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True Crime-Actress Sandra Bullock True Crime Victim; Winkler Update

Time for some True Crime and we're not done with Mary Winkler. For the woman might walk free without ever serving a day in jail and a Winkler juror tries to explain that joke of a verdict.

The Phil Spector trial begins and let's catch up.

A man impregnates a nine year old and an update on the Jonathan Luna case.

And actress Sandra Bullock victim of True Crime.

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"If you think Hollywood is depressing and corrupt, politics is really depressing and corrupt...it's not a plan."
- Ben Affleck on why he's not planning to get into politics.

"I have hallucinations with doughnuts all the time. I'm obsessed. I get horny when I eat them." - Carnie Wilson

"I always wore the highest heels possible, because the other women on the show were tall." - Donna Mills

"He was thrilled. He said we could adopt a dog from every country." - Jennifer Aniston, overheard giving Vince Vaughn's reaction to her new Corgi-terrier mix.

"To the people throughout the world, John Wayne is not just an actor, and a very fine actor - John Wayne is the United States of America". - Maureen O'Hara

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Bizarre Execution Facts

The last public execution in America was the hanging of a 22-year-old black man named Rainey Bethea. He was executed at Owensboro, KY, in 1936 after being convicted of killing a 70-year-old white women. Twenty thousand people showed up to witness the execution.

The last person hanged in the U.S. for being a pirate was Capt. Nathaniel Gordon, in New York City on March 8, 1862. Gordon had been smuggling slaves into the US.

The last person to be burned at the stake was Phoebe Harrius. Harrius was convicted of coining false money and was burned at the stake in front of Newgate Prison in England in 1786.

The last public execution by guillotine was on June 17,1939. Eugen Weidman was executed before a large crowd in Versailles, France. The last nonpublic use of the guillotine in France, at Baumetes Prison, in Marsailles, was the execution of convicted murderer Hamida Djandoubi, a Tunisian immigrant, on September 10, 1977.

During WWII Private Eddie Slovik was tried by court-martial and sentenced to death for desertion. He was shot by his own unit, the 28th Infantry Division, in a small town in northeast France.

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The Jonathan Luna Case Re-Visited

Jonathan Luna was an assistant U.S. attorney working for the FBI out of Baltimore, Maryland. Jonathan Luna turned up dead one night in a very odd place and in a very odd manner-dead from drowning and multiple stab wounds in a little pond in Pennsylvania. Jonathan's car was tilted on the creek embankment with the lights on. No other human was around when Luna's body was found and no DNA was found in Luna's car other than those that should have been there.

This Blog receives the most hits on my post about Jonathan Luna and I know that many law enforcement people have read my analysis of what happened to Luna.
Refer to my two posts on the matter HERE and HERE.

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Understand that I have absolutely no problem with having my theory as to what happened to Jonathan Luna being disproved as my attempt to ascertain what happened to this young man is certainly not the final verdict on the matter. I still believe I'm right about Luna's death and yes, it's certainly bizarre. Add to the murkiness of Luna's death, the FBI itself has been found wanting on some issues involving its investigation into what happened to Luna. Now we are to understand that the U.S. senate is looking into Luna's death.

I have received, these past three years, much email and commentary on my theory about Jonathan Luna. In fact, I even got an email from the author of an article on Luna to be featured in the May/June issue of "Men's Vogue". Right now I must comment that I had no idea such a magazine even existed but moving on, I adamantly maintain my theory about Luna and right now declare Ethan Brown's scenario to be totally wrong.

In summary, Brown maintains that Luna was investigating a drug deal involving some very nasty characters. Brown recounts a litany of events and circumstances that had these bad guys involved with Luna's death. For sure it's entirely possible that these drug honchos then being tried by Luna would be the first to receive the close eye of suspicion.

I'll not even attempt to refute the many arguments and facts Brown presents as proof that these n'er-do-wells somehow arranged Luna's death, remembering that these fellows were in jail at the time Luna died. My arguments about how Jonathan Luna died remain firm.

