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The Duct Tape Bandit in all his glory. Craig, Edington, Spector

We've got some old and some new True Crimes. The Spector trial continues and there's a sentence handed down for Jonathan Edington, the citizen vigilante who might have mistakenly killed an innocent his toddler daughter accused of molestation. I don't think so and in this post I explain why.

We've got the infamous "duct tape" bandit with a pic for smiles.

And of course we've got the True Crime of the Week committed by a Senator from Idaho of all places.

Lots more.


By Kenneth C. Hoffman

Through the years, anyone who had a cat for a pet knows that they can keep you in stitches with the antics they perform. Here are a few amusing anecdotes I have collected.

Mushi lived in Germany during World War II and even though she was well loved, food was hard to come by. Table scraps, sausage casings and an occasional fish head was all she got. One Christmas season, after the tree was decorated, the lady of the house came down hard on her two children, ages four and six.

"You have a heck of a nerve, eating the special candy I hung on the tree for a Christmas treat, " she scolded. The children denied all knowledge of the deed and started to blame each other. Suddenly, from behind the tree came Mushi, blandly carrying a half-eaten chocolate, still attached to its golden string. A very annoyed mom tried to keep Mushi away from the candy but had to give up when two days later, the tree came crashing down with Mushi holding on for dear life near the top.

Another time, a daughter of Mushi, Mushi II, spent most of her days outside, looking for food. After an unsuccessful jaunt, she liked to return to the kitchen to check her dish. Unfortunately, the only way into the house was the open window overlooking the sidewalk. Being situated too high for her to jump, Mushi II waited for a neighbor to pause and say hello and gossip with the mistress of the house through the open window. Timing the jump to perfection, Mushi II bounded to the neighbor's back and launched herself through the open window, much to the consternation to the lady of the house and the shock to her friendly neighbors. Mushi II did all her business inside. Not only was she trained to go on the toilet, but as a finishing act, make a leap to the pull chain and flush the toilet!

My own cat, Sassy, can lie contentedly with us watching TV all night without moving. But if I decide that on one of my many trips out of the room during the evening to get the nail clippers from the bedroom to do her nails, she immediately hides under the covers and starts to complain. We think she hears the sound of the armoire door as I open it over three rooms away.

We only had the pleasure of a cat named Madie (Girly in German) for less than a year when she fell down an embankment and got killed in the street. She was the cuddliest cat in the world and she loved to sleep with us, keeping our feet warm under the covers in the winter and acting like a living muff around our necks, purring all the while. At Night when it was time for us to retire, Madie would race us to the bedroom and fling herself on the bed between the pillows, looking for all the world like the winner of the race.

The friendliness of all the cats we ever owned was measured against our wonderful Madie. None ever surpassed her.

We've owned one dog and at least ten cats (not all at the same time).

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The Duct Tape Bandit Arraigned

He had his shirt over his head reminiscent of "Cornholio" from Beavis and Butthead!

Kazee the duct tape robber

From the Daily Independent
According to the Ashland Police Department, Kazee entered Shamrock Liquors at 13th Street and Pollard Road with his entire face and head - save for openings for his eyes and mouth - covered with duct tape, and his shirt pulled up over his head in a manner reminiscent of "Cornholio," the hyperactive alter ego of the character Beavis from the animated series "Beavis and Butthead."

This fellow's foray into crime wasn't such a good experience. First, the duct tape kept sticking to his hair. Then some wisenheimer liquor store employee gets it into his head to tackle the guy.

The infamous "duct-tape" bandit is also believed to be responsible for several other robberies in the area.

Heh. How pathetic this life of crime.

StepDad Accuses Nine Year Daughter of Murder He Committed

Few of the players in any True Crime scenario are fine citizens. But this fellow from Australia not only killed a three year old girl, now his defense is arguing that her nine year old sister did the deed.

From SMH.com:
A few days later, the jury was told, [the dead toddler's sister-ed]she told a nurse: "I feel very sorry for mum and dad, they must be so sad. My poor little sister. You know, she's dead. I think I caused it. Never mind: she's in heaven with Jesus. I can't go to her funeral, I would be too sad."

Yesterday, the barrister defending PJS against the charge he murdered the toddler in October 2005 said the crown had to eliminate the possibility her older sister had committed the crime.

"This is not an open and shut case," Eugene Wasilenia said.

It's not easy being a defense attorney. They are a necessary evil. I must wonder though, if it doesn't require some total lack of a conscience to do the job.

Oh, and let's not forget the fine mother in this case who stayed at the bar and allowed this man alone with her most precious gifts from God. I know that Jesus holds that little toddler in His arms as He welcomes her into God's kingdom. Now let's see that stepdad in hell.

