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True Crime: The Sad Deaths of Shaniya Davis and Elizabeth Olten, More Details; The Post Office Disses Santa for Politics

Don’t go thinking that little trick of suspending Operation North Pole by the U.S. postal service was due to budgetary and/or logistical reasons. It was a political action and if such shenanigans aren’t True Crimes they ought to be.

Featured also in this True Crime post, two political correctness actions by investigators that might have caused even more rape and murder for the stunning depth of investigations tainted by fear of offending a perp.

The pathetic deaths of Shanaya Davis and Elizabeth Olten, more sad and puzzling details released.

Stupid Criminal and Under the Radar…a death in Chicago…very questionable. All in this True Crime post.

Pic of the Day

Our Throwaway Kid Society & Shaniya Davis

She’s the same age as my own precious granddaughter. The last picture of little Shaniya alive was shown across the airwaves as she was being carried on an elevator inside a local hotel by some decrepit sort who turned out to be her alleged murderer.

Searchers found Shaniya Davis' body early Monday afternoon about 100 feet off a road southeast of Sanford, in central North Carolina, Fayetteville Police spokeswoman Theresa Chance said.

There are just no words. It’s the strangest story of recent True Crime. The mistreatment of Shaniya Davis, the rape, the abduction, the murder, are all indicators of our “throwaway kid” society.

I’m not going to lay the blame on the widespread availability of abortion. Although that’s part of it.

It’s that a baby can be aborted from its mother’s womb mere moments before birth, that a baby can be aborted from its mother’s womb if there’s too many babies in that same womb and the mother doesn’t want them all, it’s that a baby can be left on certain door stoops with no criminal persecution.

It’s a slippery slope, so I allege. We shrug off the forced removal of the gestating from its mother’s womb and it becomes small matter. I know it can’t be changed; we can’t go back to how it once was.

But you get to walking on a slippery slope. Even the liberals in Europe have limits on abortion, usually within the first trimester. Because a fine, fine group of judges sat on their supreme perches and passed laws, something that’s NOT their job, the normal nuances and restrictions involved in passing laws were not done. Next thing you know ole Joe Blow gets hisself a doctor’s license from the Kingdom of Palu in the South Pacific and he’s pulling full term babies out of their mother’s bodies God knows for what reason.

Next thing some snit bitch discovers she’s carrying triplets so she says…nope, not gonna do it, too much work…abort one of them.

Soon the “ownership” of a child expands way beyond that first trimester, say maybe up to even a full five years of age.

Because Shaniya’s mother owed some pervert drug dealer some bucks and hey, she had a five year old to sell.

The story of how the final sad sale of Shaniya came about is not at all clear. Instead we currently get dribs and drabs from Nancy Grace. Who’s very angry by the way.

And Shaniya’s father, what a doofus. He does the drama queen act first when Shaniya went missing, then after her precious body was found discarded amidst a bunch of deer carcasses, then he shows up on Nancy Grace’s show with yet another illegitimate child of his, also with a black woman it would seem.

Yes I know Shaniya’s father didn’t kill the child and I’m sure he grieves. But his histrionics seemed over the top when hey, he might have kept the child from her heinous mother. After all there had to be some reason why HE had custody of the girl and not her mother.

So why shouldn’t Shaniya’s mother face the death penalty? Who says you have to commit mass murder to get that needle?

I think if Shaniya’s mother had an appointment with Dr. Death perhaps mothers across the fruited plains who consider their children their own chattel to torture and abuse as they see fit might get a message that children are precious innocents here in America and we intend to protect them with the full force of our law.

Elizabeth Olten Killed By Demon 15-Year-Old Girl

The story of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten’s disappearance and subsequent discovery of her body broke around the end of October and was covered on this Blog HERE.

At the time, as is my wont, I was watching Nancy Grace, who was very angry by the way, and I got a lot of the updates on the Olten girl on her show. But even Nancy Grace, who was quite angry, wouldn’t reveal the identity of the 15-year-old girl although she did state that she knew the girl’s name.

So the name of little Elizabeth Olten’s murderer has now been released. Most shocking of all, the confessed murderer, Alyssa Bustamonta’s reason for killing Elizabeth is that she wanted to know what it was like to kill someone.

