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True Crime-Are Maddie McCann's Parents Guilty or Are the Portuguese Cops Just Inept?

Time for some True Crime and finally all the murderers involved in that heinous Christian/Newsom murder are rounded up. They were sitting and talking innocently in their car when a gang raped the girl and forced the boyfriend to watch. They made them kneel and shot them execution style. One of them is a woman!

The Madeline McCann mystery tightens up. The Portuguese police say Maddie's parents are under suspicion. Are they targeting these parents in revenge for their own investigative ineptitude?

Lots more including a fellow who threatened his mother's precious cat for ransom.

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This Fine Group All Worked Together-the Christian/Newsom Murders

Christian/Newsom murder victims

Covered on this Blog HERE, I lamented just why this horrific murder was not considered a so-called “hate” crime.

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were an ordinary couple, driving along one day, doing what couples do in pursuit of their happiness as guaranteed by our constitution.

Then member of the fine group below hijacked their car and Newsom was found the next day, shot and dead. Channon was found two days later, her tortured body stuffed into a trash can. She’d been repeatedly raped and tortured until the fine crew below tired of their game and killed her. Toxic drain cleaner had been poured down her throat, likely when she was still alive, to eliminate the perps’ DNA. Evidently Channon had been forced to administer oral sex to that deserving group.

Christian/Newsom alleged murderers

Evidently this is the crime that keeps on giving. For now yet another fine fellow has been charged with aiding and abetting the perps who had such fun torturing a white woman, not that this was a hate crime or anything. This fellow, Boyd, didn’t get to join in the fun but he is an upstanding fellow and he helped his wonderful friends dispose of the body.

It’s not clear what the female of this group had to do with this day of frolic and fun but she’s been charged along with the rest of that crew from hell.

From Wate.com:
Boyd was previously charged with being an accessory after the fact.

The new indictment accuses Boyd of knowing about the deaths of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom before aiding one of the suspected killers and not reporting the murders.

The couple was murdered in early January.

A woman and three men, Vanessa Coleman, Lemaricus Davidson, Letalvis Cobbins and George Thomas, are charged with killing the couple.

If this is not a hate crime, than what is it?

Girl Scouts Victim of Identity Theft

This woman has four children and a fine example she is.
A Girl Scout troop leader accused of stealing her young Scouts' Social Security numbers and netting $87,000 in a tax scheme pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

Using social security numbers obtained from the girls in the troop she led, Holly Barnes filed fake tax returns and well she fooled the IRS it would seem.

Barnes is out on bail and is banned from leading any youth activity in the future.

I should say.

The Surprising Twist to the Madeleine McCann Case

Missing Madeiline McCann

The story changes almost hourly.

In early May of this year Madeleine McCann was reported missing from the apartment rented in Portugal by Maddie’s British parents for a vacation holiday. Both parents had left the 3 year old alone along with her younger twin siblings. It was reported that the McCann’s would periodically check on the children as they dined at a restaurant not far away. At around a 10 pm parental check Maddie was reported as missing.

Other links on this case covered on this Blog HERE, and HERE, and HERE.

From CNN.com:
But Friday, in a shocking twist to a case that has drawn enormous international attention, Portuguese police questioned both parents at length and then formally named them as suspects, according to McCann family representatives.

Maddie McCann's mother

When it was reported over this past weekend that Maddie’s parents were now considered suspects in their missing child I was, like most, shocked. Here were parents keeping this case in the light of a high profile, one such event including a much publicized visit with the pope. Parents who kill their children generally tend to try to make the glare of the spotlight go away.

In addition, it had been reported several times that Madeleine’s blood had been found in a car the parents rented almost 25 days AFTER Maddie went missing. Pundit speculation across the cable channels was that Madeleine had been subdued via medicine administered by her physician parents in order to calm her down. More speculation assumed that too much had inadvertently been given to Maddie and that the parents discovered Maddie’s dead body during one of their parental checks.

First, if the McCanns had been porting Madeleine’s dead body in that rental car in order to dispose of it, why on earth would there be any blood? Assuming that speculation about the medicine was true. Which was only speculation I must emphasize but this case has so many leakers both from the Portugal police and the British police that it’s hard to ascertain if the speculation came from leaked police info or just a cable pundit thinking out loud.

So Maddie could have been accidentally killed (more speculation) in a way that caused her to bleed but 25 days later there would still be blood? Further, how would these parents manage to hide a child’s body all this time while always under the glare of the cameras?

