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This True Crime Update Features Winkler and Duke News; Lionel Tate Won't Stay in Jail

Here's a True Crime Post and we've got some.

Two biggies this week: the Duke story and the Mary Winkler Trial. We've got the latest on all. Plus a pic of the Duke "victim" for why should remain anonymous?

A young woman gives birth and stabs her newborn 175 times. Plus more on Governor Corzine's accident.

He killed a 6 year old girl when he was only 12. He got a break. Then he robbed a pizza guy at gunpoint and he's back in jail. He's dangerous as can be but why do attorneys want to put him back on the street?

And a deaf lesbian chainsaw murderer...we're not making this up.

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1. Pat Glenn, weightlifting commentator - "And this is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning and it was amazing!"
2. New Zealand Rugby Commentator - "Andrew Mehrtens loves it when Daryl Gibson comes inside of him."
3. Ted Walsh - Horse Racing Commentator - "This is really a lovely horse. I once rode her mother."
4. Harry Carpenter at the Oxford-Cambridge boat race 1977 - "Ah, isn't that nice. The wife of the Cambridge President is kissing the Cox of the Oxford crew."
5. US PGA Commentator - "One of the reasons Arnie (Arnold Palmer) is playing so well is that, before each tee shot, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them ..... Oh my god!!!!! What have I just said?!!!!"
6. Carenza Lewis about finding food in the Middle Ages on 'Time Team Live' said: "You'd eat beaver if you could get it." !!!

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There's no words to describe this very funny video except, well you gotta watch it. The story told is the very epitome of heartbreak. Albeit, heh, funny heartbreak

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The Virginia Tech Massacre

I've been following the events of this event since its very beginning and as of this writing, early morning 4/17/07, the identity of the killer is still unknown although several victims have been identified.

Yesterday morning, around 9:30 am or so, I chanced to be watching Fox News when one of their ubiquitous "Fox Alerts" flashed on the screen. The text indicated that there had been a shooting at Virginia Teach. Edie Hill was the host of whatever show was on and it was she who was interviewing pitiful few people on the telephone and providing details as they became available. I paid attention but as the minutes ticked on it all became background noise as there seemed to be nothing to the story beyond a crazed boyfriend shooting an ex-girlfriend and possibly her dorm's resident advisor. It was interesting enough to keep on for occasional regard but it seemed to be not much more beyond that. In fact, I clicked over to CNN and the shooting wasn't being covered at all on CNN and this convinced me there probably wasn't much more to the story. CNN does a much better job with breaking news than any of the cable networks. If CNN wasn't even covering the shooting I figured it wasn't worth my time.

So I prepared my lunch and tuned into Rush Limbaugh for the afternoon. In due course I took my afternoon nap. When I awoke, around 3:20 pm or so, I heard references to a large shooting in Virginia and I was sleepily surprised. For when I had turned in the shooting had been just a small "domestic dispute" thing. Now it was being billed as the largest school shooting in U.S. history.

Of course I quickly tuned into the cable news networks and FreeRepublic and got myself up to snuff on available details.

Which isn't much right now and this amazes me. A few of the victims have been identified. Prof. Liviu Librescu has been identified as a victim. Librescu is an Israeli citizen.

From FreeRepublic, I learn:
Teen With Local Ties Killed in Virginia Tech Shooting
Last Update: Apr 17, 2007 12:20 AM

Blacksburg, VA. - The shooting spree in the Virginia Tech campus has claimed 33 lives, including that of the shooter. Among the dead, a freshman with family in the Rochester area.

Mary Read was in a French class when the gunman opened fire in a classroom building, just after nine this morning.

Read’s grandparents, Dave and Kate, are from Macedon. She has an Aunt Mary Courtney, in Palmyra. Also an Aunt and Uncle in Rochester, Karen and Ted Kuppinger. Ted is a Lieutenant in the Rochester Fire Department.

That FreeRepublic thread linked contains a wealth of information and in live events such as this, a FreeRepublic thread is the quickest way to keep abreast of events as they occur.

At any rate, the university has scheduled a press conference at 9 am this morning, 4/17/07.

The FreeRepublic thread I linked includes a rollicking debate about gun control. I've got some thoughts about this....If the gun-hating liberals think they're are going to use this event to take away the guns of law-abiding citizens, forgetaboutit.

America is well-beyond those days of Brady when we all held hands, sang Kumbaya and passed gun control laws which served no purpose at all. Even non-gun-owning Americans will not tolerate such an action.

We live in a world of suicidal Islamofacists and crazed gunmen who kill for God knows why. We are just not so naive as to think that banning guns will keep guns away from the CRIMINALS.