On the Nancy Grace show on 11/18/09, when Nancy Grace was very angry by the way, a reporter was featured on the show who had been in court the day Alyssa Bustamonta was charged. It was revealed that this senseless murder was very much premeditated. Bustamonta had dug two graves five days before she killed Elizabeth. Elizabeth Olten had been strangled and also had her throat slit.

The fine, fine Alyssa Bustamonta has a Facebook page where is featured a video showing her fine self shocking her little brother on an electric fence, as well as her self.

More on this case HERE.

I can’t even make any intelligent commentary on this case. It is, hopefully, at this point so rare that one can only shrug with incomprehension.

Elizabeth Olten was a bright, personable, loving child who should be laughing and enjoying each new day. But monsters like Elizabeth Bustamonte, who will be tried as an adult by the way, are sometimes born with Satan inside of them.

No one really knows why.

U.S. Post Office Punishes Children For Political Vendetta

“Operation North Pole”, go with me here, is totally different from “Operation Santa”. So the actions taken by the U.S. postal service in regards to Operation North Pole make no sense at all.

No wait! They make complete sense when you consider the current president who is a self-centered boob who spends entirely too much time going after political enemies rather than, say, doing his job.

Seems a registered sex offender was recognized by a volunteer at the United States Postal Service who was working on that organization’s Operation Santa.

Operation Santa is a program sponsored by the workers at the U.S. post office in which US postal workers volunteer their time after or before their normal shifts to cull through letters sent by children to Santa Claus. Some of the letters are chosen and used by these volunteers to obtain and distribute gifts to deserving children, a way to make Christmas wishes come true.

So the U.S.P.S. needs a reason to stop its participation in Operation North Pole because of this sex deviant, who was working on Operation Santa, please keep in mind. Operation North Pole is a program whereby the post office forwards letters marked to the North Pole, as children often do, to a town named North Pole located in…ALASKA!

The U.S.P.S. suspends THIS program even though the sexual deviant had nothing to do with Operation North Pole but was, instead and again, working at the Post Office’s nice little Christmas operation.

North Pole, Alaska makes quite the holiday event with its Operation North Pole, complete with parades, Christmas boutiques, and, oh yeah, they will return letters to children with a North Pole stamp, a real hoot to a little kid waiting for the letter back from Santa.

This action by the post office makes no sense, no sense at all. Some suggest, softly, that perhaps the post office wanted to get even with Alaska, whose former Governor has given this small, small, tiny, teeny president-who really should pay more attention to Afghanistan instead of spending silly time on stupid get-even tricks abusing his power, a lot of dismay and grief.

Now this might NOT be the case. The post office would defend its actions by stating that the discovery of the known sex deviant brought the concept that the post office might, unwillingly and unknowingly, be involved with delivering addresses of susceptible children by its participation in such Christmas programs as Operation North Pole. Operation North Pole’s been around since 1954 by the way.

But if so…WHY DIDN’T IT SUSPEND ITS OWN OPERATION SANTA PROGRAM? Which was where the sex deviant was discovered to begin with?

Oh. Due to public outrage over this matter, Operation North Pole and the U.S.P.S.’s forwarding of all letters sent to North Pole, Alaska, has been reinstated.

This tiny nastiness by Obama will likely go under the radar but Bloggers all across the Blogosphere were on this story like white on rice. Including this humble Blogger with a Blog read by two to three people every day.

It may be a bit over the top to suggest – as Steve does – that the USPS is punishing Alaska for giving us the gift of Sarah Palin, but to shred the letters to Santa that happen to be addressed to the North Pole is just rude.

Political Correctness Cause of Rapes and Death

Below are two stories where political correctness has run amok, resulting, arguably, in deaths and rape.

First, London’s so-called “Night Stalker”.

Seems that after seventeen years of terrorizing elder women AND men, the fellow had finally been caught.

From the Belfast Telegraph:
In July, the rapist's oldest victim, Rose White (not her real name), found the strength to relive her harrowing experience.

