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TRUE CRIME-That Judge in the ANS Trial-A Disgrace to the Legal Profession

Couple of intriguing updates in this week's True Crime post.

First we must comment on that Anna Nicole Judge. What an insult to the judiciary this man is.

Also, the ACLU former President arrested in horrific child porn sting. Yes, the ACLU! Now we know why they defend child predators.

Finally, the Pizza man bomb. A solution to the crime.

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The Anna Nicole Judge-Does He Have His Own Show Now?

Frankly I think reports that Judge Seidlin has negotiated a deal with CBS for his own show are vastly over-rated.

From the NY POST:
Judge for ANS Burial Hearing
Judge "I Want My Own TV Show" Seidlin started hogging the cameras the minute they started rolling and wouldn't give them up until he ended it all with a no-decision decision complete with full-on cryfest and 20-minute speech about himself.

Those rumors may have been started and nurtured by Seidlin himself. Or they could be true, but I doubt it.

The day Judge Larry Seidlin gave his final verdict on the custody of Anna Nicole Smith's body I couldn't believe mine lying eyes and ears. I was positively embarrassed for this man. His tears and sobbing were so unprofessional and I don't even think they were real. Not to mention that after FOUR days...damn, FOUR days, the man gave a decision that was totally WRONG!

We won't get into the details but go with me, the judge gave custody of a dead body to a BABY! Which is why Anna's mother got a stay on her emergency appeal. The coroner even called, get this, directly into the court room to tell the judge that the body was decomposing very rapidly. They couldn't have the judge take this call quietly and quickly in his chambers? Can people routinely phone in during a court trials and pull the presiding judge aside for a telephonic chit-chat?

Beyond that nutty judge who essentially wasted four days while he sang and danced for the cameras, pundits continue to mock the huge amount of public interest in the Anna Nicole Smith case. I am here to defend that human interest.

First, we have a fellow who was the ONLY one around when not one, but TWO people died, two young, healthy people, up and died from no obvious sickness or trauma. Anywhere in the world this fellow would be looked upon with great suspicion. Now in front of our lying eyes, this Howard Stern is actively STEALING SOMEONE ELSE'S CHILD. This is right amazing stuff, especially for a true crime buff. Rush, Laura and all those with mightier things to discuss can mock all they want. If this Anna Nicole story isn't an intriguing and mind-boggling compilation of social ills and true crime than there is no such thing.

All last week the president of Trimspa has been on Greta. He is quite obviously serving as spokesperson for Howard Stern and why is this? Because maybe Stern was "point man" for Trimspa and charged with keeping its spokeswoman, Anna Nicole, in line and THIN? Trimspa is headquartered in the Bahamas, by the way.

Viewership is up over 80% for those shows covering the Anna Nicole Smith trial! Go on and make fun of us if you will but hey, an increase in viewership by 80% is damned impressive and a sure sign that the silly public is interested in something. No we don't believe that Anna Nicole Smith was such an important personage that her death and all its details are paramount in our more ordinary lives. But such as using someone for money, mysterious and unexplained deaths, babies and their daddies....we understand all this out here in la-la land. For what it's worth, Anna Nicole Smith did get an audience before this country's Supreme Court regarding jurisdiction of her late husband's estate. This is more serious attention than your average bimbo gets.

Not to mention that all involved parties are putting on a grand show for us fools out here in la-la land and I like to be entertained as much as the next guy. The judge is entertaining me. Howard K. Smith is a fine villain in this drama. Larry Birkhead is a pathetic, spurned lover, little boy lost sort, exactly the kind of character audiences would root to win in the end. Birkhead's lawyer is a real hoot of a lady, damn she's putting on a show that is mesmerizing.

There's plenty of bit players in this drama too, including the president of Trimspa. So right there we add an element of big nasty business.

Sadly, for all these humans' silly personal melodramas, there really is an innocent child somewhere, God knows where but somebody tell me by what right does this Stern character get to keep this child not his?

Hey, SOMEBODY is the father of that child. And whoever is the father of the child should get custody of the child. PERIOD. Don't tell me that the child might be the inheritor of a bunch of money. There's no guarantee of that but besides, if that child were to require child support for 18-21 years that father would have to pay it. Look, somebody provided the sperm which grew into little Dani Lynn. That is the man who gets custody of her. We don't go deciding whether this sperm-provider or this female incubator are QUALIFIED to keep the child they created. Maybe we should but we don't. If a child is mistreated we have social services to handle this sort of thing.

Take a simple DNA test already and give the baby to its real parent. See, we understand this out here in la-la land. We understand child support, mommies and daddies...we get this. So we watch this Anna Nicole Smith drama and wonder what the hell happened to common sense?

A baby cannot bury a body even with a guardian ad litum doing it for her. By what law does this ersatz guardian for Dani Lynn have the right, out of all the interested parties, to decide where Anna is buried?

Next, do a DNA test FIRST, on this Howard Stern character. If he is NOT the father of that baby, take the baby from him and put it into foster care until a permanent guardian is appointed. Then do a DNA test on all the other males claiming fatherhood...heh, yet another side of the story that intrigues us fools out here in la-la land with its occasional snort...and give the child to its natural father.

