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True Crime-Mark Lunsford's Son a Sex Predator? Justice Scalia's Daughter

Time for a True Crime Update and we've some very intriguing items this week.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia's daughter is sentenced and Mark Lunsford's son is what? A sex predator?

A report on a most heinous crime of the HIV rapists, a snort from DC's infamous sex blogger, and an attack on a teacher caught on tape.

Finally, the Judge was a Beatles fan and his punishment is original and chock full of Beatle lyrics.

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Quote of the Day

"Beware legislative behemoths. Beware "comprehensive immigration reform." Any bill that is 380 pages long is bound to have nooks and crannies reflecting private deals, quiet paybacks and ad hoc arrangements that you often don't learn about until it's too late."
- Columnist Charles Krauthammer


"This week, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff stumped for the (immigration reform bill). While acknowledging that there is a 'fundamental unfairness' in a bill that allows illegal aliens to stay, Chertoff says he is unwilling to call for mass deportations. 'We are bowing to reality,' Chertoff said. More like ignoring reality, I would say."
- Columnist Tom Fitton

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I thought for sure I had it right. Funny how we handle money all our lives but given the test, we don't know what we think we know.


Bizarre Accidental Discoveries -------------+

1. LSD
Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann was trying to come up with a chemical to induce childbirth. Instead he developed lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD. After he tried a bigger dose, he made another discovery: a bad acid trip.

2. X-ray
Several 19th-century scientists played around with the penetrating rays emitted when electrons struck a metal target. But the x-ray wasn't discovered until 1895, when Wilhelm Röntgen tried sticking various objects in front of the radiation - and saw the bones of his hand projected on a wall.

3. Penicillin
Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming was researching the flu in 1928 when he noticed that a blue-green mold had infected one of his petri dishes - and killed the staphylococcus bacteria growing in it.

4. Microwave ovens
The microwave oven came along in the 1940s. Microwave emitters (or magnetrons) were being used to power Allied radar during WWII. It was after a magnetron melted a candy bar in Raytheon engineer Percy Spencer's pocket that the common use for a microwave emitter was realized.

5. Potato chips
Chef George Crum concocted the perfect sandwich complement in 1853 when - to spite a customer who complained that his fries were cut too thick - he sliced a potato paper-thin and fried it to a crisp.

6. Artificial sweeteners
Speaking of botched lab jobs, three leading pseudo-sugars reached human lips only because scientists forgot to wash their hands. Cyclamate (1937) and aspartame (1965) are byproducts of medical research, and saccharin (1879) appeared during a project on coal tar derivatives.

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Justice Scalia's Daughter Found Guilty of DUI

What with all the hype over Paris Hilton, this little tidbit flies well below the national radar. For Supreme Court Justice Scalia's daughter was arrested for driving while intoxicated, the original arrest covered on this Blog HERE.

As an aside, I had no idea Justice Scalia had NINE, count 'em NINE, children.

It would seem that Scalia's daughter, who looks amazingly like her famous judicial Dad, was driving all around Wheaton, Illinois not only drunk, but drunk with children in the vehicle. This past week Banaszewski was sentenced. Her sentence is pretty much the same given to the lovely Ms. Hilton. Banaszewski must perform public service and undergo counseling for her drinking.

From CNN.com:
Judge Scalia's daughterWHEATON, Illinois (AP) -- The daughter of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was sentenced to 18 months of court supervision after pleading guilty to drunken driving.

Ann S. Banaszewski, 45, of Wheaton, Illinois, on Wednesday accepted a plea agreement under which prosecutors dropped four other charges including endangering the life of a child and failure to secure a child younger than 8 in a child-restraint system.

Of course Paris didn't show up for her public service and was late to court. It isn't that fame and celebrity get you harsher sentences; it's that there are times that celebrity status simply doesn't allow one to walk off scot free, much to Hilton's dismay.

Speaking of Celebrities and Getting Away With Murder

We've been enjoying that little nut case Phil Spector and his comical attempts to defend himself. The old saying is that an attorney who defends himself has a fool for a client. So too should small men with a perverted love of terrorizing women have fools for clients when they make general idiots of themselves as they offer their own ridiculous defenses to thinking people on a jury.

From the LA Times:
Lana Clarkson was the victim of a homicide, the coroner who examined her body today told the jury that will decide whether music producer Phil Spector killed the actress.

Spector claimed that he is too short to have shot Lana Clarkson even though the woman was allegedly shot while she was sitting down and her shooter's height didn't matter. If that one's not bad enough, how about the defense argument that Clarkson shot her self?

Go with me here, it's extremely rare, likely unheard of, for a suicide victim to not only kill themselves in someone else's home in the dead of night, but to also use someone else's gun to do the deed.

Phil Spector was a pervert who liked to terrorize women by threatening them with a gun. He got his jollies off that way, as other women have testified in his trial. Evidently a gun went off during Spector's own brand of foreplay and now he's trying to convince the world that this woman went to his home in the wee hours of the morning, found his gun and shot her own self.

It'd be hilarious if it weren't so damn tragic.

Netherlands HIV Rape Gang

They obtained a "date-rape" drug, lured victims from over the Internet, then raped them, infecting them with their own HIV virus.

