail sentence hanging over his head during his one-year unsupervised probation if he commits the same offense again.

He also signed each page of a three-page guilty plea agreement. On page one, just above his signature, are the words "I now make no claim that I am innocent of the charge to which I am entering a plea of guilty."

Larry Craig of Idaho

Larry Craig won’t get his guilty plea changed and while sentiments may vary as to the justice of his practically being forced to resign by his own political party, the law is right clear on the matter. Read that last sentence in the quote above and tell me if you think Mr. Craig can now change his plea.

Rove Protesters Fined

We save the laughs for last with this discovery that those American University students who felt that Karl Rove was a dangerous enough fellow that they were compelled to protest his visit to the campus have been fined.

Six American University students agreed late yesterday to pay $100 fines to settle misdemeanor charges stemming from a raucous April 3 protest of White House counselor Karl Rove's visit to the campus, their attorney said.


The libs…they really hated Karl Rove. I daresay if some pollster was to ask yon average American busy carrying this country on his or her back whilst raising the soldiers and citizens of tomorrow they’d likely reply they don’t even know who Karl Rove is.

Well we’re so glad the boogeyman who so scares the liberals has finally resigned to put their progressive nightmares to rest.


FOCUS ON: The Jonbenet Ramsey Murder

She was a child beauty. She had a bright and vibrant future in front of her. Who robbed this child of her happy life? Could a stranger really have negotiated the twisting stairs in dead of night, all the while writing ransom novels and carrying Jonbenet's body three stories down? All this while never waking either Jonbenet's sleeping parents or her brother?

Or did someone nearer and dearer to Jonbenet accidentally kill the child?

Posted soon after Patsy Ramsey's death, this post speculates on the woman and her culpability in the death of her child.

Here's a rant on the "48 Hours" interview with John Ramsey re the fraud known as Mark Karr. The post illustrates how deftly Ramsey pees upon our feet whilst telling us that it's raining.

This post was composed as an email to a true crime group before Blogs were all the rage. It was composed about a year after Jonbenet's death and it includes my theory of how the crime came down. Since these many almost ten years, I stand by my theory.

This post includes book reviews of two Jonbenet theme true crime books. One is "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" by Lawrence Shiller and the other is "Jonbenet" by Detective Steve Thomas.

So the stupid Colorado prosecutor imports pervert John Mark Karr, spending taxpayer money as we need more child molesters in this country. All based on the nonsense lies foisted upon us by John and Patsy Ramsey.


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