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True Crime-Stebic Tried to Evict Her Husband Before She Went Missing

Some major crime news in this week's True Crime Update.

More on Lisa Stebic and problems between her and her husband before she disappeared. Also, Madeiline McCann possible suspect.

That Fort Dix plotter declares he's really a nice guy albeit a terrorist. And Planned Parenthood participates in a crime.

Why don't we hear about this crime as being a Hate crime? Because the victims were white, the suspects black?

Finally, woman finds pics of her parents molesting her daughter and some info on that Sunday sniper shooting.

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The city of Palisade, Nevada, enticed tourists to visit the city because of its regular gunfights and street brawls. Tourists flocked into town to witness the gunfights, not knowing at the time that they were all staged.

A report in The Illustrated London News of February 9, 1856 claimed that a living pterodactyl (an extinct flying reptile) had been discovered in France.

A hotel operator hoaxed tourists to visit his city by creating a "Silver Lake Serpent" that lured many people to the area.

A cigar manufacturer named George Hull hired stonecutters to carve a 10-foot giant, which he buried on his property. In the wake of evolutionists' desire to find fossils of creatures that lived in the ancient past, this Cardiff giant was "accidentally" unearthed in 1869, and wagonloads of tourists came to see Hull's find. He charged them 25 cents each for the privilege.

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Where Is Maddie?

Madeleine McCann would have celebrated her fourth birthday recently. Only Madeleine was not around to blow out the candles on her fourth birthday cake because no one knows where Madeleine's gone.

From The UK SUN:
She added: “This is the first time they have done this. They are very, very anxious parents and very careful and they chose Mark Warner because it is a family-friendly resort.”

She said the couple, from Leicester, also had twins.

In early May 2007, Maddie's parents, two British physicians, left Madeleine and her two-year-old twin siblings alone in their vacation apartment in the seaside village of Praia da Luz in south-west Portugal. The parents planned on dining out in a "nearby" tapas restaurant. While the resort has a creche service, Maddie's parents decided they would leave the children alone and each parent would check on the children at regular intervals while they dined out.

It was during one such parental check-in that Madeleine was declared missing. One of the apartment windows and its shutters were pried open and the parents immediately believed Maddie was abducted. Nothing else in the apartment was missing or moved.

First, one does not like to point out the error of logic in leaving three young children alone even if the restaurant is "nearby". News reports very obviously reveal that the restaurant in which the parents dined was "200 yards" away. This tidbit included in all news reports is evidently inserted at the insistance of the parents as I've rarely read distances between places described in terms of "yards". It's obviously an attempt to white wash the very unpleasant fact that leaving those children alone was not such a smart thing to do.

Understand here please that just because the parents didn't act very wisely does not mean that they in any way deserved to suffer this most horrific loss or did the perp, if there is one, have a right to abscond with little Maddie. But "200 yards" is two full football fields away, hardly a hop, skip and a jump to throw down a tapas and run out to quickly check on the children.

Further, it would seem that two physicians could have afforded that creche service and perhaps it's because I live in a popular tourist area myself but this is EXACTLY the sort of area where one should NEVER leave their children alone. Tourist areas tend to attract all sorts and those sorts are on vacation and more reckless than normal. A child predator, for instance, would be more likely to abduct a child in a place where he is unknown without local acquaintances to reveal his presence. Adding to the fact that children alone in the cheery and anonymous atmosphere of a vacation resort are especially tempting targets.

Which all has nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance except I've read little save some whisperings on a true crime newsgroup that sometimes just bad parenting causes children to meet nefarious ends that wouldn't happen if some common sense were used. Let the record show that while I'm sure that Maddie's parents regret their bad decision, at the least other parents should not repeat these same mistakes.

Missing Madeiline McCann

So how is the search going for Maddie and is there a suspect?

Actually, there is. And things are looking very fishy for Robert Murat, whose mother rents an apartment near the one rented by the McCanns.

Now let us softly suggest that the McCanns are currently enduring investigation by foreign police and in that matter of the parents of Natalee Holloway, the Portuguese police have a certain way of conducting investigations and no matter how unnerving it may be, the McCanns don't have much of a choice in the matter.

