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TRUE CRIME- Update, Cruise Ship Death and Baby With Toes Chewed Off

A lot of updates on old True Crimes this week.

First, what happened to those parents who had an animal chew off their baby's toes?

Also, the Smith cruise ship murder ends with a monetary award.

A 6 year old dies tragically, at the hands of TWO people so investigators say.

OJ tries to hide his money and hand to God, a woman is convicted for raping a sleeping man.

Finally the strange death of that Louisiana Mayor.

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What Happened to Coralrose Fullwood?

From News4Jax.com:
NORTH PORT, Fla. -- A 6-year-old girl found dead in the woods near her home was sexually assaulted and more than one person was involved in the attack, authorities said Friday.

CoralRose FullwoodFirst, she was reported missing from her own bed by her parents. Second, hours later, her body was found in the woods.

Finally, Coralrose's father was arrested for possession of child pornography in October of last year and is scheduled to stand trial this coming July. The father's arrest has nothing to do with his daughter's disappearance and death.

At least for now it doesn't, this sentiment just my own.

A child reported missing from its bed then found dead nearby is a red flag that family was somehow involved. A father up for trial on child pornography charges is a flashing red light.

Yet the really odd thing about the case of Coralrose Fullwood is that the preliminary autopsy showed no signs of sexual battery. A later examination not only revealed sexual battery, but found DNA that reveals TWO people were somehow involved in the death of Coralrose. The linked article leaves the reader with just these bare facts and we must assume that investigators are now revealing nothing more than that.

We don't know how many siblings Coralrose had or how many people she shared a home with. We have a father evidently into child porn so likely he's involved in whatever happened to Coralrose.

I don't know into what detail a "preliminary" autopsy goes but it appears that there was no obvious sexual trauma to Coralrose's body. A more detailed examination of the body later revealed some sort of sexual trauma. I'm supposing the more detailed autopsy involved an examination of the child's vagina and semen was found. The semen reveals DNA from two people. Since the child is only six, it can only mean that Coralrose was assaulted by two men. With an adult woman a conclusion of sexual assault based on multiple DNA is not possible but a child this young had to be a VICTIM of two men because for sure it wasn't consensual sex.

This is all only speculation on my part, let yon reader understand.

I bet the father and either a brother of Coralrose or a friend of her perverted father, were involved in Coralrose's sexual assault and death.

Notice that Coralrose is from Florida. It seems to me that this is a state badly in need of an overhaul of its Child Protection system.

I'm sure there will be more revealed about this case in the days to come.

Parents of Baby With Chewed Off Toes Sentenced

Mary and Christopher Hansche have a month-old infant. In mid-December of 2006 they awoke to discover that the baby was missing three of her toes and another one had to be removed at the hospital. The Handsche's have two pets, a ferret and a baby pit bull.

This case was first covered on this Blog HERE.

These parents have now been charged for what happened to their baby.
From the ShreveportTimes:

Parents of injured infant expected to accept plea agreement

Improper supervision carries a $25-$250 fine and up to 30 days in jail.

The parents of the month-old infant whose toes were gnawed off by a family pet are expected to plead guilty to one count of improper child supervision.

The plea is part of an agreement that calls for Mary and Christopher Hansche to give up their pets, perform community service and attend parenting classes, Public Defender Pam Smart said.

"Improper Supervision" hardly touches how these parents neglected this baby. It's not known just why these parents didn't hear their infant's screams as surely the child cried lustily as some animal chewed off the little one's toes.

It's also not clear just what animal chewed off the baby's toes as the couple has both a ferret and a pit bull puppy. The puppy was barely weaned and initially scuttlebutt was that the pup was trying to "nurse" on the baby's toes.

More speculation and it became questionable that such a young pup, with but little puppy teeth, could have chewed off the baby's toes. When it was learned that the couple had a ferret as a pet, speculation continued on that it was likely the ferret that chewed off the infant's toes. I don't know much about ferrets but what I've read is that this chewing thing is often part of a ferret's behavior.

