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TRUE CRIME-Georgia Boy Found-Did His Relatives Help Him Hide the Boy?

We've some exploding True Crime this week.

The lovely John Couey got the death penalty and NY cops indicted for the bridegroom shooting.

I've got a couple of stories about female teachers and adolescent loves. One story is so tragic and illustrates very well a very unintended consequence of what we might laugh off as a young boy's lustful dream.

A lovely Dad stabs and tosses his baby out the window and a missing Georgia boy found. Were his relatives hiding his crime like Couey's relatives hid Jessica?

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6. CHUTZPAPA n. A father who wakes his wife at 4:00 a.m. so she can change the baby's diaper.
7. DEJA NU n. Having the feeling you've s een the same exasperated look on your mother's face but not knowing exactly when.
8. DISORIYENTA n. When Aunt Sadie gets lost in a department store and strikes up a conversation with everyone she passes.
9. GOYFER n. A Gentile messenger.
10. HEBORT vb. To forget all the Hebrew one ever learned immediately after one's Bar Mitzvah.
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12. MAMATZAH BALLS n. Matzo balls that are as good as mother used to make.

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5. After a particularly rough landing during thunderstorms in Memphis, a flight attendant on a Northwest flight announced: "Please take care when opening the overhead compartments because, after a landing like that, sure as hell everything has shifted."

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6 Year Old Missing Georgia Boy Found Dead

It's shades of Jessica Lunsford and the lovely John Couey.

AP) A 6-year-old boy who vanished a week ago while playing near his trailer-park home was found slain Thursday after a registered sex offender and three other suspects stymied investigators for days with conflicting stories of the youngster's fate.

For right along after Jessica went missing in her Florida mobile home park, Couey's sister and others who shared the mobile home where Couey took Jessica also lied about what knowledge they had about Jessica's whereabouts.

I recall Bill O'Reilly of Fox News doing a couple of shows haranguing that prosecutor for not going after Couey's relatives. It's doubtful that they knew nothing about Jessica's presence in their home but for sure somebody helped John Couey get out of town before the cops could find and question him.

Barrios missing 6 year oldThat Florida prosecutor dodged O'Reilly's wrath, denying that Couey's trailer-mates knew Jessica was inside the trailer and denying that he had any reason to arrest Couey's sister.

In THIS case, the registered sex offender's creepy parents and a family friend WERE arrested. For they denied and covered up all information they had about the missing boy and their 32-year-old retarded son.

Once again, could this little boy have been saved had others not been covering for him?

Fashion Designer Arrested for Rape

Seems like this fine fellow's been raping females from October 2004 through March 5, 2007, when he was finally arrested and locked up.

Prominent fashion designer Anand Jon has been charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault involving three alleged victims, the youngest a 15-year-old girl, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Beverly Hills police arrested Jon on March 6 after a woman said he raped her.

This alleged rapist's lovely defense attorney cries that his client is innocent, that his so-called "victims" were mere models who weren't happy with Jon's designs. But of course, I consider. If these women weren't happy with the fellow's fashion, accuse him of rape. Happens all the time.

Some smirk, of course, at the notion that any male fashion designer would be accused of having sex of any sort....with females! Only this feted Anand Jon has his own perversions. All of his victims, while female, were very, very young.

Guy's a creep and predator. Wonder if all of his defenders would like it if he raped their daughters, sisters or mothers?

What a Wonderful Grandma

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A Clifton, Colo., woman was jailed Wednesday on suspicion she had her grandchildren perform sexually explicit acts while a man she met on the Internet watched.

The 49-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday on charges including child abuse and sexual assault on a child. No bond had been set. The Associated Press was not naming the woman because it could provide information that would identify the victims.

The guy watching was wanted for international child pornography. Seems he got a little help from a wonderful Granny in Colorado who had her own grandchildren perform sexual acts on her while the child pornographer watched.

Well this is Colorado where they let the killer of Jonbenet Ramsey go free whilst importing a pervert from Thailand to unleash on kids across America. We're sure they'll let Granny go free.

Brave Man Stabs Baby Then Throws Him Out the Car Window

Look closely at the picture below and learn. For the fellow below is a big, brave man who will stab a dangerous 11-month-old baby in a minute and just to show how manly he is, he will toss the baby out the car window for effect.

I don't have a picture of Angela Limbrock which is too bad. For Angela Limbrock is an idiot.

Chandler stabbed baby threw out car window

From Fox
INDIANAPOLIS — A man accused of stabbing his 11-month-old son in the back with a kitchen knife, then throwing the boy out a car window, was caught Friday and will face attempted murder charges.

Kevin Chandler, 30, was captured about 10:45 a.m. in a Lawrence home, an Indianapolis suburb, by police acting on an anonymous tip from a woman.

Angela Limbrock and the lovely Keven Chandler are not married, do not live together but they have two children. In 2005, Kevin Chandler kicked the love of his life, Angela, in her head and body and was arrested for domestic battery. Here it is, what....two years later and this duo are still together only this time it's an innocent babe paying the price for an out-of-control father and an airhead for a mother.

Well they found Mr. Chandler and he's now definitely going to jail. Reports are that Mr. Chandler did not put up any resistance when police came to arrest him. Seems Chandler saves all his manly fighting skills for little babies.