It ain't rocket science, folks. After Anna's body is properly laid to rest and her baby is given to its father, then take a real close look at the lovely Howard Stern and Trimspa.

That's the part of this story that is criminal.

Political cartoon about ANS

Saga of the Pizza Man With a Bomb on His Neck

On 8/28/03, a man with a bomb strapped around his neck robbed a bank. He had been innocently delivering a pizza, as was his job, when he was accosted by gunmen who strapped a bomb on him and demanded he rob a bank.

When police responded to the bank robbery, they captured Brian Wells who frantically informed the police that he had a bomb on his neck. It took police 32 minutes to contact the bomb squad. This was too much time. As Wells sat far from police officers hiding from potential bombs behind their cars, the bomb went off. Brian Wells was killed instantly.

Folks I've been following this case now for lo going on four years. I searched my Blog for links to this crime and could not find a one. I wasn't blogging back in 2003 so I must assume I didn't write about it.

Obviously Pennsylvania police were stymied by this whole matter. Think about the details-a pizza man is sent to a remote TV tower to deliver a pizza. When he arrives, a bomb is strapped on his neck and he is told to rob a specific bank. More details were provided about where to bring the bank money but Wells was captured by police and before the bomb on his neck could be diffused it went off and Wells was killed.

Wells' family has been demanding that Brian's death be investigated and they even have a web site devoted to finding out who did this awful thing to Brian Wells, HERE.

As it turned out, someone did live near that remote TV tower and that person had a dead body in his freezer.

It's a complicated story but it does appear that some weird "gang" of criminals came up with the plan to have a pizza guy rob a bank for them. Thus the call for pizza delivery, the bomb, the bank, the hapless police who had no experience with this sort of crime at all.

Many of the players in the original crime have died. Local police and the Feds continue to unravel the mystery of Brian Wells, innocent pizza delivery guy and adding to the horror of it all, Brian blew up right in front of the cameras for all the world to see.

Brian Wells deserves to have, if nothing else, his good name removed from police suspicions. Now we are to understand that the mystery of Brian Wells has finally been solved.
Official: Erie Collar-Bomb Case Solved
Associated Press Writer

PITTSBURGH — Federal authorities have figured out how a pizza deliveryman wound up in the middle of a bizarre bank robbery scheme that ended with a bomb around his neck exploding, and the identities of the plotters, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

Brian Wells, 46, robbed a suburban Erie bank on Aug. 28, 2003, with the bomb attached to his neck and then was killed when it exploded as he sat handcuffed in a parking lot while police waited for a bomb squad.

No one was charged as authorities struggled to determine who was behind the plot and whether Wells was an innocent victim or willing participant.

Those Border Guards...It Continues to Get Murkier

A drug smuggler is shot by U.S. border guards yet the border guards end up in jail while the Mexican drug smuggler goes free and sues our government for millions. While I wasn't paying serious attention, the cacaphony about these border guards rang all about and I had to sit and study the matter.

The whole story is murky as all get out and now we're demanding presidential pardons and inflaming emotions for what is increasingly a very unclear scenario.

I don't normally like to link to personal and/or vanity posts for True Crimes but in this case I ran across a very interesting analysis and subsequent thread about this matter. I read the details studiously and suggest that before yon readers go defending these two guards, stop and take a deep breath.

Nothing about this case is as it seems.

Read post and thread for another aspect of the boarder guard case.
My conclusion is that there is little doubt the shooting was bad and Ramos and Campeon (and just about everyone else in that unit, including supervisors) did what they could to cover it up or at least engage in CYA. I'm not going to comment on what I believe to be bad management and operational practices, and possibly illegal activities, on the part of anyone other than Ramos and Campeon...the Justice Department and Border Patrol will have to deal with that, and I believe they are.

President ACLU Arrested for Child Pornography

OF all the True Crime stories this past week, THIS is the one that should cause the most outrage. Outrage not just because of the actual crime, which is horrible, folks, absolutely horrible, but outrage because absolutely NO major news outlets are covering it.

It seems the former President of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU...that's American Civil Liberty Union folks....has been arrested on child porn charges. Investigators found films of young girls bound up, young girls of four or five years old folks, and filmed while being brutally raped.

Now we all know the Lamestream media loves the ACLU. Damn, the ACLU never met a pedophile it didn't love so it's not surprising that one of its state presidents is involved in such actions. We HATE the ACLU, let us not deceive on this humble blog.

ACLU WIFEWe've searched the Internet for this guy's picture and could only find a picture of his wife. So fine. We've no scruples. Maybe if the wife gets tired of seeing her pic with all the stories we'll get a pic of the real perp. For his wife is knee-deep in the ACLU coverup as well.

The blogosphere is on this case as is Bill O'Reilly of Fox news. Much as the Lamestream wants to cover for these child-pornography communists, hey, we've got a new media out here.

This crime is so disturbing that the only thing that could be worse is to make films showing the actual murder of young children.

From Clarice Feldman of the American Thinker:
Charles Rust-Tierney,the former President of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU ,is arrested for possession of very graphic and disturbing child pornography.

More True Crime Updates HERE

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