I argue that as odd as it may be, it appears that Luna committed suicide. Indeed. Luna had many tiny knife cuts on his body. Eventually he somehow stumbled out of his car, fell into the creek, and died by drowning.

Sure, it's a strange way to commit suicide. But go on...it's also one stupid, silly way to COMMIT MURDER! I mean a drug kingpin is going to kill someone by inflicting over 30 little cuts on the man? Oh, but you argue that perhaps the cuts were a form of torture. Well here's the question none of the doubters have effectively been able to answer. Why...please tell me why....not one fiber, not one skin cell's worth of DNA, not a fingerprint, not a shoe print....nothing, nada, zero, evidence of anyone else being in Luna's car has ever been found? How on earth can rational people expect us to believe that someone could have somehow abducted Luna, forced him to drive to an unknown creek in Pennsylvania, stabbed him multiple times perhaps for torture, forced the man out of the car into the waters, driven the car into the waters....on and on it goes....AND LEAVE NOT ONE IOTA OF EVIDENCE? Further, how on earth did this mythical murderer get the hell away from the crime scene in that the locale was far out in the boondocks and not serviced by mass transit?

All along Luna's circuitous route that night no one saw anyone else in Luna's car and there are some video photos of him at rest stops, etc. Ah, but you say the FBI hid the evidence found in Luna's car. Not so fast. Luna's death was investigated by the local yokel cops in that small Pennsylvania town. Those cops did declare Luna's death a homicide but then they didn't know about over $30K missing from an investigation Luna was leading. Still and so, if the FBI was covering up what happened to Luna for sure they would have kept those local cops out of the way.

So I can read about drug kingpins and quests of revenge. Those fellows Luna was prosecuting were thoroughly investigated. They had nothing to do with his death and in fact, a plea deal had just been arranged the night Luna died. Why would they want to kill the man after all this?

Nope. Jonathan Luna committed suicide. Jonathan Luna was really a fine man who lived with his in-laws, worked hard and became a sucessful attorney. At some point, as I surmise, Luna got into a bit of trouble, was tempted to take cash from an arrest made under his watch, was terrified that he was about to lose his job. He was a tortured soul who desperately wanted his death to look like a murder that his family receive the benefits of one who died on the job.

It's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Mary Winkler Might Serve NO Jail Time

I indulged myself into a bit of a rant re the ridiculous Winkler verdict on this Blog recently. That verdict was almost as absurd as the infamous OJ verdict for Matthew Winkler, no matter what the man ever did, was killed WHILE HE SLEPT. How on earth was he a threat to Mary Winkler while he was sleeping? If he was ever a threat at all to Mary Winkler as her testimony regarding Matthew's alleged marital crimes as sketchy at best.

The lesson we learn here is why should a woman bother to divorce a husband when she can just wake up, grab a shot gun, and shoot the man dead as he sleeps?

Now we learn that Mary's verdict of guilty of intentional manslaughter might garner her no jail time at all. Well damn Sam. Even more reason to shoot that man you stopped loving years ago.

From Newschannel15.com:
NASHVILLE, Tenn.- The record of a woman convicted last week for killing her husband may be expunged.
A week after Mary Winkler was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of Matthew Winkler, there is talk of her serving no prison time and having her record expunged.
According to legal experts, this is possible.

It seems that since Mary Winkler has no record that she might, via legal maneuvering, avoid any jail time at all. Justice is a strange thing, ladies and gems. Here's a woman who shot her husband in cold blood, left him to die after kissing him and apologizing. His three daughters will never know their father.

In my rant re this Winkler verdict I challenged just one juror to contact me and explain that joke of a verdict. So far no one's accepted my challenge. I have, however, come across a juror who did speak to the media regarding that bizarre verdict.