Robert Murate, suspect in disappearance of Madeiline McCannBut according to police sources, he made a mobile call at 11.40pm to Russian computer expert Sergey Malinka, though both men claim they hardly know each other.

Mr Malinka, 22, who was questioned as a witness by police, has strenuously denied having anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance. He claimed he had not spoken to Mr Murat 'for around a year', but phone records showed they spoke several times on the night of May 3.

It's not clear how suspicion was first cast on Mr. Murat but there's certainly some unanswered questions concerning this fellow. The very first is the cloud over Murat's alibi for the night of Madeleine's disappearance. For Murat claimed he was sound asleep the night Madeleine went missing around 10 pm or so. Only for a guy who was sound asleep he was sure busy talking on the telephone, something people do not normally do when they sleep. Further, the fellow to whom Murat conversed whilst sound asleep DENIED vehemently having spoken to Murat for several years.

There is no reason whatsoever for the lies being told by these two fellows, none at all. Why does the Russian friend of Murat deny speaking to him when phone records show that Murat phoned up Malinka a couple of times the night Maddie disappeared?

Further, why on earth did the sleeping Murat order a rental car, also on the same night as Maddie's disappearance and also while he allegedly was sleeping?

Once an investigation reveals such obvious lies is when most investigators stop the tape and concentrate on the liars. Because they are lying for a reason, folks, and just the fact that they are lying is reason enough to tear apart the lies.

As of this writing the cameras along the road leading away from the resort where the McCanns were staying have not been checked. By checking the surveillance tape it would seem possible that a car, perhaps a rental car, could be seen driving off with a small child. Another witness knew of an unusual trap door located in Murat's mother's apartment of which the Portuguese police were not aware. This witness, a builder I believe, spent several frustrating days trying to get someone in the police department to take his call.

Which causes one to wonder about the caliber of the Portuguese police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and even how serious they are in pursuing all leads diligently.

I'm going with this Murat fellow as having taken advantage of an opportunity to abduct a vulnerable child alone and close by. Those lies of his will have to be explained, not to mention the unusual renting of a car the same night of Maddie's disappearance, before I would look for suspects anywhere else save major leads. Madeleine McCann, alas, is likely no longer alive although there are reports that the child was spotted and stranger things have happened.

I understand that Murat's Russian friend has been questioned and so far as anyone knows, he maintains having no contact with Murat for years.

Prayers for the very innocent Madeleine McCann, her distraught parents and we'll throw a prayer out there that the Portuguese police are far better than the cops in Aruba.

Lisa Stebic Update

There are major leakers amongst the investigators involved in the search for missing Lisa Stebic. For someone leaked the fact that Lisa's husband refused a lie detector test. Just yesterday it was revealed that blood was found in Craig's truck, blood belonging to Lisa.

From Suburban Chicago News:
She was last seen in the home she shares with her husband, Crag Stebic at 6 p.m. April 30, according to police reports. A neighbor reported Lisa Stebic missing the following day, May 1.

Lisa Stebic's car remains in the garage, but neither her cell phone nor credit cards have been used since her disappearance.

It's also no secret that Lisa and Craig Stebic were in the throes of a dying and nasty marriage. Craig and Lisa did live together but it was revealed late last week that in just days before her disappearance, Lisa filed a petition with the court to have her husband evicted from the marital home.

I've been married a time or two and that bit about being "separated but still living together" is a losing proposition. Often, due to money concerns, couples choose this route but it almost never works. Oh sure, the wife can grab some pillows and move to the basement. For a while the emotionally but not physically separated couple might live their own lives without argument or discord. It rarely lasts. It's difficult to start a new life while firmly entrenched in an old life. For living with an estranged spouse is still an old life and moving on requires a physical separation and witness Lisa Stebic's final attempt to remove Craig Stebic from her life, eventually all attempts at pretending such a scenario will work are abandoned.