Jonathan Edington Sentenced-Twelve Years For Stabbing Neighbor….
….will the truth about this case ever see light of day?

Jonathan EdingtonJonathan Edington climbed into the window of his neighbor Barry James and stabbed the man to death. The police responded to James’ parents call for help and found Edington in his kitchen, the murder knife still bloody and in Edington’s hand. Edington never denied killing James.

This case has been covered on the following Blog posts,October 2006 AND September 2006 .

So while this seems like an open-shut case it is anything but.

Jonathan Edington received his sentence recently. Edington got charged with manslaughter which has a 20 year sentence. The judge cut eight years off of that sentence.

Here’s the story as it first came across the wires. Edington’s wife and his then two year old daughter were away on vacation. Jonathan Edington was home. The family had a record of problems with a neighbor, 50+ year old Barry James. Although the “problem” might not be as big an issue as I first imagined. More on this later.

Mrs. Edington called her husband and told him that their daughter was afraid to come home. Mrs. Edington said that the child was afraid because of “Barry” who comes to her during “starry nights” and “rains” on her face.

The Edingtons were already up in arms over this neighbor and concurrent news reports also reported that James behaved strangely according to other neighbors in the area.

Jonathan Edington grabbed his butcher knife, went over to James’ house, climbed into the man’s bedroom window and stabbed the man to death while he slept.

There are no tape recordings of what the child said but assuming the mother wasn’t lying, what did it mean?

Young children’s words are often considered the basic truth in that they have no guile and if they speak of things they could not know than an assumption of truth should be assumed. So this 2 year old describes “starry nights” and Barry James “raining” on her face. Could Barry James, a not so healthy, semi-crippled man, have managed to somehow climb into the bedroom window of the baby and performed some sort of sexual act that the child could only childishly interpret as “raining”? The child’s bedroom was on the ground floor but James would have to climb over four feet and this with the baby’s parents home, we must assume?

Whatever the case, Jonathan Edington went bezerk and no matter what Barry James might have done, he did not deserve to die in his bed without benefit of a trial or an investigation.

And yet….

There’s just so much left unsaid or unclear about this Barry James. The police do have records of complaints filed by the Edingtons re James’ behavior but all that’s been reported is Mrs. Edington’s complaint about James appearing in front of his bedroom window in his underwear. This is not to say there isn’t more, please understand. It’s all that’s been reported. I strongly suspect there’s a whole lot that’s NOT been reported re this case.

The only thing I remember reading about James as reported by the neighbors is that he had a drinking problem and one time crashed into the garage of his parents’ home. Where he lived, by the way, this fifty plus year old man. I don’t have handy links to this report but they might be in the Blog posts I link above. I remember reading it and other neighbor reports that James was a strange one.

Just how “strange” is the question here. Standing in front of one’s own bedroom window in one’s underwear is hardly all that strange although it could have been an episode of indecent exposure for the bother of phoning the police, one must assume. Still the report states he was standing in front of his window in his underwear and he would pull down the blinds in the future. Just a really weird, incomplete thing here, as I see it.

The police report that they could not find ANY evidence that James ever molested the Edington child but what would they find? A two year old reports this story about a starry night and rain…assuming the mother’s story is true, which is also not necessarily a safe assumption. There would be no forensic evidence. James did not rape the child. Any DNA left would be long gone. The words of a child, or the words of a mother of words allegedly said by the child…well that’s all the police would have. It’s not like investigators would find anything re an alleged molestation by James of the Edington child is what I’m saying here. Police statements that they found no evidence really mean nothing.

Why was Jonathan Edington’s sentence so light? Why wasn’t Edington tried by a jury? Why didn’t Mrs. Edington testify?

Indeed, Mrs. Edington refused to testify, likely on the advice of an attorney. I suspect the case didn’t go before a jury because the prosecutors didn’t want the case going before a jury. Jonathan Edington is convinced that Barry James molested his daughter and, indeed, even after his sentencing he asserted he still believe James molested his daughter.
"I don't care what they say, I know he molested my daughter," the 29-year-old Edington murmured as he was led to a lockup in the basement of Superior Court by judicial marshals.

So a man who stabbed another man as he slept in his bed receives a sentence of only about twelve years behind bars? There’s way more to this crime than the public knows.

What I’d like to do is invite any neighbor of the Edingtons or the James to contact me via this Blog. My email is on the sidebar or leave a comment below. I’m sure that there’s information we don’t know and often individuals who know about a crime will email with more details. I will keep any information confidential if requested.

A Crazed Man Goes on Rampage, Kills 6 People Before Caught

Take a close look at the picture below for you will be looking at, literally, human garbage.

Devoe, charged with killing 4 in Jonestown

Paul Devoe never accomplished much in his sad life but it was in late August 2007 that this fine fellow went on a killing spree and yessirree, he sure showed the world his mettle.