Beyond this, reports are that the shooter is unknown. Rumors have it that the shooter is an Asian student but for now I'll leave it at that.

This is some strange story, folks. Stay tuned to this Blog for updates.

Mary Winkler's Trial Ongoing

From AOL.com:
SELMER, Tenn. (April 14) -- A preacher's wife accused of killing her husband told authorities his inconsistent personality kept her on edge during a long buildup of domestic problems.

"I just never know what's coming next," Mary Winkler said during a statement recorded shortly after her arrest and played at her trial on Friday. "I think we're having a good day and then bam. I'm nervous about something and he's aloof about it. But, it's just no excuse for anything. But, you know, it wasn't out of the blue either."

If the public has learned anything about the reasons for Mary Winkler shooting her husband Matthew in the back it's that the public has learned nothing about the reasons Mary Winkler shot her husband so cruelly.

Indeed we've heard that the shooting was an accident. We've heard that Mary was involved in a check-kiting scheme involving email and Nigeria, a rather dumb thing to get involved in and a source of annoyance to Matthew Winkler. We've heard that Matthew Winkler abused his daughters.

All of which means to me that Mary Winkler murdered her husband for no reason that makes any sense. Make no mistake, the only reason she'd be justified for shooting her husband would be if her or her children were in imminent danger. Which was not the case, go with me here, in that Matthew Winkler was laying in his bed sleeping when his wife shot him in the back. She then kissed him while he was alive but dazed in agony, grabbed his daughters and drove off, leaving Matthew Winkler to die alone, unable to reach a phone and suffering God knows what pain until death took him.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It was surprising when Mary Winkler got out of jail on bail although it's understandable that she likely wasn't a danger to society until her trial. Still her crime was so cold-blooded and heinous the sight of her walking about free was disconcerting.

Mary's defense lawyers got a difficult job ahead of them. It's evident to most True Crime observers that the woman doesn't have a defense that will sway a jury. For a defense that would justify the manner in which Mary shot a sleeping a defenseless Matthew Winkler simply does not exist.

NJ Governor Corzine Critically Injured in Car Accident

Goes to the problem of "unintended circumstances".
From the Guardian:
CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) - New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine was in critical condition Friday but expected to recover after his SUV crashed into a guard rail while heading to a meeting between Don Imus and the Rutgers women's basketball team.

A spokesman for the governor said it appeared that Corzine was not wearing a seatbelt during the crash, despite a state law requiring it for front-seat passengers.

The crash on the Garden State Parkway broke the governor's leg, six ribs, his sternum and fractured a vertebrae. Authorities were still searching for a pickup truck driver whose actions were blamed for causing it.

For New Jersery's Governor Corzine was making his way back to the Governor's mansion to be present for a meeting with Don Imus and the Rutgers' women's basketball team when his SUV was in a serious accident. Corzine was doing what liberals do best...ie not following the laws he helped enact for us peons that elites such as himself need not obey. Corzine was NOT wearing a seatbelt. Hence when the SUV rolled over several times the Governor bounced around like a BB in a box car. His leg was so severely broke that bone was said to be bursting out from flesh.

Not wearing a seatbelt is Corzine's only True Crime here but I question much more. How fast was that SUV going? The meeting with Don Imus, the infamous shock jock who called the members of the Rutgers' basketball team "nappy headed hos", was surely a photo opportunity Corzine would not want to miss.

My next question, does this alleged pickup truck even exist? It's alleged presence, the sudden swerve which caused the Governor's SUV to sway to avoid it....how convenient.

A more important point, the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons can have their politically incorrect fun with Don Imus but now we have injuries. It's unintended consequences and should be considered next time we let those two lying charletons loose to set their double standards for this country.

Now with this Va Tech massacre, Don Imus will be forgotten quicker and slicker than snot on a door knob. Gives some perspective, if nothing else.

She Saw Baby's Finger Move, Stabbed It 175 Times

If this story doesn't make you cry, nothing will. The sad thing is that if this adolescent had just killed her baby a couple of minutes earlier, while it was still in her womb, she'd be guilty of no crime at all.

From KSTP.com:
A 17-year-old stabbed her newborn baby 135 times and disposed of her body in a garbage can outside her home in Oakdale, authorities alleged Thursday.

Nicole Marie Beecroft was charged Thursday with first-degree murder. The charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. She was being held in a juvenile detention facility. Bail was set at $1 million on Friday afternoon.

"She kills the baby and now her life will be changed forever," Washington County Attorney Doug Johnson said.

The Tartan High School senior told police she was in a "panic state" after giving birth to the girl on the floor of the laundry room in her home around 3 a.m. Monday, according to the criminal complaint filed in Washington County District Court. She told police she had seen the baby's finger move, and admitted stabbing the child, the complaint said.

