Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joran Vandersloot Revisited

Really bad people tend not to accept their get-out-of-jail-free cards and go off to live a quiet, low-key life, thankful for the freedom they don't deserve. No. Like Oj Simpson, and now the fine, fine Joran Vandersloot, they continue along with their wreckless ways.

Too bad stupid juries and corrupt investigators allow them one more murder before they finally get put away for the safety of all.

Pic of the Day

Jordan Vandersloot-Time for Him To Go

Ever since Natalee Holloway disappeared from Aruba I’ve been closely following and documenting the Holloway/Vandersloot story LIST HERE.

Now the fine, fine fellow goes and kills another young female and hey, isn’t it time that this guy go away for, oh, say…forever?

And let us note right now that his father, the fine, fine Paulus Vandersloot, dead at 57 and now, as you read this, burning in hell. For it was Paulus, who was so fond of his son, who took Natalee’s body out in the boat and dumped her at sea.

This is purely my speculation, as no one has a video of this action, but the entire span of Vandersloot sleuths mostly believe that Paulus Vandersloot was the wonderful Dad who got rid of the girl’s body for his son….such a fine, fine man. Don’t all good Dads throw away their son’s female victims in the sea?

Let’s go over some details about Vandersloot’s latest victim. First, she allegedly had amphetamines in her blood. Now it’s not all that significant that Stephany Flores, Vandersloot’s latest victim, had any kind of drugs in her blood in that this does not give Jordan the right to murder her, although hey, Jordan, murdering young women, it’s what he does. And he does it well.

The reason I find this factoid intriguing is that the popular scuttlebutt is that Natalie Holloway was believed to have been drugged, possibly by a date rape drug surreptitiously administered by Joran. So the presence of drugs in Stephany’s system is worth noting.

Natalie Holloway disappeared in 2005. Her disappearance and the subsequent attempt to either find her body, or both, occupied the headlines for many months. Joran, thanks to the fine efforts of his parents, who must be so proud of this young man, as well as the very, very honest and trustworthy Aruban authorties, managed to walk away a free man.

Said freedom leaving him able to blackmail Natalie’s mother, Beth, and murder Stephany Flores.

It’s a strange ending and coupled with the rather ignoble ending of OJ Simpson, ironic and serendipitous. Because murderers, thugs, and thieves, they don’t change their stripes. The sad thing is often someone else has to die before justice is done. With O.J. we got lucky but as O.J. learned, the world never forgot what he did, how he got a free pass, how he didn’t have the decency to keep a low profile, to live and enjoy the freedom and life he denied two other people. Instead he had to be a big asshole, trying to pass off a book about his crime for profit and getting criminally involved with the sale of football collection peraphenalia.

Same with Joran. Did this young man buckle down and stick to his studies, attempt to finish his schooling, keep his life straight and good, with the free murder he was given? No. Instead he’s driving around smoking dope, bragging about his experience with Natalie, gambling and blackmailing his victims, until finally, well Flores was looking up Vandersloot’s history on the Internet and she did need to die.

Now this fine, fine fellow, who we all love and admire, is boo-hooing that he

was tricked into confessing:

According to De Telegraaf, the 22-year-old Dutchman said he only signed papers admitting killing Stephany Flores because he was intimidated during interrogation and had been promised he would be transferred to the Netherlands. Van der Sloot claimed he had been "tricked" into confessing.

Now Joran Vandersloot will finally be confined to jail, right where he belongs. If Natalie Holloway were alive she’d likely be a recent college graduate. She’d probably be enjoying her life, perhaps setting up her own place for the first time, eager, happy, looking forward to a bright future, a husband, children.

Same with Stephany Flores.

Time to stick Joran in the cell and close the door on this big zero.


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