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True Crime-A Child Psychologist Child Molester and a Quadraplegic Rapist

The Easter season seems to have toned down True Crime across the fruited plains. So we re-visit Darlie Routier who has a fan base of kooks who want to free this woman who murdered her own sons.

Plus a Child Psychologist is a molester and a quadraplegic rapist?

Old lady beats cop with cane and an adolescent arrested for writing on her desk at school?

Finally, Nancy Pelosi's "crime" may not land her in jail but it's a crime nonetheless.

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6. Remove all actual food from the house.

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Shootings Inside Buildings

One was a domestic dispute which took place at the CNN building in Atlanta, Georgia.
A suspect is in custody after a shooting at CNN Center in downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta police spokesman Steve Coleman said two people - the victim and the suspect - had been shot at about 1:30 p.m.

Scene in CNN building

A disgruntled male grabbed a female somewhere inside the CNN building and shot her twice. The perpetrator was then himself shot by a guard inside the building. The picture above is the shooter, the picture obtained from a video taken from outside the building.

Yet another series of shots were fired inside a Detroit building by a former employee at an accounting firm.
TROY, Mich. -- Troy police are at the scene of a workplace shooting inside an accounting firm.
Police received a tip call stating there was a shooting on the second floor of the 1301 Long Lake Crossings building on Long Lake Road.

The disgruntled fired employee killed one former colleague and wounded two others in his shooting rampage. The shooter is a CPA who was laid off from his job a few weeks ago according to published sources.

Which leads me to comment on CPA firms, a subject for which I have some knowledge having worked for a few in my time.

CPA firms are the closest thing to legalized slavery in existance today. Note please that this IS tax season and during tax season, CPA's are chewed up and spit out like old chewing gum. Which is not to say I'm in any way condoning this nut's decision to shoot his former colleagues, supervisors or whoever he harmed during his crazed act of revenge. My mini-editorial is more about my complete surprise that more of these sorts of violence have not happened more often what with the pressure and dehumanization of the mighty accounting firms. Way I see it, accountants and CPA firms have the potential to be every bit as volatile as the infamous Post office. Indeed the English language even assimiliated a phrase..."going postal" as indicator of an individual suddenly gone berzerk and resorting to a surprising violence.

The CPA firm shooter was caught, by the way, later and let's hope they lock his violent behind up for about forever.

Mary Winkler Jury Selection Begins

Mary Winkler's defense attorneys have managed their rather difficult client very well since she woke up one morning and shot her husband in the back. As he lay dying, she gathered their three daughters and methodically prepared to run off from the scene of the crime. Mary did lean down to kiss her dying and suffering husband and whispered a soft apology. Then she took their children and drove off in the family car.

From Jacksonsun.com:
SELMER - Jurors who will determine Mary Winkler's fate in her first-degree murder trial will be kept in seclusion. But McNairy County Circuit Court Clerk Ronnie Brooks could not say this week where the jury will be sequestered.

"The county will obviously be paying the bill, but the state will help," Brooks said. "The county will be paying for the meals."

A select number of people already know they could potentially end up as jurors in the widely publicized case. Some residents were notified in February that they are in the pool of people lawyers will use to select juries for Circuit Court trials through the end of April, Brooks said.

Jury selection in the Winkler trial is slated to start Monday. Police have said Mary Winkler, 33, confessed to the March 22, 2006, shooting death of her minister husband, Matthew Winkler.

Matthew Winkler, 31, had been a preacher at Selmer's Fourth Street Church of Christ. He died from a single shotgun blast to the middle of his back.

Who knows how much Matthew Winkler suffered before death finally took him? Mary Winkler left him helpless and unable to seek help.

It's been particularly difficult to accept that this very cruel murderess managed to get out on bail. Her defense attorneys have hinted that Mary Winkler was the victim of domestic violence and that she was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Rumors abound that the woman got involved in the Nigerian email scam which right there speaks volumes about intelligence and gullability. As for the alleged domestic violence Matthew Winkler poured upon his hapless wife, the best I've heard from Mary's defenders is that Matthew Winkler used to make fun of how she walked.

This trial will be very interesting and this Blog will be watching it closely.

81-Year-Old Woman Hits Cop With Cane

From WIBC.com:
Jurors convicted an 81-year-old woman of felony battery Wednesday for hitting a police officer with her cane.

Betty Chambers showed no reaction when the guilty verdict was announced, but outside the courtroom she used a newspaper to hide her face from cameras. "I'm sick of seeing my picture on TV! I've done nothing wrong!" she said.

It would turn out that the police were wrestling with Betty Chambers' caretaker, a 58 year old man named Thomas Holleman. The article linked is not clear why police even went to Ms. Chambers' home to begin with much less why they got into a physical altercation with Holleman. Once the two responding police officers began trying to subdue Holleman, Chambers began beating the cops with her cane in an attempt to get them off of her caretaker.