Likely it was simply easier for Lisa to keep the children in the home they know and the schools they attend if she and the children were allowed to remain in the marital home and if CRAIG would leave. It's much easier for a single fellow, although the wife could leave too, to find a small apartment separate from the spouse they plan to divorce, than a spouse AND children to uproot their lives. Only problem is, if the husband will NOT leave, as if often the case, the wife often has to uproot the children and leave herself, at least if she hopes to ever have peace.

In the case of the Stebics, I'd venture that Craig Stebic decided that not only was he NOT leaving, with that order of eviction filed for, he didn't want Lisa to leave either.

Solution....divorce by death.

Craig Stebic is turning out to be the midwest's Scott Peterson. Soon enough they'll either find the body of Lisa Stebic or they'll try Craig Stebic without having a body. It's more difficult this way but no way will this fine husband and father get off with this murder. And do not fool yourself, Lisa Stebic is no longer amongst the living.

Talk About True Crime Overkill

I came across the story and frankly my jaw is still agape over the silliness of the charges and the intent to put a mother in jail over such trumped up charges. Perhaps I'm shocked because I was once a working mother and sending children to schools outside of their home's school district is a very common thing. In fact, if I recall correctly, the state of Maryland makes such things very easy. For such as child care facilities and/or babysitters often do not live in the same school district as the child needing care. In Maryland it's small matter to simply report the situation and the state will happily assign a child to the school district with the child care. A society functions much better when children are minded by solid child care providers, which is often a relative who might not live in the same district as a child in his or her care.

From the Indy Channel:
-- A jury found a Georgia mother not guilty of lying about where her family lives so her children could attend Marietta city schools.

Prosecutors said Jeanine Echols repeatedly lied to school officials, WSB-TV in Atlanta reported.

Echols told jurors Thursday that she never meant to deceive the Marietta school district. She said she only placed her three kids in city schools because her family lived in the area, WSB-TV reported.

I'm not sure what Georgia's law is and I'm not sure why the mother above felt forced to lie about where she lived so that her children could attend a school in a district where her babysitter lived, but whatever the case, a romping, stomping Georgia prosecutor felt compelled to slap the woman with SIXTEEN counts of fraud, felony charges which would have thrown this mother into jail for God knows how long. I especially loved the cavalier statement by that DA:
"Ladies and gentlemen, a lie is a lie, and our law says when you lie to the government, you have committed a crime," said assistant district attorney Grady Moore.

Well Mr. Moore, I'm sure society would be well served by throwing this woman into jail while leaving her children without their mother for the many years of jail time SIXTEEN felony charges would bring. All for lying to the government and God knows one should never lie to the government and few ever do. Heh.

As is so often the case, a jury of the woman's peers found her "not guilty" because, well we have a clue or two out here in la-la land.

What we have here is a social problem, not a criminal matter. However this sort of thing is handled in Georgia, if it's not easy or even allowed for children to attend a school not in their district due to child care considerations, perhaps it's time for those Georgia legislators to get off their duff and work out a solution. A solution which does NOT include throwing this woman into jail.

Time to Crack Down on the Criminals at Planned Parenthood

From Christian Post.com:
Lila Rose, an 18-year-old student from UCLA who recorded herself receiving controversial advice from a Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA), was on the “O’Reilly Factor” news program Thursday night.

While on the show, Rose explained the problems within Planned Parenthood – the leading provider of surgical abortion – and spoke about how they had threatened to file a lawsuit against her covert video which was posted on YouTube.

I happened to see this young woman when she was interviewed on the Bill O'Reilly show. She'd secretly taped a representative at Planned Parenthood, that very profitable organization that never met a foetus they'd be glad to kill. This PP rep told her to lie about her age, which she'd given as 15 during her interview. She also told the PP rep that the father of the child was 23 so let's do the math here...fifteen was the young female so far as the vaunted PP rep knew, while the father was 23. This is RAPE, ladies and gems.

But hey, the Planned Parenthood folks made a lot of money doing abortions and such as reporting rapes, or hey, even incest and the like, just gets in the way of collecting the taxpayer-provided big bucks. Best to get going on aborting the baby and forget the laws.

