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TRUE CRIME-Two Missing Boys Found; Lots of Duke Rape Case Updates

Time for some up-to-date True Crime. This week, it's all about those missing boys, now found. One was missing for four years, the other a week.

Oh, and there's so much new info on that Duke rape case we're dizzy with it all.

Update on the Atlantic City prostitute murders, a building superintendent who joined in on the rape, those New Orleans' cops and the bridge murders, and yes, it's early yet as reported, but a father really did decapitate his young daughter.

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Kid draws on baby brother

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A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation
with the bricks that others throw at him or her." !!!!

-David Brinkley-

Web Site Worth the Visit

What a smile. Here's a site on which you can practice some good, old-fashioned target practice. Warning, it's a bit of a red-necked target practice site, heh.



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Two Missing Boys Found-Local Police Blew It

The owner of the pizza parlor where Michael Devlin worked got suspicious when he heard the description of the white truck seen in the area where Ben Ownby was abducted. He went to Devlin’s house such was his concern and he noticed that the wheel wells of the truck were dirty. Devlin always kept his truck spotlessly clean.

The owner notified the local police who, at the time, checked Devlin’s police record, found nothing, and failed to follow through with any further action.

From Semissourian.com:
BEAUFORT, Mo. (AP) -- A 13-year-old boy missing since the beginning of the week was found alive in a suburban St. Louis home, along with a 15-year-old boy missing since 2002, authorities said Friday.

Montage of Hornbeck and Ownby

Sheriff Gary Toelke said Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck were found in a Kirkwood home belonging to Michael Devlin, 41. Devlin has been charged with one count of first-degree kidnapping, and Franklin County prosecutor Robert Parks said more charges are likely.

The strangeness of Shawn Hornbeck’s captivity has tongues clicking in speculation. For Hornbeck was anything but kept under severe lock and key. Neighbors said they saw Shawn around the neighborhood all the time and, oddly, they also knew the kid didn’t attend any kind of school. Why on earth no one reported this oddity is beyond me.

Michael Devlin
Hornbeck was only 11 years old at the time of his abduction four years ago and 11 year olds are impressionable. One would think, however, that with age Shawn would attempt to contact somebody for his freedom.

It’s not like the kid was kept in a cave or anything. He had full access to a computer and video games, TV and goodness, the kid even had his own cell phone!

The problem here is how can one question the actions of an abducted and possibly abused child but still, one has to wonder.

He Could Have Stopped the Rape But Chose to Join In

Now here’s an employee you don’t want working for you.

From NY Post.com:
January 11, 2007 -- All he had to do was close the door and dial 911.

But that's not what Brooklyn building super Raynold Voltaire did when he was awoken on a hot July night last year and told there was a kidnapped woman in his maintenance room.

Instead, he threw on some clothes and joined a savage gang led by a registered sex offender in raping and sodomizing the terrified college student.

For when he was notified that a gang rape was taking place in the building’s maintenance room, building Super Voltaire simply joined in on the fun.

Now Raynold Voltaire is state’s witness against the gang of rapists and should be getting a lighter sentence for his participation.

The world is upside down sometimes, folks, just plain upside down.

The Duke Lacrosse Rape Scam…So Many Updates

Duke Rape Investigation Logo

Okay, which update do you want? There’s the one where the alleged victim CHANGES HER STORY.

Or how about a recent assertion that the alleged victim WANTED MONEY ?

In addition, it’s been reported that the alleged victim recently GAVE BIRTH, AND WAS IN THE MILITARY.

Finally, how about Nifong declaring, with a bravado that is incongruent with the mess he made of this case, now WANTS OFF THE CASE?

The state’s District Attorney finally held a press conference and announced that this case would be turned over to a special prosecutor.

And so it seems that the world got tired of Mike Nifong but don’t hold your breath waiting for the man to get any kind of punishment. The best outcome that can happen now is for the three charged young men to get out from under the yoke of the charge. What SHOULD also happen is for the victim to be charged for making a false rape accusation and for sure Mike Nifong should be, at the least, stripped of his position.

But hey, what the hell does Nifong care? He’s already elected and likely any decision to remove him might involve a special election for removal and who the hell knows, the local public might vote to keep him in office!

No doubt this special prosecutor will end up dropping the charges against those boys but should it all just go away?

And my goodness, how about how Duke university badly managed this mess? Don’t forget that Lacrosse coach lost his job early on due to the bad publicity. Don’t forget that one Duke professor actually denied a Lacrosse player, not even one involved in the incident, a chance to attend class.

That whole part of this country looks bad, just looks bad in every way imaginable.