My God! She saw the baby's "finger move" and proceeded to stab the infant 175 times! How dare that precious child of Jesus move its finger! How dare that child of God try to live! One would think that the very sight of the baby's finger moving would bring forth some sort of maternal love, no?

I truly think this sort of thing is a direct result of this country's outrageous liberal late-term abortion laws.

They Want to Let Lionel Tate Loose AGAIN!

If ever a human being desperately needed to be locked away from the mainstream populace, it is Lionel Tate.

We like to keep up with Lionel Tate's story on this Blog,beginning with this post dated 6/2006.

For it became evident that Tate would be a societal problem when, at age 12, he killed a 6 year old girl while allegedly practicing "wrestling moves". The public was skeptical but since he was so young, Tate was given a break. Then this lovely young man, on parole and being watched closely, goes and robs a pizza man, an armed robbery. Tate blew his chance and was thrown back in the slammer for 30 years. How serious could he be about rehabilitation when he got himself a gun and robbed a pizza delivery man at gunpoint? Some people are born criminals I'd assert.

Lionel Tate and Tiffany

Now we are to understand that attorneys for the lovely Lionel Tate want him released? From this Google Groups' True Crime thread we learn that Tate's latest and greatest defense team wants him released because his first attorney was incompetant!

Tate had been offered a plea bargain for his crime of murdering the 6 year old. Unfortunately Lionel Tate has a nut for a mother, a mother who was likely part of Tate's problems in dealing with right and wrong. It was Tate's MOTHER who insisted he reject the plea bargain offered by the prosectors. The court system was not so kind to Tate and sentenced him to 30 years. Tate was later released by a kind parole board who wanted to give the young man a chance for a normal life. It was when Tate got himself a gun and decided he wanted a pizza real bad that he was thrown BACK in jail.

By all means let's allow this guy free again! Any fool can see that Tate is really a good guy, that he can be rehabilitated, that he'll be a fine upstanding citizen if just given another chance. It's anybody's guess how many innocents will die if these lawyers get their way and put Tate back on the streets.

Deaf Lesbian Kills Rival With Chainsaw

From SMH.com:
The trial in South Dakota of a deaf, black lesbian accused of murdering a rival and dismembering her with a chainsaw has shocked the rural midwestern US state.

Daphne Wright, 43, could become the first woman sent to death row in South Dakota, which has not executed a prisoner in more than 60 years.

Wright is accused of kidnapping and murdering a heterosexual deaf woman, Darlene VanderGiesen, 42, whom she thought was spending too much time with her girlfriend

I first saw this story as a part of Lucianne.com's headline news. Always cleverer than all get-out with a quip, the subtext, compiled by Lucianne's staff, had a description "there are so many firsts in this story one doesn't know where to start", as I paraphrase. This, of course, caused me to laugh because how true, how very, very true. The murderer is a)a lesbian,ie a sexual minority b)deaf-ie "handicapped", c)black, a racial minority and d)used a chainsaw....come on, how often do deaf black lesbians use chainsaws to murder their rivals?

Daddy Larry Birkhead, It's Official

Heh. We came across the pic below and simply could not resist.

Anna Nicole Smith Game-

IRS Monitoring EBAY Profits

Attention EBAY sellers, consider this a kind warning from one who's made a living reporting income. Don't think it won't happen. Already businesses must report, at their own expense, any unincorporated vendors to whom they pay over $1,000 a year. Requiring Ebay to do the same is small matter.

From News.com:
Americans who sell items through Internet auction sites could be in for an unpleasant surprise at tax time next year, thanks to an IRS proposal designed to identify taxpayers who don't report income from those sales.

The U.S. Treasury Department wants Congress to force auction sites like eBay, Amazon.com and uBid.com to turn over the identities and Social Security numbers of a large portion of their users to the IRS--so tax collectors know how much each person made through online selling.

That Duke Travesty

Couple of things here...first, a big pic of the lying accuser as why the hell should she be protected another second?

Crystal Gale Magnum-lying Duke Rape Victim

Second, Mike Nifong gets no slack for state Bar charges against him.
From the NewsObserver.com:
RALEIGH - A State Bar panel on Friday denied Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong's request for dismissal of the most serious allegation against him -- that he withheld DNA evidence favorable to three defendants in the Duke lacrosse case.
F. Lane Williamson, chairman of the three-member Disciplinary Hearing Commission, announced the decision late Friday afternoon after nearly 20 minutes of deliberation.

Finally, an editorial I wrote regarding those silly boys and lessons they SHOULD have learned but didn't. DUKE EDITORIAL HERE. Warning, many of you will not like my sentiments at all.

More True Crime Updates HERE

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