In a moving interview published in the Times, Rose, a retired book-keeper who was 88 when she was attacked at her bungalow in Orpington, described how she was watching late-night television in bed when a hooded man appeared.

He told her that if she kept quiet and handed over her money, "you won't get hurt", but after taking £60 from her purse, he assaulted her so violently that she passed out. When Rose came to, the intruder raped her for a second time, ignoring her anguished pleas: "I said, no, please, can't you go and get a prostitute? Why pick on old ladies?" After recovering a glove that had slipped off, he left her bleeding profusely from severe internal wounds.

Now here’s the kicker. The rapist has been identified as one Delroy Grant. Bear in mind that the London police have been looking for this guy for over fifteen years. He was described as “a black male”. And yet…look at the picture of him that was published for public scrutiny.

Lest yon reader think that this guy might have been maybe real light skinned…check out this post on There is a picture of Delroy in this thread but his face has been blurred out but one can see his hands a little in the provided photo. Ole Delroy was way darker that the drawn picture would have you believe.

Further, just throwing it out there, why the hell was his face blurred anyway?

They’re wimps in Europe but have they really gone this far over the edge?

Muslim Honor Killing?

So there’s a question mark after that heading because it’s not at all clear that the perp in this horrific murder of a young mother of two sons was a Muslim.

A mother was found dying in a street with serious head wounds and her right hand cut off as she went to pick up her children after work.

Geeta Aulakh, who has two young sons, died four hours later in hospital from her horrific injuries.
Police later arrested her estranged husband, 31-year-old Harpreet Aulakh, along with five other men.

The poor woman was found scalped with her right hand cut off. Five other men were arrested along with her husband.

This has Muslim honor killing written all over it.

No wait! I read through five articles about this murder and could find no reference to the Aulakh’s being Muslim. Indeed the Aulakh’s were born in India, not a country known for its large Muslim population.

Still there would be vague references to religion in my readings, including a statement from Geeta’s boss that the crime didn’t appear to have anything to do with religion. I thought that odd. Most murders are about anything else but religion with the notable exception of Muslims, who think it just fine to kill disobedient wives and their own children who do not follow the parental wishes.

So I look up PUNJABI, which the is how the Aulakh’s are described. Which turns out to be an area of the world known as Punjab located, as I can best understand, half in Iran and half in India. Punjabis are largely Muslim.

Hmmmm. And nowhere is it reported the religion of this awful man who so ruthlessly murdered the mother of his two young sons. And why five other men to help him with the deed…another sign of Muslim murder?
The main religions of the Punjab region are Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism.
…from Wikipedia.

Chicago School Board President Found With Gunshot Wound to Head

Here’s a story still percolating under the radar. Way I figure, that gang in the White House can get all involved in the silliest of stuff such as letters to Santa Claus and goodness they want to let the fine, fine Kalid Mohammed get a trial in the States, who knows what shenanigans they’re capable of?

And even if Scott DID commit suicide, perhaps there’s something nefarious about Scott’s behind-the-scene’s activity that drove him to desperation. Scott was recently subpoenaed for an investigation into admission practices for Chicago’s elite schools and questionable activities involving Chicago’s recent Olympic bid.

So there might be more to Scott’s death than simple suicide and thus we document his death as being under the radar. For now.

From NBC Chicago:
Although Chicago school board president Michael Scott's death has been ruled a suicide by the Cook County medical examiner's office, Chicago police are characterizing the case as a death investigation, and have not concluded that Scott's death was a suicide.

Calls 911 For Sex

Most criminals, by their very nature, are stupid. But the criminals must be especially stupid to make this Blog’s stupid criminal recognition.

This fellow calls up 911 for sex. His calls are recorded and now, for all the world to smirk, in this Blog read by two to three people every day.

Basso they say, was looking for sex. He made approximately four attempts to get it by calling 911.

Here is a snippet of the call:

Operator: Tampa Police, 911, what's your emergency?
Caller: What's up? Um, can I talk to you for a sec?
Caller: What are you wearing?
Caller: You got a nice butt?

Most of the 911 calls are not suitable for broadcast. Even through some rough language and heavy breathing, police say the operator was able to keep her composure to track Basso down.

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