I also heard this young woman, with my own lying ears, report that the PP rep who told her to lie also told her that she herself found herself unexpectedly pregnant and she made the mistake of actually giving birth to her unplanned child. IF she had the chance to do it over, so the PP rep was alleged to have claimed, she'd have aborted that child. Remember here yon ladies and gems, that this PP rep is speaking of her own LIVING child. She was sorry she didn't have it aborted!

They are such loving and caring people at Planned Parenthood. It gives me a warm fuzzy knowing they are out there, ready to tell my granddaughter to lie that they may receive their fee for abortion.

And what is Planned Parenthood's reaction to this taping of their rep in all it's awful glory? They are going to sue the messenger! The hell with addressing their blatant law-breaking! Let us shut up those who would tell the truth!

Fort Dix Terrorist Really a Nice Guy

Court room drawing of Fort Dix suspect who says he's really a nice guy

From the NY Post.com:
He's charged with helping to arm five Muslim men plotting a bloodthirsty guerilla attack on a New Jersey military base, but Agron Abdullahu said yesterday, "I'm not really a bad guy."
Abdullahu, 24, made the statement in front of U.S. Magistrate Joel Schneider during a bail hearing featuring a parade of family members speaking on the alleged terrorists' behalf.

So okay, fine men who plot to murder U.S. soldiers on their own soil, well hell, they could be nice guys. Let's not have a closed mind about this yon ladies and gems. At times, maybe Jack the Ripper was a nice guy and I've often read that serial murderer Ted Bundy could be a real charmer.

Nice guy Abdullahu was trying to go free with small bail but hey...nice guy or not, this fellow is real flight risk as not all of us are as stupid as the Winkler jury. Abdullahu will be under house arrest until trial.

The Strangest Story This Week

Imagine finding pictures of your parents molesting your child. Pictures from many years ago, totally unknown to you.

From Local16.com:
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Central Florida woman who was cleaning out her parents' home found a hidden box of photographs with images of her mother and father molesting her young daughter more than a decade ago, according to police.

Which is what happened to a woman in Florida and I must wonder if she doesn't want to shoot her father in the head his perverted self. As a result of further investigation in this wonderful grandfather's house he was charged with three sex offenses, included capital battery on a child. The child's grandmother, now deceased, allegedly participated in this crime.

This is something that would quickly turn parental love to ashes, just like that.

So Why Isn't This a So-Called "Hate Crime"?

I've never believed in the concept of "hate crimes"; ie the notion that certain crimes are worse than others in the same category because of the "emotion" of the perpetrator. In other words, if I rob that guy over there because, well I am a robber and I need his money, than I am guilty of robbery. But if I rob that same guy and he's black well, yes I'm still a robber but I might have robbed him because he's black and now it's a "hate crime". The penalties for these two different crimes are different although in both cases hey, I robbed a guy! What the hell difference does it make WHY I chose the victim?

From Yahoo.com:
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - In a powerful demonstration of the way the Internet has opened up the mainstream media to intensive second-guessing, bloggers are charging that news outlets have ignored the rape and murder of a young Knoxville couple because of the racial implications of the story.

The two victims were white; the five defendants are black.

In this crime, a young white couple, female Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, were carjacked. Newsom's body was found shot the next day. Two days later, Christian's body was found stuffed into a trash can. Both had been sexually assaulted. Christian was likely tortured for a long time before the perps finally murdered her. The poured toxic household cleaner down her throat to remove evidence.

The perps in this crime were black, the young couple was white. Prosecutors are not pursuing this as a "hate crime" and by me that's fine. A horrific murder was committed so let's try those nice young men for murder, as it should be.

Yet imagine yon ladies and gems, if five white guys carjacked a young black couple. The rape and murder the young black man and leave his body alongside a railroad track. They take the black woman home with them and methodically rape and torture her over a two day period then dump her body in a trash can.

You can believe that THAT would be considered a so-called "hate crime".

Isn't it time we get rid of that silly notion off of our law books? Murder is murder. Crime is crime. Trying to ascertain WHY is happened or what the perp was feeling at the time of the crime, is as stupid as it comes. After we get rid of this assinine notion, let's unelect the fine legislators who voted for such a silly thing.

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