Male Students and Female Perverted Teachers

Ladies and gems, for an adult female to have an extended sexual liason with a young adolescent male is simply not normal. And all too often, oddly, the female teachers engaging in this weirdness are very striking women. I put on my amateur psychologist hat and ponder that these beautiful women are so used to being admired and desired that they seek out males who will admire and desire them to even greater heights. Which would come from an adolescent boy when one thinks about it. Young boys are maturing into adult men, their bodies are lusting and their minds and self-control aren't at their best.

No matter how we may smirk that a bit of oral ministrations from one so lovely as a Deb Lefave is every horny teenager's wet dream, it's really time for the law to be laid down to these female teachers. Too often they get very lenient, if any, jail sentence at all. They are hired to TEACH children and nowhere in their contact does this mean to teach male students personal sex lessons.

Below is a story of a teacher and a student and here's some unintended consequences. The female teacher's husband SHOT and KILLED the kid in a fit of jealousy. So let's add this possibility to what could happen with these strange couplings.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — In a tragic twist to a familiar story, a teenager who had sex with his married 30-year-old teacher was fatally shot outside the woman's home, and authorities have charged the woman's husband.

In mine own state of Delaware, a teacher got slapped with ten years in jail. Folks, come on....a 13-year-old boy? A 13-year-old boy? That is just so perverted my mind can't grasp it. There is just no excuse for a 30 year old teacher getting sexually involved with a boy so young. In the case of the story above, the youth involved was 18 years of age which is a legal age in most states. Still, there's just no excuse for these teachers getting involved with these adolescents while they are still in school. I don't think it's too much for us taxpaying idiots out here in la-la land to ask that these self-involved members of the mighty teachers' unions leave our kids ALONE!

WILMINGTON, Del. — A sixth-grade science teacher who was accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Rachel L. Holt, 35, had pleaded guilty to second-degree rape. She sobbed in court Friday as Superior Court Judge Calvin L. Scott gave her the mandatory minimum sentence.

Prosecutors had wanted Scott to sentence Holt to the maximum of 25 years.

New York Eating Its Own

From what I've read, Sean Bell was anything but a stellar citizen. In fact, I encourage yon reader to read my rant on this shooting on my Blog post HERE.

Mayor Bloomberg is a Republican but he lies. This man would sell his mother for an elected office. Further, he needs to keep in good with Al Sharpton.

Bridegroom shot fiance

Prosecutors said they won't discuss the grand jury's decision until Monday.

The officers' lawyers said on Friday that a grand jury decided on Thursday to indict three of the five New York City police officers involved in the November shooting, in which officers fired a hail of 50 bullets at three young men outside a Queen nightclub.

All of which, of course, does not discount that a New York prosecutor thought the actions of the New York police officers wrong enough to warrant an indictment. Like the ham sandwiches grand juries love, prosecutors got the indictment they sought.

Everything stinks to high heaven about this case. Prosecutors have a terrible reputation of late so who knew what these NY prosecutors were trying to do? One can no longer assume prosecutors pursue justice, witness the Duke Nifong mess. Patrick Fitzgerald comes to mind as well.

I don't think those NY Police officers will go to jail. I truly believe this joke of an indictment is being done to please the likes of Al Sharpton. Should evidence be made public that exculpates Mr. Bell and his "bridal" party, I will be the first to apologize and admit my error.

Duke Rape Case Update

Not that anyone's surprised, but it seems the alleged rape victim of the Duke Lacrosse team is not being so forthcoming to the new team of prosecutors.

Recall that the very intelligent Nifong, who had no problem framing and destroying innocent young men's lives that he may be elected, has been removed from the case. It seems the new prosecutors have a lot of problems with the rape victim and her story.

March 16, 2007 — The woman who accused three members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team of sexual assault is not being forthcoming with special prosecutors, law enforcement sources close to the case tell ABC News.

The accuser has met at least twice with prosecutors from the North Carolina attorney general's office, which took over the case from Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong in January.

It's obvious that North Carolina was feeling the pressure of public scrutiny over this case and simply had to get Nifong out of the spotlight. Now I wonder two things...will NIFONG be punished for either blatant abuse of prosecutoral power and/or sheer stupidity on the job? Will that rape victim receive any punishment for her little lie?

I'm quite sure this Duke rape case isn't over. There simply has to be SOME closure. The public will not settle for a Nifong allowed to fade into obscurity.

John Couey Gets Death Penalty

Jessica Lunsford should be alive today. She should be playing hopscotch and weeping for Sanjaya on American Idol. She should be laughing with the wind and running with the spring season due to arrive today.

Instead this innocent sprite spent the last few days of her life, terrified, tortured, in pain and hurt. Her only relief from the terror came when she finally died, alone in a cold grave, buried alive.

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MIAMI - A jury decided Wednesday that a convicted sex offender should get the death penalty for the kidnapping, rape and murder of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, who was buried alive in trash bags just yards from her home.

Somebody tell me that John Couey doesn't desperately need to die. God Himself would not trade a Jessica for a John Couey.

Then the pervert tries to convince us he's retarded. Well he was smart enough to get on a bus and head out of state when the authorities were looking for Jessica. He was smart enough to try and blend in a homeless shelter some five states away. John Couey ran away from justice even as Jessica's breaths grew more tortured and shallow in her homemade grave.

To the jury for John Couey, good job. Another child's life might be spared once Couey is buried. I say bury John Couey ALIVE!

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