One morning Devoe decided, as I speculate, to go out and murder everyone in his life who ever did him bad. He went after two former girlfriends, both of whom escaped. A bartender tried to prevent one such murder and was killed in the process.

Devoe then went to the home of a former lady friend in Jonestown, Texas and shot her, her boyfriend, her daughter and her daughter's friend. He then stole his victim's car and went on a cross-country jaunt to New York. An 80 year old lady was found dead and her car had been stolen. Seems Devoe had to change cars what with the police hot on his tail.

Paul Devoe was a regular on the Internet and such a lover boy you'd believe from his lies on Myspace.com.

Paul Devoe has been captured and extradited back to Texas. Which is a good thing because New York would likely "rehabilitate" the man and put him back out on the street.

Sources for this story:
First report from the WAPO.
Hayley Faulkner's, one of Devoe's victims, MYSPACE page

A great Blogger had this story nailed right from the start. Scroll down than be sure to read the comments. Lots of information, none of it good, on this great American, Paul Devoe.

The Trial That Won’t End

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Okay, the trial for Phil Spector, the wiry haired nut who killed a woman in his house and now performs for the court and jury, has gone on….oh, how long? I’ve got posts about this crime from back to 2005, HERE ,HERE, HERE, , HERE HERE, AND HERE on up through July 2007, all links above.

From the Guardian:
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Phil Spector's often-absent lead lawyer, Bruce Cutler, announced Monday that he is leaving the music producer's murder case because of ``a difference of opinion between Mr. Spector and me on strategy.''

Cutler made the announcement as the trial resumed for what was expected to be the last day of testimony. It wasn't immediately clear if he quit or if Spector fired him.

Cutler had been absent from the trial for many weeks so he could appear on a syndicated TV show. He told Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler that he was prepared to return and do the closing arguments for Spector, but now, Culter said, ``there's nothing I can do for Mr. Spector. I can no longer effectively represent him.''

Already the trial’s been delayed so this gadabout attorney can appear on a TV show! Now he resigns?

Lana Clarkson was a lady who made the mistake of going home with this pervert music producer one night. Spector alleges that the lady committed suicide in his home that night. Something women always do, of course, go to men’s homes and kill themselves. Well if I were going to kill myself, goodness knows I’d do it in my date’s house.

Anyway, this trial never ends. Now with this lawyer quitting, all over a difference of opinion between him and Spector “on strategy”, well how the hell long must we allow the circus to go on?

Top Ten Reasons We Should Have Known Larry Craig Was Gay
10. Campaign slogan was “Repeal the Vaseline Tax.”
9. In interview with Newsweek, named “Liberace” as his favorite former President.
8. On recent mission to Iraq , spent all of his time in Falluja’s gay neighborhood, West Falluja .
7. During recent appearance on “Larry King Live” he put his hand on Larry King’s knee.
6. Proposed giving Congressional Medal of Honor to Barney Frank.
5. Directed $50 million earmark to build more saunas in Boise .
4. Only senator to appear on senate floor in a speedo.
3. Endorsed Greg Louganis for President.
2. Recently offered to give Ted Kennedy a sponge bath.
1. Brings toe-tapping music on his Ipod into a public restroom.

Larry Craig of Idaho

So okay, the infamous arrest of Larry Craig has now become the stuff of jokes, both late night and on the Internet.

I would ask yon reader to click in on this link
for the REAL truth the Larry Craig arrest brings to the conscious of the American public.
FOCUS ON: The Jonbenet Ramsey Murder

She was a child beauty. She had a bright and vibrant future in front of her. Who robbed this child of her happy life? Could a stranger really have negotiated the twisting stairs in dead of night, all the while writing ransom novels and carrying Jonbenet's body three stories down? All this while never waking either Jonbenet's sleeping parents or her brother?

Or did someone nearer and dearer to Jonbenet accidentally kill the child?

Posted soon after Patsy Ramsey's death, this post speculates on the woman and her culpability in the death of her child.

Here's a rant on the "48 Hours" interview with John Ramsey re the fraud known as Mark Karr. The post illustrates how deftly Ramsey pees upon our feet whilst telling us that it's raining.

This post was composed as an email to a true crime group before Blogs were all the rage. It was composed about a year after Jonbenet's death and it includes my theory of how the crime came down. Since these many almost ten years, I stand by my theory.

This post includes book reviews of two Jonbenet theme true crime books. One is "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" by Lawrence Shiller and the other is "Jonbenet" by Detective Steve Thomas.

So the stupid Colorado prosecutor imports pervert John Mark Karr, spending taxpayer money as we need more child molesters in this country. All based on the nonsense lies foisted upon us by John and Patsy Ramsey.

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