From the Newmediajournal:
A GAY gang that allegedly raped victims lured on the internet, drugged them and infected them with the AIDS virus has shocked the Netherlands and raised questions over its liberal sex culture.

They wanted more unprotected sex and such a thing would be easier the more cases of AIDS there was, or so went the logic of this nice gang. Their crime excited them sexually.

Creeps are everywhere but they tend to congregate in a society which encourages sexually immoral behavior.

I Didn't Even Know Mark Lunsford Had a Son

Mark Lunsford is the father of Jessica Lunsford, that pretty little girl who died horrifically at the hand of the lovely John Couey who abducted the child from her own bed and finally buried the child while she was still alive.

It turns out that Mark's son Joshua is now considered a sex offender and this story is more ironic than anything. For young Joshua was caught fondling his 14-year-old girlfriend in a sexual manner. Joshua had just turned 18 and was, thus, classified as an adult while his girlfriend was a minor.

From TampaBays10:
John Lunsford's sonAccording to the Clark County, Ohio court records, Joshua Lunsford put his hands down the pants of his 14-year-old girlfriend while they were kissing back on March 30th and 31st. Joshua Lunsford lives in Ohio.

Teacher's Attack Caught on Tape

Randolph Parker and Dominick Harris are fine fellows, fine brave warriors, member of a gang and proud of themselves. Harris comes from a stellar family who cussed at a police officer and attempted to storm out of a court room in anger.

The lovely Dominick actually filmed his buddy's attack on a high school teacher. Parker punched the teacher in the face, possibly using brass knuckles, and caused the 61 year old teacher to receive 20 stitches.

From WKRG.com:
The brutal attack of a Murphy High School teacher is caught on tape, and News 5 has obtained a copy of the video.

Thanks to these thoughtful and intelligent students, it's all on tape. Click on the link to watch your own selves.

Ramsey and Holloway....Say What?

I realize that Beth Holloway has to be a frustrated woman. Her only daughter disappeared during a trip to Aruba and her likely killers walk free with a smirk. Now she is dating John Ramsey, father of murdered Jonbenet Ramsey?

From Foxnews.com:
In a match seemingly made in tabloid heaven, the father of murdered child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey and the mother of missing-in-Aruba teen Natalee Holloway are dating, FOX News has confirmed.

John Ramsey, 63, and Beth Holloway Twitty, 46, have been romantically involved since January 2007, though the two met at a fundraiser last year.

A couple of things come to mind here. First, Beth Holloway did a bang-up job of keeping her daughter's disappearance in the news, becoming almost a regular on Fox's Greta Van Sustern's show and enlisting elected congress critters to her cause. Beth knew that if she had any hope of getting justice for her daughter, much less finding her body, she had to keep Natalee's story in the news.

Second, the best way to turn the world off, at least that part of the world with brains, is to be seen gallavanting around with John Ramsey. For while Beth Holloway had nothing to do with the death of her daughter, the same cannot be said of John Ramsey. I, for one, will lose any respect I ever had for Beth Holloway Twitty should she get romantically involved with John Ramsey.

Then again, could this be yet another attempt at further publicity for Beth's beloved daughter, Natalee?

Click here for what REALLY happened to Jonbenet Ramsey.

DC Sex Blogger Files for Bankruptcy

She earned six figures for her book and more for posing for Playboy. Now Jessica Cutler is broke.

From the Washington Post.com:
Pic of DC sex bloggerJessica Cutler, the former Senate aide whose online sex diary landed her a book deal and a Playboy photo spread but got her kicked off Capitol Hill, has filed for bankruptcy.
Cutler, a former aide to then-Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, created the "Washingtonienne" blog in 2004 and began posting racy details about her sex life with six men, including a Senate colleague and "a few generous older gentlemen" who she said paid many of her living expenses.

This is an interesting case in that it involves a Blogger who wrote details about her sex life, said details also involving a Senate Aide that embarrassed the poor fellow. I mean, who wants the nitty-gritty details of their sexual behavior plastered all over the Internet?

The interesting thing about this case is the effect the outcome will have on Bloggers. Jessica's former boyfriend is suing her for damages to his reputation. The fact that Jessica is now broke and declaring bankruptcy would cause me to suspect that her former boyfriend might have a chance at being awarded some of the money Jessica made at his expense.

The speculation is that if Jessica has to pay damages to her ex-boyfriend it will be a benchmark indicating that Bloggers, just like any major newspaper, can be held responsible for things they write on their Blogs about other people.

As this humble Blogger sees it, Bloggers don't get a break from liable laws and should be held just as accountable for their words as any other member of society. Jessica's sudden "bankruptcy" tells me she knows her newfound wealth is in danger.

Ending With a Smile

From the SMoking Gun.com:
Before his sentencing earlier this year on a felony burglary conviction, Andrew McCormack filled out a form which asked for a "recommendation as to what you think the Court should do in this case." The Montana man, 20, wrote, "Like the Beetles say, 'Let It Be.'"

a Judge with a sense of humor and an admiration for Beatles' music and lyrics, filed an intriguing response to Andrew McCormack's plea for the Judge to "Let It Be" for his crime of felony burglary. The rest of the Judge's response can be found at the Smoking Gun link above.

Pic of Judge's ruling with Beatle references

More True Crime Updates HERE

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