Well the couple slept through their baby's torture for some reason. Surely they could have slept through the escape of their pet ferret even though the couple claimed the ferret had been caged and could not have chewed the baby's toes. Neither animal is going to be euthanized but will be put up for adoption at the local animal shelter.

The real "criminals" here are the parents. Their baby has not been returned to them as of yet. Let's hope those parenting classes help this hapless pair.

Frankly sounds like they shouldn't have a baby OR a pet.

Estate of Missing American Cruise Ship Passenger Awarded Settlement

This case has been covered extensively on this Blog HERE AND HERE.

Seems George and his bride Jennifer didn't have such a good honeymoon cruise. The newly-married couple evidently had a bit too much to drink and the next day, George Smith was missing and an awning below the Smiths' cabin was covered with smeared blood. The only logical conclusion was that Smith somehow tumbled overboard and either sustained a bleeding injury during the fall or had a bleeding injury which might well have weakened him and caused his tumble into the sea. If the blood came from a wound George sustained before his fall, than how did it get there?

The stories of this couple's night before George went missing are strange and confusing. A passenger in the cabin next to the Smiths reported hearing a loud thud from the Smiths' cabin, followed by angry voices, until finally, the silence of the sea. Other reports have Jennifer engaging in outrageous flirtation and allegedly leaving her groom behind in the ship’s nightclub to go off with another man. Jennifer was discovered sleeping off her drunk in the ship's gym, this very early in the morning that George went missing.

Since the ship was anchored in Turkey I believe, Turkish authorities did the initial investigation of Smith's disappearance. Well damn, Turkey had no dog in that fight. How thorough could their investigation have been? Of course the Turkish authorities could have done a bang-up job in their research but I've got doubts. The congress of the U.S. is involved in this case because let's face it folks, SOMETHING happened to George Smith IV. There's tales of Russian ship employees suddenly disappearing back to their homeland and how certain is anyone that Jennifer didn't have something to do with her husband's untimely disappearance?

The problem here is nobody is sure and here in America, we like to get to the bottom of this sort of thing. The cruise ship is settling with the widow of George Smith although a scenario like this, as one would expect, is ripe for resentment and familial anger. The parents and sister of George Smith are not pleased. Let me guess...they resent that George's widow, who they might suspect was directly involved with George's death or, at best, was peripherally involved. It's reported that Jennifer passed an FBI lie detector test.

My best guess is that George and Jennifer did indeed get very drunk the night before George went missing. I suspect that neither of this wedded couple from hell were on their best behavior. Reports have them arguing in the ship's nightclub and Jennifer running off with some guy. I think that Smith likely went overboard on his own steam and the blood on the canopy below his cabin was either from the wound sustained from his fall or a wound received shortly before his fall as he stumbled drunkenly around his cabin.

I'm betting that Jennifer will get the money that she rightfully, whether the world likes it or not, deserves as George's widow. Sometimes fate happens this way and just because sweet Jennifer wasn't the picture of bridal bliss on that ship, well neither was ole George. I really don't believe Jennifer had anything to do with her husband's death because the FBI did become involved in this thing and they could find nothing implicating Jennifer.

From Google True Crime:
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - Royal Caribbean agreed Thursday to pay more than $1 million to the estate of a Connecticut man who vanished during his honeymoon cruise of the Mediterranean in 2005. His widow accepted the deal, but his parents and sister dismissed it as a ``sell-out.''

The Strange Death of Mayor Washington

Loved ones never want to believe that their beloved could possibly have committed suicide. For sure Americans are notorious for disbelieving a possible suicide from any celebrated person.

From Yahoo.com:
But by 10 p.m. Gerald "Wash" Washington was dead in the deserted parking lot of a former high school, a bullet wound in his chest. His gun was found by the body.

The coroner and the sheriff have pronounced Washington's death a suicide — a finding that has embroiled this oil-refinery town in conspiracy theories, with Washington's kin and friends insisting he had no reason to end his life.

