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True Crime-Will the Group of Creeps Who Tortured a 6 Year Old Boy ALL Get the Death Penalty?

The verdict is in for the guy who got caught making love to a dead deer.

We've got some True Crime involving canines, including a lovely women who sicced her dogs on a saleswoman and get this, that California arsonist might have started the fire that killed five firemen to free his dog!

Also, what's going on with Houdini? Could he have been poisoned?

Finally, those creeps that tortured and murdered a six year old boy. Big question here...will they ALL get the death penalty?

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- Newt Gingrich, Winning the Future, 3/19/07

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+--------------- Bizarre Presidential Facts ---------------+

Abraham Lincoln did not write the Gettysburg Address on the back of an envelope. In fact, he worked on that address for two weeks.

It was Cicero, not President John F. Kennedy, who first said words to the effect of, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

Some scholars believe Andrew Jackson was born at sea in 1755, not 1767, and thus was not eligible to be president of the U.S. However, at least two states, North Carolina and South Carolina, claim his birth place, about a mile apart.

In 1824, Andrew Jackson received more popular votes than John Adams, yet lost the election. The vote was so close that neither candidate received a majority of the electoral votes. The decision then went to the House of Representatives, which elected Adams.

Zachary Taylor, twelfth president of the U.S., did not vote until he was sixty-two. He did not even vote in his own election.

President Ulysses S. Grant was once arrested during his term of office. He was convicted of exceeding the Washington speed limit on his horse and was fined $20

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A Loving Family That Tortures and Kills Together

Just when you think you've come across the worst this country has to offer, you come across a group of people even worse than anything you've seen.

For Christopher Barrios was a mere six years old when he was choked to death.

From CNN.com:
SAVANNAH, Georgia (AP) --Edenfield A convicted child molester and his father took turns sexually assaulting a 6-year-old boy while the molester's mother watched, then they choked the boy to death, according to an indictment issued Wednesday.

So this lovely family spent some "quality" time with Christopher before tossing his body alongside the road as if a bag of trash.

The bigger question I have with this case that while the prosecutor declares that he is going after the death penalty for all three of these low-lifes, I must wonder, will he really?

Which is not to say that all three of these cretins don't deserve a nice long needle but how often is more than one person put to death for the murder of one individual?

Man Gets Probation for Having Sex With Dead Deer

This Blog is so on the cutting edge that the story of the fellow in trouble for having sex with a dead deer has already been covered HERE. In my Blog post I discussed this pervert's defense against charges of animal cruelty levied against him at the time. Said defense being that since the deer was already dead when he made love to his object of desire, it wasn't, technically mind you, animal cruelty.

From Yahoo.com:
SUPERIOR, Wis. - A 20-year-old man received probation after he was convicted of having sexual contact with a dead deer. The sentence also requires Bryan James Hathaway to be evaluated as a sex offender and treated at the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health in Duluth, Minn.

Now we learn that this same fellow must now be treated for his sexual disorders as his punishment. We also learn, and this is the most important tidbit of the story above, that Mr. Hathaway had been arrested before. THAT arrest was for, get this, KILLING a horse, specifically so he could have sex with it. We must then logically wonder if he killed the deer for the same reason. This factoid was ommitted in the article I used for the original post. I should think that killing animals to have sex with them would for sure be considered animal cruelty.

Frankly I wonder why, at times like this, society even bothers to try and rehabilitate these types of perverts. Given time this is a fellow who will soon be murdering HUMANS and for the same reason he murders animals.

Pizza Boxes Replace Milk Cartons

One of my jobs when I once upon a time processed payroll for various organizations was to notify the state's department of welfare of every new hire. This way, a fellow's Social Security number was fed into a database of those behind on child support and if there was a match then boom, right then and there I could attach the fellow's paycheck. The same rule for females too. If they were behind on court-ordered child support then their paychecks were also attached.

Folks, you make 'em, you take care of them. If the parents of children do not support then it will be on you and I. Thus we should be cheering on any attempt to find these deadbeats and make them pay up. The notion of putting the faces of these child support deadbeats on pizza boxes, hey, it's okay with me.

From Cnews.com:
Customers at some suburban pizza parlors are getting something extra with their pepperoni and mushrooms - wanted posters for parents accused of failing to pay child support.

Now we all know lawyers are scuzzbuckets but get a load of this guy below, quoted from the link provided above.
An attorney who focuses on fathers' rights cases called the tactic "horrible."

"It's just a way of shaming people," said Maury Beaulier, whose firm is in Eden Prairie, Minn.

Many circumstances can cause people to get behind in support payments, but that doesn't make them deadbeats, he said.

See, ladies and gems, you don't get just a little "behind" in your child support payments to get your picture on the pizza box. These are folks who have totally walked away from their obligation to support their children. They are not your buddy Joe who got behind a week or two with the support payments. Any "shame" these deadbeat dads get heaped on them is well deserved.

And pay no mind to those suggesting that the children of these deadbeat dads will be upset at the notion of their beloved father's picture on the pizza box. I once had a deadbeat dad. Almost all you hear is the complaints of the custodial parent. Life is so much better if both parents do what they are supposed to do for the children they brought into the world. I'd wager that children of deadbeat parents would much rather have their parents' picture on a pizza box that would result in resumption of child support than have their deadbeat parent get off scot free.