First, the boys on the Lacrosse team, they’re not so pure. Hiring “exotic dancers” for a team party is a dumb thing to do although I know it happens across the fruited plains. Which doesn’t make it an okay, pat-on-the-head, boys-will-be-boys thing to do. I’ve written before and I shall write it now, what if one of those boys’ sister or mother had shown up to give them their prurient little show? How would they feel about that possibility?

There was also, early on, a report that there was shouting of racial epithets and some strange email going around regarding what the Lacrosse players planned to do to the stripper they ordered. God knows right now what’s truth and what’s not but the Duke Lacrosse players are certainly no paragons of admiration. Young men across the country should take a lesson from what happened to those boys.

Duke university leaders reacted with no common sense or logic. At first the Duke powers-that-be ignored the story, then they went and fired the Lacrosse coach who I don’t believe was even there the night of the party. Sure that coach needed a good talking to but firing him was purely a PR move on the part of the university. I have an up-and-coming grandchild who will someday be choosing a college and take this to the bank, if Duke university were the only college on the planet earth I’d never encourage her to go to that den of academic misfits.

The police appear to have been the only ones who did their job and all they did was accurately report what happened. Yet the police have been vilified too because it’s the sort of cloud that hangs over scandals like these.

And the Durham prosecutor and DA’s office, well a book could certainly be written on how NOT to prosecute a case.

Finally, let’s not forget the local Democratic party who went ahead and pushed this guy to re-election. I’ll never believe that some political operative wasn’t behind the decision to use this opportunistic crime as an easy way to election victory.

Mike Nifong has destroyed my sense that justice is blind in America. I’ve lost confidence that will not return for a long time.

Future victims of a REAL rape can also thank Nifong for making any attempt at justice more of a living hell than it already is.

If you think Nifong will pay a price for his heinous and despicable behavior, don’t hold your breath.

New Orleans’ Cops Charged With Murder

How well I remember the incident on the bridge described below.
From CNN.com:
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) -- A deadly gunfight on a bridge in the anarchy-filled days following Hurricane Katrina became a symbol of the city's loss of control.

Now, more than a year later, seven police officers face charges in the shootings.

A grand jury indicted the officers on murder or attempted murder charges Thursday in the September 4, 2005, deaths of two men and wounding of four other people on the Danziger Bridge.

Like everything else that happened in this beleaguered city after Hurricane Katrina whipped through, the Lamestream Media got it all wrong.

Does anyone remember reports of rape and cannibalism at the city’s Convention center?

Of course this was all Bush’s fault as any fool knows. The city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana did their jobs admirably, even as school buses were destroyed by flood waters because Mayor Nagin refused to use them for the sensible use of evacuation.

The New Orleans’ cops demonstrated their corruptness admirably during the aftermath of Katrina. Including this story of unjustified murder of citizens on a bridge.

Another Durham Story-Father Decapitates His Daughter

Here’s a story flying way under the radar. Most important is the question everyone is asking…why did this man decapitate his 4 year old daughter, and HOW?

From WRAL.com:
Clayton — Authorities in Washington, D.C., are holding a Clayton man for extradition to North Carolina to face charges that he killed his 4-year-old daughter in their home and then fled.

U.S. Marshals, working with information developed in the Triangle, arrested John Patrick Violette, 37, at a Capitol Hill motel in the dark hours of Saturday morning. He is charged with murder in the slaying of Katlin Violette.

"I just got home from work, and I walk in the door and my daughter is in the middle of the hallway," Katlin's mother, Amber Violette, told a 911 dispatcher.

Clayton police found the child had been decapitated when they got to 2020 McKinnon Drive late Friday afternoon.

Here’s another thank-you to Mike Nifong. Durham will forever have a bad reputation (well it might clear up after two generations are born and die). The very first report I heard of this unbelievable crime began with words to the effect that “here’s even MORE trouble in Durham”.

After this initial report all information has dried up.

I expect they’ll be more on this story. For now there’s extradition issues and likely, let’s hope, Durham prosecutors are handling this case with closed mouth and attention towards a sound conviction.

Let’s hope Mike Nifong is not assigned to the case.

Hapless Criminal or Criminal With a Heart?

It’s not exactly a “stupid criminal” alert but the criminal, or criminals, were pretty stupid. However, they did return an urn of a beloved child’s ashes that they’d inadvertently stolen at the tearful behest of the robbery victims.

From CNEWS.com:
NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (AP) - Eve and Steven Greene made a simple plea to the burglar who broke into their house: keep the valuables but return the cremated remains of their four-year-old son.

"Just drop it off somewhere with a note on it," Steven Greene said. "And that'll be that." It worked.

Someone left the urn containing the ashes of Zachary Greene at the end of the Greenes' driveway Wednesday morning, two days after it was taken in a burglary.

The thief, or thieves, snacked on Cheerios from the house and helped themselves to thousands of dollars worth of valuables.

Still, someone returned the ashes and I must muse…only in America.

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