From the Jackson Sun:
Juror Angela McMahan's initial feeling after closing arguments in Mary Winkler's first-degree murder trial last week was to find Winkler not guilty.
"I really didn't feel like the state had proven anything," McMahan said Tuesday in a phone interview. "... The judge told us ... the state had the burden of proof. They had to prove everything, and she and the defense didn't have to prove anything."

This fine juror Ms. McMahan asserts that the state didn't prove its case. Which, I agree, is necessary to take away a citizen's freedom. However, Mary Winkler did CONFESS to the crime and her confession was taped and played in the court room. So what part of an actual confession does juror McMahan not understand? What the hell else did she want from the state? I mean, the woman shot the man! She admitted it!

This same juror said she believed Mary Winkler's version of events and she said that she did NOT believe Matthew Winkler's daughter, Patricia, who testified that she'd never seen her father abuse her mother and that Matthew was a wonderful father.

Hey, to all the fellows reading this....do NOT piss off your wife. For all they have to do is get out that handy shotgun and shoot your maddening self in the back while you sleep and if all the pieces fall into place, the following week your wife will be drinking, smoking and laughing in a nearby bar and will not serve one day in jail.

Whatever you fellows do, NEVER ask your wife to wear high heels.

The Spector Trial

Just a reminder for yon True Crime readers that the Spector trial is currently ongoing or will be soon. We include some links to the details of his crime plus some pics.

The original post on Spector.
Post update on Spector trial status.

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Phil Spector

Below, Spector all spiffed up and ready for trial.
Phil Spector all cleaned up for trial

Impregnates 9-Year-Old But He Says He's Sorry

Ten years old and she had a Caesarean section. The baby was given up for adoption.

From Mangalorean.com:
ABBEVILLE (South Carolina), April 26: An Abbeville man pleaded guilty Tuesday to raping and impregnating a girl when she was 9 years old.

In January 2006, William Edward Ronca, who was 26 at the time, pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Ronca was arrested after the girl was found to be seven to eight months pregnant. A school guidance counselor told the girl's mother that the child was acting withdrawn and was not participating at school. The girl was taken to Abbeville County Memorial Hospital, where the pregnancy was confirmed.

This is the most confusing story. Evidently this child comes from a very dysfunctional family. Not to mention the fine fellow who regularly raped the young girl the prior two years.

What a horrible story.

Senator Webb's Aide's Gun Charges Dropped

For sure I don't think the poor schmuck who was merely bringing Webb's briefcase to his boss as requested should be arrested. I believe he didn't know that Virginia's fine Senator had not only a gun in that brief case but also a couple of loaded rounds as well.

But it does seem to silly me that someone should be asking why Webb had a loaded gun in that brief case as, ahem, such things are not allowed in the U.S. Capitol.

From Fredericksburg.com:
WASHINGTON--Authorities dropped charges yesterday against an aide to Virginia Sen. Jim Webb who carried a loaded gun into the U.S. Capitol complex.
"After reviewing and analyzing all of the evidence in the case, we do not believe the essential elements of the crime of carrying a pistol without a license can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt," said U.S. Attorney Jeff Taylor, top prosecutor in the District of Columbia.
Webb senior aide Phillip Thompson, 45, of Stafford County, was arrested on March 26 after Capitol Police spotted the loaded pistol and two other loaded magazines in a briefcase being scanned by an X-ray machine at the entrance of the Russell Senate office building.

This is a case of the politic elites having one set of rules while us peons must live by another.

Sandra Bullock's Stalker Tries to Kill Her Husband

I understand that stalkers are part of being a celebrity. Most times they are more a nuisance than anything. In this case, a stalker was serious, deadly serious.

From Celebritycontest.net:
Sandra Bullock and significant otherSandra Bullock's obsessed woman fan attempted to kill her husband outside their home on Sunday morning.

The Hollywood star and Jesse James were with James's ten-year-old son when Marcia Valentine lay down in their driveway near Los Angeles.

More True Crime Updates HERE

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