In this case it certainly is rather odd that a fellow recently elected Mayor of WestLake, Louisiana would up and shoot himself in the chest in a deserted parking lot of an abandoned school. He left no suicide note and his morning had been spent easing the former Mayor of the town out to allow Gerald Washington to ease on into the Mayoral office.

Washington is a black man and the town he was elected to lead is mostly white. Conspiracy theories are flying now that the coroner has declared his death a suicide.

There is one odd bit included in the story linked above. It is reported that on the day of his alleged suicide that Washington had visited a race track and placed a $4.00 bet. In fact, the ticket stub was found on Washington’s body.

This case is being reviewed by the Louisiana state police now but that bit about the horse racing is a bit jarring.

Could a huge loss at the horse races caused Washington such despair that he ended his life? Or was Washington’s life ended by someone else?

O.J. Tries to Hide Money

A company called Lorraine Brooke Associates received $1.1 million into its corporate coffers.

In 1997, Fred Goldman and family were awarded a cash settlement against O.J. Simpson estimated at $38 million. While the Goldmans can’t get their son back they can now insure that ole O.J., IF HE DID IT understand, doesn’t profit from the loss of their son.

“Lorraine” is the middle name of O.J.’s daughter by his first wife and “Brooke” is the middle name of his daughter with Nicole.

From Google True Crime Groups:
LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- A federal judge prohibited O.J. Simpson from using money he may have received from a canceled book deal and TV interview in which he reportedly told a hypothetical tale of how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend Ronald Goldman.

U.S. District Judge Manuel Real issued the order Wednesday, freezing the money during a hearing about a lawsuit filed last month by Goldman's father. It remains in effect until a January 24 hearing.

O.J. says he spent all the money.

Fred Goldman is a man not to be deterred in his endless quest to prevent O.J. yukking it up on golf courses across the country while he violates court orders and hides his money that the Goldmans do not get their court-ordered settlement.

I’m wondering if O.J. might not get thrown in the slammer for violating the court order issued during the civil suit the Goldmans won in 97.

The arrogance of O.J. Simpson knows no bounds. Ole O.J.’s going to screw up good one day soon, ladies and gems. Be patient.

Woman Charged for Raping Sleeping Man

We are not, ladies and gems, making this up.

From Xdot.in:
Bergen, Norway (AHN) - In a ground-breaking case, a 24-year-old Norwegian woman has been sentenced to nine months in prison and fine after being convicted of forcing sex on a sleeping man.

This female rapist will spend nine months in prison and must pay her “victim” some $6,000 plus dollars.

The victim says he was scared when he awoke one night in January 2004 and found this lady performing oral sex on him. He suffered subsequent mental anguish and psychological difficulties.

Okay, let’s all yuk-yuk and guffaw as this story, at least on the surface, seems to deserve.

I must wonder, however, how on earth this case went through the Norwegian courts and on what basis this woman is being sent to jail for almost a year.

Now wait a minute, stop your shouting that if a woman awoke to find a man performing oral sex on her without prior notice that the man would sure be in a heap of trouble. Indeed. In most countries individuals must CHOOSE who does anything to their own bodies and if not a choice, the violators will face punishment.

First, this lady knew the victim or so she claims. She also said the victim was awake and approved of what she was doing.

Somehow, someway, a court convicted this woman. This makes me wonder what other evidence the courts had that can somehow prove that the man was asleep and violated in some fashion.

Otherwise, well it’s her word against his and logic, hey just LOGIC here folks, is that it’s likely the man was aware of what this criminal was doing to him and likely, using LOGIC again, approved of it.

Beyond my logic, what other proof does this Norwegian court have that we don’t know about? Surely there’s MORE to this story, right?

Can You Blame This Dog

Come on folks. If you were that dog pictured below, would you want to take a long sniff of what it’s being offered to smell?

Dog smell underpants

More True Crime Updates HERE

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