Dogs and Crime

At least two relatives of Raymond Oyler have told investigators that Oyler had mentioned a plan to set fires to cause a distraction that would allow him to break into the local pound and retrieve his pet pit bull. The pit bull was taken from Oyler for attacking a woman and her dog.

From CBS2:
Oyler arsonistAP) RIVERSIDE, Calif. A man charged with setting a wildfire that killed five federal firefighters wanted to light the mountain on fire as a diversion to free his family's impounded pit bull, a relative of the suspect told investigators, according to a published report.

But of course the lovely Oyler, whose fires killed five fire fighters, has an attorney. The attorney laughs off Oyler's family's story and considers the investigators' queries about the dog story as "humorous".

Yeah, a shark of an attorney would think the horrific burning death of five innocent men to be humorous so long as his precious client isn't caught doing what everyone knows he did. Oyler couldn't control his dog, his dog got taken away, so of course Oyler set a mountain on fire that killed five people.

Let's hope that lawyer is laughing with his client all the way to the death chamber. Man, this is so funny I am rolling on the floor laughing.

Another Fine Dog Owner

From TBO.com:
LAKELAND - When a saleswoman rang her doorbell, Amber Gilbert didn't slam the door in her face. She commanded her dogs to attack the woman, according to an affidavit released by the Polk County Sheriff's Office on Monday.

Gilbert, 32, is accused of setting her dogs on Sennie Yeager, a Tampa woman who was selling cleaning products door-to-door in Lakeland on Friday, the affidavit states.

According to the story linked above, the door-to-door salesperson was walking away when the fine dog owner Amber Gilbert sicced her dogs on the retreating women. Indeed. This dog owner actually opened her door and sent the dogs after the saleswoman. As, understand, the dogs weren't already outside or somehow escaped by their owner out the door as sometimes happens. No. The dogs were deliberately sicced on a helpless human being with her back to the attacking dogs.

An intriguing fact is the breed of dogs sent to attack the hapless saleswomen. One is a Belgian Malinois like my own fine dog breed. The other dog is a German Shepherd, a dog related to the Malinois, also referred to as a "Belgian" shepherd. Neither of these dogs are especially vicious and it's rare that they attack another human. These are dogs used by police forces and for sure can be trained to attack a human. They are big dogs and have great big teeth. Easily they could tear apart a human being but such attacks, unless provoked, are rare. Even though these two dogs attacked the sales person, evidently on command from their owner because these are simply not the sorts of dogs that go around attacking human beings, the two of them only inflicted one bite wound on their victim.

All of which tells me that this nut dog owner had to have trained these dogs to specifically attack people. I cannot imagine my Belgian Malinois attacking and biting another human being even if I commanded her to. She wouldn't have the slightest idea of what I am asking her to do. I have no doubt that she would spring to my defense should a human being ever attack ME as these are very protective dogs and I'd argue they'd kill anyone who would try and harm their beloved owners. But to just out and out attack another human upon command? They'd have to be TRAINED to do that, it's simply not part of this breed's inner nature.

Some fine examples of humans who should not be allowed to own dogs.

From the Electronic In-Box

This came across my email box. While it's intriguing and a bit funny, I've no proof any of it is true. I offer the following for True Crime buffs across the fruited plains.

+------------------- Bizarre Criminals --------------------+

In September 1992, robbers in Las Vegas held up a van thought to contain gambling chips, only to find that it was carrying potato chips instead.

In 1998, a guard was caught smuggling a wad of money in his underpants out of a bank in Atlanta when a tiny security-dye capsule exploded, blowing a hole in his trousers.

In 1998, a would-be Texas grocery store robber went to the trouble of disguising his face with a balaclava but forgot to remove from his breast pocket a laminated badge which bore his name, place of employment and position within the company - an oversight spotted by at least a dozen witnesses.

A 1975 raid on the Royal Bank of Scotland in Rothesay degenerated into farce when, on the way in, the three would-be raiders got stuck in the bank's revolving doors and had to be helped free by the staff. Undeterred, they returned a few minutes later and announced that it was a robbery. The staff thought it was a practical joke and refused to pay up. While one of the men vaulted the counter and twisted his ankle on landing, the other two made their escape,
only to get trapped in the revolving doors again.

Houdini to be Exhumed

Indeed the very term "Houdini" can be used as a euphemism for suddenly disappearing whilst leaving no clue. Now we are to understand that descendents of the famous disappearing magician are exhuming his body to check for possible poisoning.

From Guardian.uk:
Now, 81 years after a death that had been attributed variously at the time to peritonitis from a ruptured appendix, caused by a forceful blow to the stomach, or foul play, relatives of Houdini are pressing for the exhumation of his body to try to ascertain the causes of his death.

In reading the above article I discover that Houdini used to attend seances and the like in disguise and often exposed the Mediums conducting the things as the charletons they were. The current notion is that Houdini could have been murdered by a "spiritualist" who resented his intrusion on a good, money-making venture and then killed him with arsenic poison.

I don't believe any of this for a single second. I am on the lookout for a movie coming out soon about Houdini. Already as I noted in reading the article linked above, there is a new book coming out on Houdini. Such as exhuming long dead bodies under a flimsy pretext of possible murder is often a PR technique and I'm thinking this is the case here.

Although, who knows? I understand that arsenic remains in the body for ages so perhaps they'll find some in Houdini's remains.

I am very skeptical, however.

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