What's surprising here, despite a quiet smile this story might bring, is that this old lady managed to give one of the responding cops a mild concussion. This is not a joke it would seem and no matter one's age, no one should be beating another human with a cane, much less two police humans responding to a call for a wellness check.

Darlie Routier's Fans Still Trying to Prove Her Innocence

Every crime such as the one committed by Darlie Routier tends to attract a human subset of kookoids who spend their lives devoted to proving their beloved criminal's innocence and release. Darlie Routier has a legion of kookoids devoted to proving that Routier is innocent in the cold-blooded murder of her two little boys. Routier is also widely famed for her infamous "birthday party" for her sons at their graveside, featuring the spraying of "silly string" all around the grave site.

In this case it is Darlie's mother who is initiating yet another investigation into her daughter's conviction, declaring that it was really Darlie's husband who murdered the two little boys.

From Courttv.com:
Darlie RoutierNow, new evidence suggests that not only may Darlie be innocent, but her husband, Darin, might be the one responsible for the murders.

By me Darlie Routier should take a short trip to a nearby needle but if nothing else, she certainly should never see freedom in her lifetime. Her precious sons deserved to live their lives but died horrifically at the hands of their own mother.

But this constant drumbeat that her husband did the deed really gets old. Hey, the prosecutors had nothing to gain by following the evidence directly to where it led, which was to darling mommy Darlie. If her husband had been involved, which he was not, for sure he would have been thrown in the slammer. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a victim of self-delusion.

All that being said, here's betting the Darlie Routier kookoids come out of the woodwork with this Blog post.

Well Known Child Psychiatrist Arrested for Child Molestation

From SFGATE.com:
A highly regarded child psychiatrist from San Mateo who once headed the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry was arrested Thursday on 14 felony counts of child molestation, police said.

Dr. William Ayres, 75, was arrested at his San Mateo home at about 6 p.m. following a four-year investigation into allegations he molested boy patients dating back to the late 1960s.

"The real tragedy here is that parents entrusted their children to this doctor for help and they were victimized while in his care," San Mateo police Capt. Mike Callagy said following the arrest. "That's so tragic."

Once honored by his county board of supervisors for "his tireless effort to improve the lives of children and adolescents" this fine fellow now finds himself charged with 14 counts of child molestation. It would turn out that through the years almost 800 incidences of child molestation were reported by various males but it wasn't until 2002 that a search warrant was obtained and Ayres' home was finally searched.

It's amazing how slow justice comes to those who hobnob with the political elite, isn't it?

Under Arrest, Chained to Pole-for Writing on Her Desk

Pundits have speculated over the weekend as this story broke that there simply HAD to be more to this story than what was being told.

From WCBSTV.com:
Chelsea Fraser arrested for writing on desk
A 13-year-old girl was handcuffed and placed under arrest in front of her classmates in Dyker Heights after she wrote "Okay" on her desk.

The "suspect," Chelsea Fraser, says she's sorry for scribbling the word on her desk, but both she and her mother are shocked at the punishment.

And indeed there is more to the story. Turns out that a large group of Chelsea's classmates spent time pasting stickers all over the classroom and Chelsea got put into a group with this gang. Chelsea is 13-years-old, was chained to a pole in the classroom and was not granted either the presence of her mother or an attorney when she was questioned by police.

Quadraplegic and Caregiver Arrested for Rape of Children

If this story doesn't puzzle than none ever will. This fellow is a quadraplegic, paralyzed from the neck down. He has been arrested for rape of his three children.

From the Shreveporttimes.com:
ARCADIA – An Arcadia man who is paralyzed from the neck down and his caregiver were jailed this afternoon in connection with the rape and incest of three children, Bienville Sheriff John Ballance said.

Bienville sheriff’s investigators have charged Michael Lee Smudricks, 57, with one count of aggravated rape and three counts of aggravated incest. His caregiver, Lynn Swan West, who turns 59 Thursday, also of Arcadia, is charged with one count of principal to aggravated rape and three counts of principal to aggravated incest.

So many questions here. First, the obvious, can a quadraplegic person really rape someone? Second, his caretaker was told by the children of the sexual attacks but she did nothing. Third, why does this fellow have custody of these children? Where is their mother?

Thank God that these children, all under age 15, will finally get some relief from the constant abuse. Whatever was going on in this household, some folks in charge of things in Shrevesport, Louisiana have some explaining to do. Somebody didn't do their job on this case.

The Biggest Crime of the Week

Nancy Pelosi in goofy scarf is a true crimeNancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and NEVER elected by any national election to represent this country in foreign affairs, took a trip overseas this past week. We'll leave the rest of the commentary to the political pundits but we cannot resist smirking over Nancy's silly scarf she donned in deference to Islam demands that all women wear head covering.

Now there's nothing wrong with respecting other cultures' traditions but by me that stupid scarf with the autumn leaf motif is laughable by two.

First, someone tell Nancy it's NOT autumn. Second, a discrete little black type of head covering would have been far more appropriate. Wethinks Nancy was looking to draw attention to her traitorous behavior in every way that she could

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