The cable pundits speculated more that the Portuguese police were only naming the McCanns as suspects as a response to criticism of their investigating skills or lack thereof. Many compared Madeleine McCann’s disappearance to that of Natalie Holloway who went missing during a vacation in Aruba. Do these countries want foreign tourists to keep visiting them if their police force can’t find our missing citizens?

Lo and behold yesterday, evidently from more leaks by the various police forces involved, we hear that the British police department handled the identification of the DNA found in the rental car and that the British police were behind this investigation as much, if not more so, than the Portuguese authorities.

This revelation comes probably as a result of the Portuguese complaints about the dismissal of the evidence and charges as coming as a defense of the Portuguese investigation. The notion being that if the BRITISH police are behind this case’s investigation than there is more credibility to the charge of the McCanns as suspects.

Now I re-think that which I though I had re-thought yesterday and I’m beginning to think that there’s so much smoke here that surely somewhere there is a fire.

I’m thinking that the Portuguese police suspected the McCanns right away when Madeleine went missing. I’d bet that they immediately recruited their British counterparts as this seems the logical thing to do in view of the Natalie Holloway debacle.

As for that rental car and the 25 days later, I’m betting that was part of the investigative plan. The McCanns likely had their every move monitored and their private conversations recorded.

In order for the McCanns to have had a part in the death of their daughter we’d have to believe that they somehow managed to hide her body for what?...almost a month, assuming that rental car was used to dispose of the corpse.

It’s not that easy to hide a body, especially when away from home in a foreign country.

Yesterday my mind was closed to the possibility that the McCanns could have been involved in their daughter’s disappearance. With the renewed intensity of the leaked revelations from the investigators, today, I’m not so sure.

Such a Fine Son

Some day Gary Lamar is not going to have his mother. God help him, but when that day comes may he always have to live with how he tormented that poor woman by constantly threatening to kidnap and harm her beloved pet cat.

From WTOV9:
A Rhode Island man is accused of extorting more than $20,000 from his elderly mother by repeatedly threatening to kidnap her cat unless she paid him.

Cat cartoon

Lamar’s mother kicked him out of the house and since then he’s repeatedly threatened to kidnap the cat. Lamar’s mother even made a few payments to her son she had to curse God that she’d ever birthed such an awful person.

This case has garnered national attention because in a world with Michael Vick electrocuting badly performing dogs and celebrations of 9-11 attacks, this man still manages to make us hold our nose for how terrible some members of our species can be.

Body of Camille Cleverley Found

I’m thinking that pair who saw a bike and decided to take it were more than a little nervous once they realized that the object of their theft was likely Camille Cleverley’s bike. Cleverley’s disappearance was being reported frequently over the few days she’d gone missing.

From Deseretnews.com:
Law enforcement's best clue to Cleverley's whereabouts was a mountain bike that was turned over to police Thursday, said Provo Police Lt. John Guyerman. The Schwinn had been taken from a bike rack near Bridal Veil Falls

It got a bit confusing when investigators discovered that Cleverley’s debit card had been used in a convenience store. Was Camille being held hostage against her will?

Then a couple of thieves decided to come forward and admitted to taking Camille’s bike from the bike rack where it had been left.

I suppose that this fine pair of thieves should be honored in some fashion but consider this…if they had come forward sooner perhaps an injured Camille laying at the bottom of a slippery slope could have been rescued.

Probably not but hey, the cable pundits can speculate, so can The Wise I.

Leaving with a Laugh

Picture of funny crime news story in newspaper

Assuming a wife who admitted shooting her sleeping husband than leaving him to die alone as a bullet in his back denies him movement to a phone for help can be believed, does a fellow who is a bit on the testy side with his wife and asks her to wear wigs and platform heels during sex deserve to die when this wife decides?

Matthew Winkler's three daughters are forever denied a father. Mary Winkler admits she shot him. Soon Mary Winkler might be a free woman. Soon Mary Winkler might get her daughters back.

It's a jury's verdict as bad as the OJ verdict

Matthew Winkler was murdered on 3/22/2006. In this first post on the crime we ask her motive and speculate on Mary Winkler's actions.

The world learns how horrifically the sleeping Matthew Winkler lost his life. This is the first post to note these details.

It's six months after Matthew Winkler's murder. The defense spin begins. We note it all in this post.

It's April of 2007 and Mary Winkler's trial begins. Details in this post.


In this post we rant over the small amount of time Mary Winkler might serve for her crime.

A post with even more on that terrible Winkler verdict.

Here's a post with a video of jurors from the Winkler jury. They seem like nice people but as I note on the post, there's flaws in their logic.

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